May 22, 2010
Matt D & Vic
Legion of the Damned

WWF Tag Team Champions the Brainbusters vs. Demolition
MSG - 9-30-89

Matt D: Honestly, I'm just glad this match exists. We're so lucky that WWF taped for the MSG Network and NESN and what have you. Imagine if we just had PPVs and CV tapes and PTWs to go off of? Anyway, we're lucky this match exists and it's a good one. This comes after the Busters won the title so the two teams know each other pretty well by now.

It starts with the Busters in the ring and Demos walking through the hallways. Yes, even with the masks on, it's easy to tell which one is Smash because of his hyped up body language. Sometimes I wonder if he has ADHD in all the best possible ways. Big brawl from the get go, even before Demos take off the masks. It leads to Arn and Tully tossed into each other with a big sell (and I always wish that heel Demolition sold that spot just a little better). Ends up being Arn and Smash. Arn hits a crisp sunset flip. Smash sinks down and punches him in the side of the throat repeatedly, nastily. Arn comes up and goes to tag Ax in groggily and if that doesn't bring a smile to your face when you see it, then you have no soul. Smash follows up the potatoing with an AWESOME big boot, which he never does in any other match I've seen. Tully's tagged in, trades blows with Smash, only to end up in a bearhug allowing Smash to walk him right into the corner for the Demolition Double-Team Turnbuckle Clubber. Ax tries to choke Tully, but Arn comes around to clobber him from the outside and then tries to get some shots in, but Ax reverses and clotheslines one and then the other in a straight line. Fast, fast pace for this opening segment with lots of neat stuff.

All of this stuff continues from the last few matches with the Demos being more than the Busters' match in the early going. The difference here, of course, is that the Busters have the belts now and that changes the dynamic somewhat. Anyway, a neck vice on Arn by Smash leads to a fun moment where Tully, hanging way over the middle of the ropes, makes a tag and the ref doesn't allow it. I swear that the Busters were playing these strangely earnest characters in the WWF. We get a few more minutes of Arn eating offense with Ax being particularly intense. He just has these bursts of real intensity throughout.

Arn finally makes a desperate tag and Tully comes right off the top. It's amazing how quick he can be. Busters are all over Smash in their corner, do a double whip since nothing else would contain him, and Arn hits the Spinebuster, but even that's not enough when the Demos are chasing the belts. He tries for a knee drop and Smash catches it and does his stand up into a flip and atomic drop into their corner. It's a cool variation on the last time he did it which was off a stomp and lead to just dropping Arn onto his butt. Smash does the triple fist pump/scream afterwards and the crowd goes nuts. Tully almost takes over with dirty tactics but he runs into Ax's foot from the outside and the Demos are cutting the Busters off at every turn. There's a moment here when Ax has Tully in a nasty chinlock that sums up the match: Tully tries to pull Ax's hair. Ax lets out a yelp of pain, and then he pulls right back on Tully's to maintain control. That's the match.

Finally, the Busters cheat to get ahead and it works, with Tully drawing Smash into the ring, the ref taking his life into his hands by grapping Smash's wrist to get him out (But if the Demos get DQed they can't get the belts, so there is that), and tully coming off the top again while Ax has the neck vice on. Busters cheat SO hard to keep ahead. With goading of Smash at every moment. Honestly, no one this side of the Young Stallions had to work so hard to get offense on Demolition but it works so well because the Busters are portrayed as doing everything right despite having such a hard time of it and Demolition as cheating just as much, and of course, they keep winning against Demolition in the end. Spoiler warning: they keep the belts.

