June 12, 2011
Matt D & Vic
Legion of the Damned

Demolition© vs Twin Towers - Boston Garden - 6/3/89

Vic: This is a rematch from the first match in Boston. Ronnie Garvin is the gust referee which was from Demos and Akeem wiping out the ref in the previous match.

Right away Demos attack the Towers and they are slugging it out. Bossman gets knocked out of the ring by Smash and Demolition beat down Akeem and the fans go nuts. Ax puts Akeem in a arm wringer. again I have to say how much I love Akeem's Fred Sanford selling.

Akeem rakes Ax across the eyes and tags in Bossman. He does not fare any better as Ax clubbers him and works over his arm. Smash is tagged in and Garvin shows his authority by breaking them up. Garvin does a great job as guest referee. He is not noticeable most of the time except when it counts. Smash clubbers Bossman and Bossman sells a preemptive clubber. But its does not look like a mistake as much as a guy flinching when he thinks he is getting hit.

Both Demos are in and they beat Bossman down to his knees then he does this great bop bag sell. This is at the point where Bossman went from good to great. A huge improvement over the year before and he was not bad then.

Fans are losing it over Demolition beating down Bossman. Bossman headbutts Ax in the gut and tags in Akeem. Love how excited Akeem is to work over somebody. Lays a few into Ax and tags out as soon as Ax fights back. I think the story here is the Towers have learned from the previous matches and are now working as a team. Lots of quick tags and teamwork.

Ax gets Smash in and they go for the double suplex but Akeem runs in and prevents it. Akeem got popped on the apron by Smash and he steals every scene with his selling. Not gonna go into this here but it really sucks a guy as great as One Man Gang disappeared from the wrestling scene after 1991.

Bossman catches Smash with a nice boot to the head. Smash is in the corner and Akeem hits him with great looking butt crashes that look like they are killing Smash. Hits Smash with some jabs then runs him over while Smash is draped across the second rope.

Now the Towers are in control using smart work keeping him away from Ax. Bossman hits the power spinebuster. But instead of pinning him, Bossman gloats. Damn Bossman doesn't he ever learn. Then Smash uses a inside cradle for 2. Its not pretty but Demolition has never done that. We get another false tag, with Akeem distracting the ref.

Smash finally gets to tag out. Now Ax is in the ring and he slams Akeem and I lost it for that. Both Demos are beating down the Towers. Akeem grabs the night stick and accidentally KO's Bossman giving Demolition the win. Now Akeem gets popped in the gut. This was the perfect conclusion to this feud with no loose ends. Demolition look great and the Towers still have heat. This match is one of the best I have seen so far.

Matt D: So when we last left Demolition and the Twin Towers, the nightstick got involved leading to a DQ (or double DQ depending on where and when you saw the match) and a beat down on the Demos by the Towers. Nothing was resolved. Thus, the WWF has provided the only referee that could handle the match for the rematch: Rugged Ronnie Garvin. We all know about the Valentine/Garvin feud so I won't waste time there. This is a great return match which feels totally different than the first matches in the series and has a great, great finish, literally one of the best I've ever seen, no lie. Right to it then.

First image: It's actually sort of cool to see the police officers escort Bossman down to the ring. All of them are in blue together. It's like he has a posse. They threaten Alfred which is funny. Bossman kicks high to warm up as Akeem jives. Ax and Smash come down to a super pop. This is, in my mind, the very height of Ax's face power. You're not going to find a match where he's a better face than he is here. Anyway, Demolition take the gear off on the outside, look at each other, nod, and then roll in to start brawling with the Towers from the get go. Ax ducks Akeem and clotheslines him. Smash hits this neat uppercut thing on Bossman and then elbows him out and they double clubber on Akeem. If in the Boston #1 match, the work was tighter and in MLG shortly thereafter, the character stuff was more evident, here it's sort of both and more. The character stuff is front and center. Akeem is selling like a man possessed. Literally. There is a demon in there, and it makes Akeem want to sell his groin in the funkiest way possible during an armbar. Yes it does. Ax stalks around Akeem, keeping him from his corner, drops him with a clothesline and does the mightiest face scream that you'll see this side of Conan the Barbarian. It's pretty awesome.

