August 15, 2009
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition vs. Andre the Giant & Giant Baba – (Tokyo Dome, 4/13/90)
Both Andre and Baba are in just AWFUL shape at this point in their lives. Matt Striker and Josh Matthews on newly recorded commentary might make this watchable though. The belts aren’t on the line, by the way. Matthews mentions this is the final televised match ever for Andre the Giant, so it is a big deal in that respect. Ax and Smash had just regained the tag titles back from Andre and Haku twelve days earlier at WrestleMania VI. Smash and Baba start us off. Smash tries pounding on Baba, but he’s quickly chopped. He gets stuck in the wrong corner too as Andre SCREAMS at Smash to scare him away before getting in a chop of his own. Tag to Andre, he headbutts Smash down and stands on his chest. Andre misses an elbow, allowing Smash to run over and tag Ax. He hammers Andre down, which is what the Demos did best together. Striker informs us of the Masked Superstar’s true identity. He is…DEMOLITION AX! Andre breaks away and tags Baba, who comes in and does a standing march on Ax. Baba gets caught in the Demos corner as Striker mentions that Baba was the first to ever win the NWA world title. Baba comes back with a swinging neckbreaker on Smash and tags Andre. After another switch, Andre chokes Ax into the corner, which Smash makes the save. ITS BREAKIN’ LOOSE IN TOKYO! Baba and Andre whip Demolition into each other. While Andre gets rid of Ax, Baba hits a Big Boot to set up an elbow drop for Andre to secure the win. (6:40) They didn’t try to do too much and still managed to have fun in there. It actually wasn’t so horrible to watch. *˝

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