Anyway, Tully locks a KILLER chinlock on Ax, one of the nastiest I've seen, but Ax stands up and it's portrayed as this awesome struggle. Busters double-team and stay on top, beating down Ax anyway imaginable over the next couple of minutes and Ax just eats the offense awesomely. Some of the best FIP stuff I've seen out of Ax, especially considering it only last a couple of minutes. That's just the pace of this match. Eventually, he fights back long enough to get Tully out of the way so it's one on one and while Arn has the advantage, they end up hitting heads off the ropes. But they delay the hot tag by having Tully RUN around the ring at a key moment. Arn then comes off the top only to eat the awesome clothesline counter (done by Ax instead of Smash as opposed to the 2/3 falls match). Tully comes in at a key moment again but it's too late. Perfectly time hot tag. Smash runs in, a total house of fire. He bullcharges through Tully, and slams Arn, tosses Tully's head into the corner post, crushes Arn's skull on the mat, catches Tully off the top with an inverted atomic drop, signals to the crowd and points at arn, and then clotheslines Tully over the top. This is like the best hot tag offense I've ever seen here. Then Smash lifts up Arn in a bodyslam position and drops him over the top rope with Ax assisting from the outside. It's just a killer finisher and you think there's going to be a title change but Arn pulls the ref out and it's a DQ. Great match. Maybe as good as the Rockers one. Maybe better. Watch this.

Vic: On Saturday Nights Main Event The Brainbusters (Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson) defeated Ax and Smash of Demolition for the tag team titles. This is the big rematch in Madison Square Garden. Busters are managed by Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.

Champions are waiting in the ring when Demolition's music starts. I love the way guys are shown walking down the hall in MSG, really makes a match look like a big deal. Demolition walking to the ring with purpose. The Busters attack them before they can remove their hoods. Tully attacks Smash as he enters the ring and its on. Ax is in and the Brainbusters are getting their asses kicked. Demos whip the Busters into one another then double clubber Arn before removing their hoods.

The story here is the same as other Demos/Busters matches. The Brainbusters are no match for Demolitions power and Demolition have equal or greater team work. Arn goes for the Sunset flip and Ax starts punching him in the neck. One thing I enjoy about Demolition face matches are they modify old wrestling cliches. Here instead of hitting Arn once he just pummels him.

The Busters/Demos series is a bit like the old Wolf/Sheepdog cartoons. Busters are determined to steal some sheep but that sheepdog just punches him in the mouth each time.

I think Demolition were the perfect opponents for Tully and Arn. In his shoot Tully talked about how he liked to get a bare minimum of heat to keep the fans hooked in. So this works with Demolition. They get beaten on just enough to keep the fans hooked in.

Arn whips Ax into the ropes and Ax clotheslines both of them like dominoes.

This goes without saying but Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard are the greatest. Everything ARn does here is great. He does this selling that gets over Demolition as being super tough without making him look weak.

Arn gets knocked to the floor and Ax rams him into the ring and throws Tully into the turnbuckle. Busters finally gain the advantage when Arn hits a nice looking elbow in Smash's back. Liked Smash's spastic selling. Then Tully comes off the top with a flying elbow. Arn hits the spinebuster but does not go for the pin. He must be the one giving Big Bossman advice.

Arn goes for a knee drop and Smash blocks in and atomic drops Arn into an Ax boot. Tony Schiavonie and Hillbilly Jim make a really good announce team. Jim drops his schtick mostly and Tony has the smooth delivery and play by play he is good for.

Tully comes in and Ax knees him in the back as he bounces off the ropes. Ax then starts clubbering. Again I want to put over how great Tully Blanchard is.Everything he does looks fantastic. Everything he does looks like he means it.

Busters finally get the big heat segment on Demolition. Double teaming and choking Ax with the tag rope. Tully clamps on this chinlock that looks brutal like he is trying to rip Ax's head off. Ax starts powering out and Tully tags in Arn, Arn walks in and belts Ax with a hard one.

Busters are firmly in control and this is just great work between two master tag teams. I could watch these guys wrestle forever.

Ax gets the hot tag and Smash is a house of fire. He hits Tully with a brutal looking atomic drop. Then clotheslines him out of the ring. Demolition hits Arn with an assisted Stun Gun bjt Tully pulls the ref out before three drawing the DQ.

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