June 12, 2011
Matt D & Vic
Legion of the Damned

Demolition vs. Brady Boone & Scott Casey - Milwaukee, WI
Taped 10/6/87, aired 10/31/87 as part of WWF Superstars

Vic: I want to thank Johnny Guitar for pointing me in the direction of this match/angle because its as awesome as he says. Ax and Smash look nearly identical at this point. Its not until Smash grows his hair out you can easily tell them apart.

This is your basic squash match seemingly. Boone gets hyped as Billy Jerk Haynes cousin. With Billy Jerk getting an insert promo. Boone gets beat on by Smash at the start. But he does this neat tumble over Smash to tag in Casey. Casey catches Smash with a dropkick. Tries another and misses. Now Demos are working over Scott Casey. Meanwhile Billy Jerk gets an insert promo.Putting over Boone's hard work.

I'm glad I grew up in craphole Alabama so I only had to hear Fink ruin Superstars matches twice a year at most. Demolition are now fully Demolition. Lots of clubbering here. With them beating down Scott Casey. Ax pops Boone for sleeping on the apron.

Smash punches Casey into Boone who comes in and starts firing away on Smash. Hits some nice looking dropkicks and flying back elbows. He tries a hurracarana, but Smash drops him across the top rope. This looked brutal especially in 1987. This is it for Boone. He gets The Decapitator for 3. But Demos are not done they do it again. They do it a third time. Billy Jerk runs in for the save but Demolition beats him down. They hit the Decapitator again. Now Patera comes to the rescue and he gets beaten down with Ax hitting his broke arm with Fuji's cane. Demolition leave the ring now with their theme song kicking in showing the carnage left in the ring. This was an all time great badass moment.

Matt D: I find it neat that this is something people have strong memories about since I had no idea it existed. As best as I can tell, this is Demolition's first big program/angle and it's a really strong one, especially considering who they were up against. Brady Boone is incredibly laughable. He just has the silliest offense that you can find in the WWF in this era. He just does contrived dives and body movements and I very much wish that he was a heel an teamed up with Lanny Poffo because if that was the case, everyone would want to see them get pounded on so badly. I had no idea he was billed as BJH's cousin. Scott Casey is that guy who got subbed into that Survivor Series and confused everyone in 1988. I know him primarily as Steve Dane because I grew up with GWF.

This is a competitive squash at best, but that's okay. We're here for the post-match angle and really we haven't done any Demolition squashes and that was obviously a big part of their schick. Here Smash's clubbering on Boone looks great. Boone does this tumbling fly over a low Smash punch and tags Casey in who hits a laughable dropkick and misses a second in the ropes (which is actually a pretty neat visual). Ax comes in and hey, it's the Billy Jack insert. They probably should have timed that when Boone was in and looking okay, not when Casey was getting pounded on. Smash's clubbering really looks great in this match. They also keep nailing Boone on the outside just because they can.

Casey finally crawls over and makes the tag and Boone comes flying into the ring, feet first. Smash eats a bunch of his offense without falling, which is fairly believable all things considered. Boone tries to get revenge by dropkicking Ax on the outside, and follows that up with the Volkoff spinning kick and tries to go for the 'rana only to eat a particularly nasty elevated Smash hotshot. Decapitation. Pin. And then they do it again to him and no one in the world could possibly blame them. They hit it a third time and there's no wonder why they started to get over as faces here. I have no idea what Scott Casey is doing at this point. BJH finally takes offense to this and runs in. Say what you will about him but he plays a real good fiery babyface. Eventually, the numbers game gets him though and he gets decapitated for his trouble. And here's jailbird Ken Patera because he's from Oregon too. His arm has a brace on it and they start dismantling him with the cane from the get go. Then they calmly and cooly leave the ring and we have an instant feud. Good stuff. Demolition looked godlike here but they also made Boone seem like he was worth the trouble.

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