June 11, 2011
Matt D & Vic
Legion of the Damned

Demolition and King Duggan vs Twin Towers and Andre the Giant - East Rutherford, NJ - 8/28/89 - Summerslam

Matt D: It's been a while since I saw the Superstars and Wrestling Challenges leading up to this so I'm not 100% on the story. Busters fought the Harts at Summerslam. Demos had been feuding with the Towers earlier in the summer as we've documented. Andre had obviously intervened to help the Busters win the belts.

While it's cool to see Andre come out to Jive Soul Brother, the fact he didn't dance along with Akeem was sort of disappointing. Yes, the little crown on the 2x4 was absurd but Hacksaw's goofy pirate face when taking the mask off more than made up for it.

The opening banter/conference between Akeem and Duggan is pretty funny. Hacksaw blocks a punch and takes the advantage and Akeem sells huge for him. Then the arm-assisted controlled clubbering begins. Duggan tries to play along but he's a bit addled. First he brings Akeem out to the center of the ring and then he tosses him to a neutral corner instead of the Demos'. Finally he manages to bring him back over. An eye rake gives Akeem a temporary advantage, but transitions are often not so easy with Ax. It takes a cheapshot throat shot half a minute later for Akeem to get Bossman in there. Even then, Ax is ready for him and starts on the arm, allowing Smash to tag in and put BBM in one of the nicer looking wristlocks I've seen in a while. It's to no avail as Bossman powers him in the corner and hits a bunch of cheapshots. Smash fights back but Bossman goes to the eyes and finally gets the adva... nope, nevermind. Smash strikes back at the eyes and Duggan tags in. Demolition/Duggan are just too much here. You just can't imagine much at this point that could put them down for long.

And that's when Ax ends up in the wrong corner and Andre comes lumbering in. He hits one kick and four butt drops an the entire match changes. Andre is a WMD in tag matches. Terrifying. He was particularly immobile on this night but every single thing he did looked like it was just destroying poor Ax. Yes, I just said "Poor Ax." So is the power of Andre. Finally he tags in Bossman and it's almost an act of mercy. Bossman tags in Akeem who goes for an avalanche in the corner, but Ax hits the turnbuckle and acts like it's the ropes, bouncing off it and lunging towards his corner. Smash comes in for the hot tag and he slams BBM and he slams Akeem, and for a second, as Andre comes in you half think he's going to slam him too! Then Andre swats him like a fly.

Chaos erupts with Ax taking Bossman out using the ringpost on the outside and Andre hitting the big headbutt to Duggan. Akeem (as this is the blowoff to the feud) hits the 747 off the second rope onto Smash, but Duggan clobbers him with the 2x4 as the ref is distracted by Andre and Smash picks up the win for his team. Duggan looks so happy.

Anyway, this is a perfectly fine match. Enjoyable, with a big feel. It also doesn't begin to hold a candle to the three House Show matches we have between the Towers and the Demos. This is just another sign that if you really want to look at the work a team did, you have to go away from the big PPV and TV matches and look at everything available.

Vic: Here we are the final final chapter of the Twin Towers/Demolition series. But we have Jim Duggan and Andre the Giant. Was cool watching Andre walk out to Jive Soul Bro.

This was in that brief period when Hacksaw was king before losing the crown to Macho Man. He is wearing a black hockey mask. Though the effect is lost with his two by four wearing a baby crown.

I know it was not planned but its cool how this foreshadows the Demolition vs Andre feud.

Demos and Hacksaw remove their mask and Hacksaw has the American flag painted on his face. Jesse Ventura suggest a constitutional amendment banning it.

Things start off with Akeem and his majesty. They are staring each other town and trash talking. Duggan lays in some punches and Akeem does a big bump off of one Hacksaw punch. He tags in Ax and Hacksaw is an after though for the rest of the match. Ax chops him down and Smash joins in with clubbering. Loved how Smash stuck his tongue out in the ref's face. Smash goes "YEEEAHHHH" getting a big response.

Akeem thumbs Ax in the throat to tag in Bossman. Ax starts chopping Bossman. He tags in Smash and Bossman beats him down in the corner. Fans are chanting USA in support of Duggan. We have Smash fighting back the Demos/Duggan team tagging in and out.

Bossman beats Ax down and the Giant has finally been tagged in. Andre kicks him and hits three big butt drops on him. Love Ax's expression as Andre is choking him. Looks like an old cartoon.

Beating continues til Akeem misses the Avalance and Ax tags in Smash. Smash comes in and slams both Towers to a big ovation. Andre comes in and takes down Smash with a single chop. Bossman goes to attack AX but is pulled from the ring. Duggan breaks up the pin on Smash but Andre takes him down with one headbutt.

Akeem goes to the second rope and he actually hits the 747. I always thought he would kill somebody if he hit that. Ref is distracted and AX clobbers him with the two by four. Giving Demos the win. That's a strange finish with the faces cheating with no provocation. Not that its out of character for Demolition of even Duggan.

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