September 30, 2007
Mike Abitabile

The Devilís Advocate:
Reader Feedback is Appreciated

In a previous column, I made a passing comment about the feedback that readers send to various news sites based on their opinions of Raw, Smackdown!, ECW, TNA and pay-per-views. I believe I called it ďstupid.Ē Some of my readers took me to task because it seemed liked I was picking on other peopleís opinions, something I always try not to do. So, this week, I want to explain a little further in depth what I meant by that comment and why I donít really take much stock in the viewer feedback that those sites post.

Viewer feedback is a useful tool, if used correctly. If WWE is trolling the sites like many people believe they do, they might be able to use the feedback to change their product, if they choose to do so. In fact, there are many times I have heard WWE agents (and even Vince Russo) would sit in the crowds to gauge audience response to certain segments. By reading the feedback on sites, they can accomplish that virtually. Of course, that is if people could convey their thoughts properly and give their actual opinions.

Too many times, I feel like people are just watching the shows in order to post a negative review for a site. They pick on every aspect of a show and usually even give each segment their own star rating, based on criteria only they know. Then, some people will end with something like ďWow, what a horrible show. I donít know why I keep watching. Man that sucked. Iíll be back next week with my review of the next show!Ē

Which begs the question, if it sucks so bad, why do you continue to watch? If you are waiting for the product to change back to what you like, I have a proposition. Send me an email and tell me what youíre waiting for. Cena to lose the title? Longer matches? Less McMahon? Iíll send you an email back when that happens so you donít have to waste your time watching and waiting.

Truthfully, in my opinion, I donít think itís any of those things. I really think some people want to enjoy the show, but they are afraid to admit they did. Itís that whole peer pressure thing. ďWell, everyone else hates it, so Iíll go along with the group.Ē This is really funny to think about, because many ďsmartĒ fans are always saying ďIím not going to like something just because Vince tells me toĒ. Well, you seem to have no problem not liking something just because Dave, Wade, Bob or Mike tell you to. Have a mind of your own.

I am not saying everyone is doing this. I know there are people who do not like shows, because the WWE ratings have fallen recently, mainly due to Monday Night Football. So I am not grouping everybody together, but I truly believe many people are being led like sheep. I tell people all the time, you canít believe everything you read on the internet.

So, if you are not watching WWE because you donít like the current product, kudos to you. I give you the most credit in the world. I am not sitting here trying to tell people they should be enjoying something they donít; I am merely saying there are others out there who do like the shows, so donít act like you speak for everyone. Many internet fans get into this strange way of thinking and believe that doomsday is ahead because WWE ratings come in low once in a while. While it is not a good thing that a show would lose 400,000 viewers on any given week, you have to remember there are 3+ million still watching. But again, thatís because of the negative culture on the internet, which I am trying Ė sometimes I feel single-handedly Ė to remedy.

Feedback is always welcome at or you can visit my blog here.

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