June 11, 2011
Matt D & Vic
Legion of the Damned

Demolition vs Billy Jack Haynes/Brady Boone - Houston - 12/11/87 (Prime Time Wrestling 1-12-88)

Matt D: More disclosure. This is a whole lot like the BJH/Patera match from Copps about two weeks later (though a good deal different from the last BJH/Patera match we looked at, so there's that). This match was aired and was the big revenge match for Boone, with the storyline being that Patera's injured arm was keeping him out of it. I, for one, can't wait to see Demolition pound on ol' Battle Kat some more, so let's get to it.

Brawl to start off with Brady flying around with a back elbow and an BJH-toss-cross body. Faces get advantage and start working on Smash's arm. Smash gets tossed around when BJH is is in there but keeps almost reversing everything Boone does. He's in the face's corner, however, and they stay on top of him. Billy Jack keeps working on Ax and Smash's arms with armdrags and arm bars while Mike McGuirk hurts my head with her announcing, but he eats an Ax kick from the outside while bouncing off the ropes and Demos take over. A toss to the outside allows for some Fuji intervention via the cane. Boone comes around to save and Fuji pokes him with it too in a pretty funny moment. Demos stay on top with clubbering and neck-vices until BJH blocks a Smash suplex and hits a big one of his own. Ax misses that awesome looking headbutt that he never-ever hits (It's his version of Barbarian's second rope-walk elbow), and we get the hot tag.

Boone comes in, hits some quick Lanny Poffo offense and then immediately runs into a killer punch/clothesline from Ax who just takes his head off. Demos clubber until they just chuck him out of the ring. BJH gets him back in and Ax clotheslines him again before putting on a nasty chinlock (which the Demos rarely used, they were far fonder of the neck vice). Boone fights to his feet, bridging up and Ax just plasters him in the chest and it's all quite enjoyable so far as manglings go. Boone hits a sunset flip but the Demos manage their trademark perfectly-timed tag. Basically, everything that Boone tries at this point just gets rejected and then he gets punished for even trying it. It's a lot of fun. Smash sure looks like he's having fun.

Unfortunately, Boone does this handstand cartwheel flip thing off of Smash's back and makes the hot tag. BJH comes in and powers through both Demos, hitting that running power slam. It's chaos in the ring at this point. Boone is on the ropes in the corner punching Smash and BJH comes over to kick him which just looks all wrong. Boone seems all in the wrong place for a double clothesline on Smash. Then they do it to Ax too. Then Boone takes forever to get up to the top rope and Smash walks up to him. Boone basically falls on Smash and lands on his own head. We'll call it a proto-flapjack and be kind. It's a painful looking landing though. Smash hits the killer hotshot on Boone and that's the match.

I'll be honest, the Patera/BJH Boston match is a whole lot better, but it's actually really enjoyable watching Demos mangle Boone. Right after this Demos feud with Strike Force for the titles and it's obvious why they started to get over as faces considering.

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