Smash tags in and makes Akeem eat this awesome clubbering to the face and I really have to stop commenting on every little thing but so much of it is great. Akeem is bouncing in his selling so much that he keeps going after the hitting stops. This one I'll blame on momentum. he's like a weeble wobble. Finally Akeem punches Ax right in the face and walks over to make the tag. It's not as cool as Bossman's reverse whip from MLG or his run to his corner while holding a Demo in the last Boston match, but it gets the job done. This is a differently structured match, after all.

Anyway, Bossman comes in and it's real back and forth. Highlights: 1.) You don't disrespect Ronnie Garvin. 2.) Bossman keeps selling during the clubbering that never comes and I can't pin this one on momentum. 3.) The superawesome teeter-totter agility sell by Bossman on his knees. 4.) No cool transition. Just a low-ish blow by Bossman. Ah well. Then he makes the hot tag and it's great listening to Alfred go on about how Akeem's strange jive punches seem to work for him. There have just been tons of character stuff out of the Towers here. This is much more of a back and forth match than the previous ones. Here, the Towers haven't come into this match overconfident. They've learned their lesson and they're using teamwork much better. Everytime it seems like one team has a good advantage, the guy getting beat on gets a quick shot in and makes a tag. Here Ax manages to tag into Smash and he just takes Bossman's head off with a clothesline. Then comes the double punch to the gut and it looks for a second like Demos are going to double suplex Bossman. Akeem comes in to break it up, though and bossman immediately hits a killer Mafia Kick on Smash and Towers retake the offensive.

Akeem hits four butt drops in the corner on Smash and then dances out and keeps jive punching him. Smash tries to fight back but to no avail. He ends up draped on the ropes so that Akeem can hit the charging butt splash. And NOW that they finally have a solid advantage, the Towers get overconfdient. Smash is playing a great FIP here, going for the corner and fighting back but Towers are using their girth to cut off the ring and are making smart tags. I swear that Akeem is a man possessed in this match compared to the last two. Bossman hits a nasty Spinebuster slam and parades around the ring cockily for a while, seemingly to setup for the slam-747. Smash hits a small package out of nowhere though. This angers Bossman and he kicks Smash onto the rope, telling Akeem to hold him from the outside so that he can go for a soaring butt guillotine of his own. Smash moves at the last second however and the foot comes real close to Akeem as Bossman crotches himself. Still, hot tags NEVER come easy in Demolitionland (never, ever. It's one thing they believed in religiously and good on them), so Akeem distracts Garvin at a key moment. This causes Ax to come in angry and THAT allows Akeem to hit a KILLER leg drop. But Smash ducks a clothesline a minute later and hits a killer extendo-arm clothesline of his own (like earlier in the match).

This time, with a MASSIVE hand slap Smash makes the hot tag and Ax comes in. AND HE SLAMS AKEEM and then puts his arms up and screams as if he just won Olympic gold. I had remembered Smash (who Alfred always points out is the power man of the team) doing this, not Ax, and it's all the more awesome that it's Eadie. In that moment, he ascends to babyface godhood, just the height of his face power.

Then comes the LIGHTNING finish. It's awesome and out of nowhere and you have NO idea what happened until they show the replay. And the execution of it is just amazing. It's like a reveal which makes you go "Oh shit! What happened?" And then when they show you what happened again, you love it. It comes out of nowhere and just the speed and suddenness of the execution is awesome.

But yeah, this is a great series of matches and this is just really good stuff. If you haven't watched any of the Towers matches yet, watch Boston #1 and then MLG, and then this one. You won't regret it.

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