May 15, 2010
Matt D & Vic
Legion of the Damned

Demolition© vs Twin Towers
Hamilton, Ontario - Copps Coliseum - 5/1/89

Vic: With this match we get Demolitions first real encounter with a team they cannot bulldoze with ease. In fact they are at a power disadvantage. Some might bring up the Powers of Pain. But Demolition ran thru them in every encounter including Wrestlemania when they had a third man in Fuji.

One thing I really liked was how Akeem was pacing around the ring as Demolition walked to the ring. Then he shoves Bossman to pump him up. Akeem/One Man Gang had this way of making a match seem like a big deal.

Match starts with Smash and Bossman. Bossman gets the best of the first exchange. But gets cocky and Smash fires back. Popping him in the gut. Really liked how Bossman stumbled acros the ropes. Now Demolition starts working over his arm. Not the "What do I do with this guy" arm work some Demolition opponents use. But looking like they really want to take out Bossman's arm.

Bossman pokes Ax in the eye to gain the advantage long enough to tag Akeem in. Akeem initially has the advantage til Ax gets him in the Demos corner with Smash. They pound on Akeem hitting him hard enough to knock him on to the top turnbuckle. Then they start clubbering.. Akeem did this big Fred Sanford sell acros the ring.

Akeem gouges Ax's eye to get the advantage. Towers are finally doing good team work here. Akeem is a great sneaky heel. Outside the ring Akeem chokes out Ax with a rope. But Ax shifts the rope up to his mouth. Ax gets pissed off and starts laying into Akeem. I liked that because it looked like Ax paniced when he was almost choked. Lots of guys just sit passively while they are choked instead of fighting back. He rolls back in and Bossman has the rope and chokes him.

Towers do this Irish Whip double Avalanche on Ax. Akeem does a bad looking 747 but Ax gets a flash roll up when Akeem starts dancing. Ax flew across the ring when Akeem kicked out. Ax hits this nice looking face buster I have never seen him do. Bossman runs across the team and slugs Smash before Ax can tag out.

Akeem goes for the Avalanche and Ax dodges. He then dodges two elbows before tagging in Smash. Smash fires up both Towers. Knocking Bossman out of the ring. Both Demos hit a double clothesline on Akeem knocking him into the ref. Which looks like it could credibly incapacitate a referee. Demolition hit Akeem with a double stun gun. Bossman goes fudge it and brings in the night stick hitting Ax. Smash goes to try to help Ax and the incompetent ref gets in the way. Smash rightly tosses him aside, but.Bossman beats him up with the night stick. Then gives Ax a second taste of it.

Bell rings and its a double DQ. Which really seems like a crock unless he missed the first night stick blow.

Matt D: At this point, Bossman and Akeem are great foils for Demolition. For one thing, they're unlike anything Ax and Smash have faced, either as heels or faces. Powers of Pain were large but they were sort of like a more-roided mirror image of the Demos. The Twin Towers are something else entirely. They're giant forces of nature. They're rhythm and soul-infused giants, deceptively quick and all deadly. And we're lucky to have three or four matches between them easily available. Here's the first.

The Towers come in supremely confident. I love teams that come into a match with Demolition confident. How insane do they have to be? Really? But the Towers sort of have a point. They are pretty big and hey, they just came off of a feud with the Mega Powers not all that long ago. Akeem is dancing. They're slapping each other on the chest to rev each other up. Bossman is giving a huge thumbs up. The Towers are ready to win them the WWF tag titles. Really, throughout the match the Towers' mannerisms are just great. Larger than life.

Anyway, Bossman starts off with Smash and spends about a minute and a half underestimating him, getting his punches blocked and having his shoulderblocks and back elbows shrugged off, while stumbling around the ring selling like crazy for Smash as the crowd goes wild. Then comes Demolition's arm-work on Bossman. They're not just trying to contain him, even given the size difference. Nothing so jejune. No, they're trying to tear Bossman's arm off. It's just Bossman's arm they have a grudge against, apparently, because when Akeem comes in (after a great reversal of an irish whip where Bossman just uses his size to the utmost) it's all clubbering and smashing. He even gets himself laying up against the turnbuckle on the top roles so they can do the corner double-clubber. Lots of goofy punch-drunk selling from Akeem, but it works.

An eye-rake turns it around and Bossman gets the tag in. I love the idea that despite their size and confidence, the Towers need to go to the dirty tactics just as much as the Busters did. And they do, too. Ax almost immediately outquicks Bossman only to eat an Akeem boot to the back from the outside and the the Towers really take over. Double teams, legal and illegal. Using the ring-rope. Goading the ever-goadable Smash. Power offense and chokes. Akeem hams it up by doing a goofy dance over a prone Ax. That'll come into play later, amazingly enough. Then they nail the double avalanche, then a Bossman running bodyslam, and a sloppy Akeem 747, and you all but believe it's over. Devasting combo.

Smash makes the save and then Akeem does his little dance over Ax again. This time, in a nice callback to the moment earlier in the match. It's just a two count but he follows up with a faceplant. Demos are always willing to do a move outside of their normal arsenal if it makes sense. Anyway, Bossman cuts off the hot tag, but only momentarily as Ax is able to dodge Akeem's elbow drops. It just makes it hotter in the end. Smash comes in. A quick ref bump and then they hit a double hotshot, which is another unique move for them (though they sometimes do other variations of it). Bossman comes in with the nightstick, breaks up the pin as the ref is coming to. The ref gets tossed out of the way by Ax and we end up first with a Double DQ and then with the Demos getting the worse end of the nightstick, setting up matches to come. Really good match with even better ones to follow.

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