January 7, 2009
Ryan Droste

A Return

I’m back.

Those two words coming from me surely won’t create the same kind of excitement as when Michael Jordan uttered them in March 1995, but I’m hoping some past readers of mine will be happy to see my musings on the wrestling world back online. I’m excited to be back, it has been a couple of years since I was last involved with the online wrestling journalism world.

In the past, and currently, I have been involved with WrestleView.com. Currently, I am going to be bringing back the popular "Ask WrestleView" feature and running that, once the brand new version of WrestleView is launched in the coming weeks. Over the years at WrestleView, I have been a Co-Webmaster, news reporter, columnist (my Owen Hart remembrance column is posted every year on May 23), TV recapper (TNA Impact, 2004-2006) and I did a semi popular interview with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. I also worked for WrestlingObserver.com from 2004-2006, posting my Impact reports there as well as the occasional column. And for those of you who DO know me, well, all hail the Ayatollah of Rock N’ Ro…. < / Chris Jericho 1999 >

In addition to the column's homepage at http://drostesdoubleshot.blogspot.com, this column will be posted exclusively here at The History of WWE.

This first column is going to be a bit short, as I hope future editions will be somewhat shaped by reader emails. I would encourage all of you out there reading to shoot me an email with your thoughts either on the current scene, classic wrestling nostalgia, a wrestling question I might be able to answer, or just life itself if you want. I am hoping that a big part of this column will be based around classic wrestling of the past. So if you love wrestling nostalgia like I do, make sure to write in! But as I said, the current scene is fair game is well. I’ll include the best couple emails in my columns, and they will help structure the theme for that particular column. I’m hoping I can provide a somewhat humorous, but also serious, look at the world of wrestling (the TV shows, recent DVD releases, books, etc.). We’ll focus on the past and the present. Hence the title of this column, Droste’s Double Shot. This is going to be a pretty free flowing column structured by you, the reader.

So for this first edition, here are a few things that are on my mind:

-Scripting wrestling promos need to stop. Period. Wrestlers in years past often spent the long hours on the road coming up with lines and ideas for promos. This resulted in better, more heartfelt and real promos that created tons of interests in the feuds. Today, the feeling is just not there. Save for a handful of guys, a lot of the young talent just don’t know how to convey the same type of emotion on “the stick” that guys in the past did. This equals less interest in the monthly pay per views. I honestly can’t remember the last time I was generally hyped up to watch a wrestling pay per view, excluding WrestleMania of course.

-I know it’s been a couple years since it came out, but I recently got a hold of Mick Foley’s third wrestling memoir, “The Hardcore Diaries.” I thoroughly enjoyed Mick’s other two books (Have a Nice Day, Foley Is Good), and I must say his third installment does not disappointment. If you haven’t read it yet, pick this up. Mick’s trademark humor comes through big time, and makes this a fun read that gives fans an unprecedented look into the creation and implementation of a modern wrestling storyline (in this case, his feud with Terry Funk for ECW One Night Stand 2006).

-The new three disc Edge DVD set released by WWE is a must for wrestling fans. The tremendous compilation of some of Edge and Christian’s funniest moments is almost worth the price alone. Not to mention the gem of a match between Edge and Owen Hart from 1998. If you’ve read Edge’s book, you know how much this match meant to him.

-I have not attended a live wrestling event in nearly 3 years, my longest streak since the mid 1990s. My last event was a house show one week after WrestleMania 22, which I also attended, alongside WrestleView’s Adam Martin and Paul Nemer. That weekend was a blast. One of the highlights for me occurred at local Denny’s following the Hall of Fame ceremony when Mr. Nemer attempted to get Mickie James to admit she would be winning the Women’s title the next day (she would not). My three year streak may come to an end this weekend, as I am debating on attending the WWE house show in Des Moines.

-I’ll be appearing on Wrestling News Live (www.wnlradio.com) next Monday night, January 12th, with WrestleView’s own Adam Martin to discuss Mickey Rourke’s critically acclaimed film “The Wrestler.” We may also have a popular wrestler joining us on the show to discuss the movie, but that's still in the works. Really looking forward to it, make sure to tune in!

That’s it for this edition. As I said, shoot me your thoughts and questions at Droste@wrestleview.com and I’ll include the best emails in the next edition. As far as the direction of the column, the readers will be the driver. I’m just the writer. Take care.

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