May 16, 2010
Matt D & Vic
Legion of the Damned

Demolition vs Rougeau Brothers
Boston 3/5/88

Vic: This is a match I have been wanting to see for a long time. Well actually I wanted to see heel Rougeaus vs Demolition. But you take what you can get.The Rougeau Brothers are one of the most underrated teams ever. They were suppose to get a tag team title run in 1989 but Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson got it instead. Its hard to complain since the Brainbusters/Demolition series was great. But I wish they could of ran a few heel Rougeaus vs face Demolition matches.

This match is two weeks before Demolition wins the tag team titles at Wrestlemania IV. At this point the face tag roster was really stale. You had Strike Force, the Killer Bees The Rougeaus and The Bulldogs. Except for the Bulldogs none of them are very over. By the end of this match the fans are really into it. But its clear the WWF had to shake things up by turning the Hart Foundation and signing the Powers of Pain.

The match starts off with Jacques getting beat up by Smash. Ax joins in and Raymond attempts a save but he gets beaten up too. They get some brief offense with double teams. It does not last as Smash just kicks the poop out of Jacques and tags in Ax who beats him down.

Liked it when Jacques started kicking Ax's knee. The Ragu Sisters work over the leg. One swift kick to the head puts Ax back in control. I really hate how Raymond takes a body slam. He lands on his feet first. On the floor Raymond gets nailed with a cane shot from Fuji.

I really love how the Rougeaus sell in this match. It looks like they are getting mugged by Demolition. When they fight back it has this look of somebody just swinging blind. A great moment when Raymond blocks Ax's attempted suplex, and hits his own. Really comes across as a struggle. It also looks like it wiped out Raymond to do it.

Ray gets the big tag to Jacques, who promptly goes to town on the Demos. He hits that flying back elbow I love. But Ax breaks it up. Ray attacks Ax and it breaks down. Referee Dave Hebner goes to separate the men in the ring illegally. Jacques puts Smash in the Boston crab. Hebner finally gets Ray in the corner allowing Ax to kick Jacques in the head and Demolition wipe him out with a brutal looking double clotheline. You believe it can end a match.

Matt D: I'm from Boston and by the time I started to go to shows at the Garden a couple of years later, they covered up the parquet floor so it's always neat to see it showcased around ringside like this. Anyway, this is a pretty interesting match. As Vic said, it's right in run up to the Demos title win and it shows. Demolition look pretty unstoppable here. I really wish we had more Rougeaus/Demolition matches to watch but this seems to be the only one of any length that we have readily available, and this is pretty good for what it is. Please note that I will occasionally make like Monsoon with this match and get the two Rougeaus confused. I blame the powder blue tights.

Here's the story of the match in a nutshell. The Rougeaus try everything they can think of. None of it works. The match starts with a double team beating on Ray. When Jacques tries to save, HE gets a double team beating for his effort. The Rogs turn it around quickly with surprise offense and superior speed, but they can't maintain offense. First they try the ol' "contain them with armwork" trick, including a neat little Irish Whip out of an arm-wringer into a double boot in the corner, but it's futile. They try some strikes and kicks too but there's no hope. Smash takes a bit of damage and then powers Jacques into their corner and makes the tag. He's just too strong.

The beating lasts until Jacques heroically gets some shots into Ax's leg. He makes the tag and the Rougeaus try to work on that for a while. One neat thing about this match is that the Demo on the outside is always lurking and peeking his head in as if he's about to strike. Anyway, Ax lures Jacques into getting a painful looking kick to the back of his head and that's the end of the legwork. Ax misses a killer falling headbutt, however, allowing Ray to come in. He immediately tries something new only to learn that you really, truly do not try to monkey flip Ax. It will not end well. The beating commences including the Demos and Fuji making the Rogs look like idiots on the floor using superior positioning to allow a bunch of cheapshots and cane shots. A lot of times they didn't have the managers for these shows so it's nice that they actually use Fuji like this when they have him. We settle in with lots of painful looking neck wrenching and illegal switches and an awesome performance by Smash who miraculously manages to tag Ax in the midst of a sunset flip.

Ray finally manages to somehow hit a suplex and that earns him a hot tag to Jacques, who finally gets some traction being such a fresh man in the match using Hot Tag Face Offense. He hits a big flying back elbow for a phantom pin but Ax has the ref distracted. He puts on the Boston Crab but Ax takes his head off with a boot. Just nasty. Then the Demos hit one of the meaner double clotheslines you'll ever see and that's the match. Good stuff. I wish there was more of it.

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