December 13, 2010
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

WWF Intercontinental Champion Pat Patterson vs. Dominic DeNucci – (Madison Square Garden, 12/17/79)
This is the beginning of Patterson’s character change into a babyface as he splits from both Grand Wizard and Capt. Lou Albano. He resists a handshake from DeNucci though, so he hasn’t totally seen the light just yet. DeNucci gives Patterson a clean break off a tie-up. However, Patterson does not. Patterson grabs a front headlock. In a funny bit, DeNucci makes like he’s going to uppercut Patterson in the balls to escape the hold, but doesn’t. The crowd knows it would have been HILARIOUS. Instead, DeNucci places Patterson on the top rope and lets Patterson explode on him. DeNucci headbutts Patterson back and corners him to tease another shot to the balls right in front of the ref. He STILL doesn’t do it though. He whips Patterson across into the opposite corner instead and teases a THIRD stomp to the nuts. Still no ball shot. DeNucci settles for a spinning toe hold. Patterson pulls on DeNucci’s nose to break free and buries some knees in him. That riles up DeNucci as he sets up Patterson for an AIRPLANE SPIN. Cover, 1-2-NO! O’Connor roll gets two for DeNucci, but then Patterson monkey flips DeNucci over into a press for 1-2-3. (6:29) What a tease you turned out to be, Dominic. *½

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