June 12, 2011
Matt D & Vic
Legion of the Damned

Demolition© vs Twin Towers - Boston Garden - 4/22/89

Vic: This is the first Demolition/Twin Towers match. So its going to be the beta version of the Copps match two weeks later. The big difference here is there is little stooging by the Towers. Otherwise its the same basic structure. Smash tries running over Bossman but nothing happens. Bossman takes his turn to run over Smash but nothing. Smash gets the advantage after Bossman misses a avalanche in the corner.

Now Demolition start working over Bossman. Just like Copps they are going after the arm. It goes a little longer here and Bossman's selling is less comedic.

Bossman picks up Smash and runs across the ring to tag Akeem. I loved this spot because it gets across how the Towers are not going to be ran over like any other team.

Akeem is much more serious in this match. Less Fred Sanford selling. Working like the One Man Gang and mauling Smash.

Demos regain the advantage and return to the arm work and some double teaming. Soon Akeem punches Ax in the throat and tags Bossman. One thing I love about Demolition is how they continue fighting back while in trouble. Some guys just look like they are selling until its their turn.

Bossman catches Ax in a bear hug and Akeem runs into him making a Ax sandwich.

Akeem charges Ax while he is draped on the ropes then Bossman does. Now the Towers do the double avalanche which should have been a finisher. Bossman does not bother going for the pin. Towers go for it again but Ax moves and Bossman gets crushed by the African Dream. Now we go into the sequence from Ontario. Only difference is its not as smoothly executed. Demos and Akeem wipe out the ref and Bossman clocks them with the nightstick. Might be camera work but it a lot more painful.

Matt D: I have to admit, this match had me real worried. We did the Toronto match first, and that match came about a week and a half later and served the EXACT same purpose as this one, to set up a later rematch with Garvin as the ref. There was every reason to believe that this was going to be the same match done the same way and totally throw off the "One Towers match a week" plan we had. Well, there are differences and there are similarities, and to me, it's sort of fascinating to see the differences and to see how the match evolved in the week or two between this match and the MLG match as they worked it in front of different crowds to figure out what worked and what didn't. It's a wonderfully fascinating experiment in comparing and contrasting, actually. So instead of my normal write up, I'll be doing a lot of call-backs to that match.

Announcers are Tony and Lord Alfred. Alfred was really good all the way up to 91 or so. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Here he mentions from the get go that he doesn't know what the Demos will do against the Towers as well as the fact that Akeem was wearing his lucky boots. The Towers pre-match ritual is a bit different here. Akeem jives and Bossman shows off his agility by stretching his leg out on the top rope.

In the MLG match, things went like this: Bossman started out with Smash, tried things over-confidently, got them countered, and immediately started to eat the arm-work selling in a wibbly-wobbly sort of way for a few minutes until he reversed an irish whip to Akeem who ate more non-arm clubbery offense before the Towers took over after an eye rake.

HERE it goes like this: It starts out with Bossman and Smash and it's a lot more even to begin with. Smash hits Bossman with a back elbow off the ropes and Bossman no-sells it, leading to a Demos conference. Bossman hits Smash with one off the ropes and Smash no sells it, leading to a Towers conference, and the crowd eats it up. Bossman eats a foot on a corner splash, walks into back and forth Ax and Smash punching and then the arm work begins. Less wibbly-wobbly selling. More using the ropes by the Demos. Less vehemence in general. It's a bit more about control here. It goes on for a while until Bossman picks up smash in a bear-hug type position and runs to his corner with him. It looks just as neat as the Irish Whip reversal in the MLG match.

Akeem comes in and Smash dodges HIS avalanche in the corner. Smash is actively outquicking them here. Demos take over on Akeem using arm work on him as well, which they don't do in the later match. Akeem sells in a jive sort of way which is sort of what you see Bossman do in the other match but not here. Double back elbow by Demolition, which will get a call-back later. Ax with a neck-vice on Akeem. In the Toronto match, Akeem gets out with an eye-rake. Here he uses a jab to the throat and the Towers take over. I really do appreciate the subtle differences.

Ok, in the MLG match, Ax took a boot to the back from the outside, and then ate a ton of offense for a few minutes before the Towers hit the double avalanche, running slam, 747 combo, which Smash broke up, leading on towards the hot tag (after the roll up out of Akeem's dance) and the finish. Here, almost immediately after Bossman comes in he reverses a whip into the corner and Ax ends up eating a Bearhug/Avalanche, then the slam, and then a slightly better 747. Smash breaks up the pin, but here we have a lot of match left. They were given a few more minutes in this earlier Boston match and it shows. Instead of leading to the hot tag. Akeem hits what Wikipedia so convenient calls the "leapfrog body guillotine" or what I call "you know, that move where Bossman runs across the ring and sits on the guy hanging in the ropes." Then Bossman comes in and hits it too.

Now the Towers really take over, clubbering and double-teaming and grinding down and using the ring-rope and goading Smash. There's a double back elbow that calls back to what the Demos did before and some hope spots from Ax that get cut off. All of this leads to the double avalanche. Towers go to the well once too often and miss a second one. No dancing roll-up here, but great timing all around to make it look like a believable near miss with Ax getting out of the way at the last second. Hot tag, ref bump, double stun gun, and Bossman comes in with the nightstick, doing a number on both Demos. The ref makes it seem as if he was counting when he was really calling for the DQ against the Towers. The later match was a double DQ with the Demos getting some licks in before getting beaten down post match. This one was more direct with the Demos getting less in at the end but picking up the win.

Watching the two matches together was very interesting to me. They were only a couple of weeks apart and had the same purpose and mostly the same finish, setting up the rematch. The earlier Boston match had a couple more minutes and that meant that it could have a little more interesting structure and they could do more things when pounding on Ax including a more great usage of the double avalanche, but the MLG match had more distinct selling by Bossman and the roll up out of Akeem's dancing which led to the hot tag. I'm curious if you would have seen two matches trying to do the exact same thing between two other teams, if they wouldn't have been even more alike. I tend to be under the impression that they would be.

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