June 22, 2005
John Johnson Sr.

Sidenote: In 1986, the WWF had 2 kinds of wrestlers; the showmen are the ones who are known for their gimmicks (Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, George Steele, Junkyard Dog Jake Roberts, & Roddy Piper to name a few) & you have the athletes, the one who have little or no charisma but are superior technicians (Ricky Steamboat, Greg Valentine, the British Bulldogs, Bret Hart, Tito Santana, & Bob Orton Jr., among others) On April 7, 1986, the WWF hosted Wrestlemania in L.A., New York, & Chicago & all three venues held all kinds of matches. New York saw a boxing match between Roddy Piper & Mr. T., L.A. fans witnessed a bloodbath steel cage match between World Champion Hulk Hogan & King Kong Bundy. Chicago, however, hosted an all time classic which, in my opinion, is the most underrated match in Wrestlemania history. That match is the WWF Tag Team Title match between the British Bulldogs (the greatest tag team of all time!!!) & the Dream Team. Yeah, everybody talks about the 20 man battle royal was considered the main event of the Chicago portion of WM 2, but this is the real showstealer!!

Wrestlemania 2 April 7, 1986
WWF World Tag Team Titles
The British Bulldogs (w/ Capt. Lou Albano & Ozzy Osbourne)
The Dream Team (c) (w/ Johnny V.)

The match:: Ring Announcer Chet Coppock introduced the champions first then the Bulldogs ,who comes out with Ozzy Osbourne as their corner man (who served no real purpose other than publicity purposes I guess) Another sidenote is there are 2 referees in this match to insure that no controversy will occur. Davey Boy Smith & Greg "the Hammer" Valentine kick off the bout with a collar & elbow tieup which leads to DBS pushing Valentine on his fanny. Elbow strikes by both men. Valentine connects with a double leg pickup but misses an elbow drop & gets his arm wrung by DBS. DBS gets whipped into the ropes & gets hiptossed but dodges a fist drop. Dynamite Kid tags in & flails away on Valentine. Side headlock by Dynamite who gets whipped into the ropes but shoulderblocks Valentine. Snap suplex & elbow drop by Dynamite before tagging in DBS. Valentine blocks a DBS suplex & attempts one of his own but fails to do so as DBS finally connects with it which gets a 2 count. Valentine rolls out of the ring to take a breather & console with Johnny V., who almost came to blows with Capt. Lou. Valentine reenters the ring & starts hammering away (no pun intended) on DBS in the corner. Valentine whips him but DBS counters with a whip of his own, sending Valentine into the opposite corner, but Valentine avoids a DBS charge & heatbutts him in the sternum. Brutus Beefcake tags in to arm wring DBS but DBS counters it into a beautiful gorilla press slam. Dynamite tags in & clotheslines the hell out of the future barber. Vicious knife-edge chop gets a 2 count. Small package by Dynamite gets another 2 count. DBS tags back in & gets a nice fisherman suplex for a 2 count. DBS gets a front headlock on Beefcake, who still manages to tag in Valentine, who comes crashing down on DBS with an aerial move of the top rope. A Valentine vertical suplex gets a 2 count. DBS gets trapped in a rear chinlock. As the Hammer cinches in the hold, an insert cam pops up showing Capt. Lou & Ozzy at ringside. Dynamite tags in who trade blows with Valentine in the corner but Dynamite eventually gets the upper hand by ramming his shoulder into Valentine’s midsection multiple times. A fatigue Valentine falls down, Dynamite makes the cover but gets a 2 count. Dynamite calls in DBS where they display their amazing teamwork that they were famous for. Both Bulldogs whip the Hammer & shoulderblock him for a 2 count. Valentine then tries to call in Beefcake but the referee for some strange reason won’t let him in. Valentine with an Irish whip but gets sunset flipped by Dynamite for a 2 count. Backbreaker by Dynamite. Dynamite make the cover but Brutus pulls him off of Valentine. A Dynamite knee drop gets a 2 count. Hand-to-Hand combat between Valentine & Dynamite with Valentine eventually getting the upper hand. Piledriver by Valentine gets 2. Valentine makes another cover but gets another 2 count. He makes another one but this time holds Dynamite’s arm down. Valentine then leaps at him, only to catch a foot in the family jewels (ouch!!) Valentine climbs the top rope but gets slammed off for a 2 count by Dynamite. DBS & Beefcake come in to turn it into a pier-six brawl (as Gorilla would put it) The Bulldogs signal for their double-team finisher but Valentine (who is the legal man) rolls out of the ring. DBS tags back in & connects with his patented running powerslam which Valentine surprisingly kicked out of. A DBS suplex gets another 2 count. DBS whips the Hammer, who reverses into a whip of his own, ramming DBS’s shoulder into the ring post in the process. DBS gets locked into a hammerlock on the seemingly injured shoulder, while Valentine tags in the future barber, who comes crashing down with a flying punch. Then, in an incredible show of strength, Brutus has DBS in a hammerlock on his injured shoulder, lifts him up in a belly-to-back suplex position, & drops him flat on his back, onto his injured shoulder. Beefcake applies the hammerlock once again & rams DBS in the corner. Valentine tags in & comes flying off the ropes with an atomic elbow. Valentine executes a shoulderbreaker on DBS’s injured shoulder & makes the cover but makes the mistake of setting DBS up. It would eventually cost him as DBS rams Valentine’s head into Dynamite’s, knocking both men out in the process. DBS makes the cover. Beefcake attempts to intervene but the outside referee prevents him from doing so. A 3 count later, we have new World Tag Team Champions, the BRITISH BULLDOGS!!!!! Johnny V. Is so pissed, he nails the referee & walks out in disgust. Meanwhile, Mean Gene Okerlund interviews the new champions ( well, actually DBS because Dynamite was still knocked out cold), Capt. Lou, & Ozzy. Albano’s so elated, he’s rambling & stuttering. Ozzy congratulates the Bulldogs & says he’ll be their permanent cornerman (he’s such a bad liar) DBS states that he & Dynamite will now make the US their home now that they are the champs.

Match Analysis: There is no doubt in my mind that this is one the greatest matches of all time. Although Hogan & Bundy sold WM2, the Dream Team & the British Bulldogs stole the show ( ala WM3) Nowadays, very seldom will you find a match of the year candidate that’s a tag team match (i.e. TLC), but as I mentioned before, this is a prime example of what tag team wrestling is all about.

Rating: *****

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