April 21, 2010
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

Big Van Vader vs. Dustin Rhodes Ė King of Cable Tournament Semifinals (WCW Saturday Night, 11/21/92)
Right before the match, Sting breaks a 2◊4 over Vaderís back. Perfectly reasonable. Harley Race cries to JR and Bill Watts that there is no way this is a fair fight after what Sting just did. Watts is under the assumption that Vader should have had a 2◊4 broken over his back a long time ago. Not only does Watts FORCE Vader to compete, but heís banning Harley Race from ringside. WTF, M8? Once Vader comes out, he yells NO PAIN to the camera. They go nose-to-nose and then start up an exchange, which is bad news bears for Dustin Rhodes. Dustin sets up Vader with a sunset flip and moves away when he tries to sit down on him. Dustin continues to pound on Vader and finally drops him with a lariat. How about one more. With Vader staggered, Rhodes hits the BULLDOG. They both tumble over the top rope out in front of Ole Anderson who is apparently some sort of judge. Larry Zbyszko and Hiro Matsuda are also judges. Arenít all of these people still heels in the eyes of the fans? Back in, Vader catches Dustin charging at him in the corner and slows down the pace as he starts to dismantle Dustin. He drills Rhodes with an avalanche. Vader delivers a clothesline and a suplex for two. Another body attack by Vader, but Rhodes still has some fight left in him. He trips up Vader, but misses an elbow drop. Short-arm clothesline and a splash gets 1-2-NO! More pummeling from Vader and a clothesline sends Rhodes to the floor. Back inside, Vader runs into a boot in the corner and gets rolled up for 1-2-NO! FLYING LARIAT gets 1-2-NO! Rhodes delivers some sort of spinebuster and gets two. Rhodes boots Vader through the ropes as they go to the floor, but Rhodes walks right into a nasty clothesline right in the face to cause Rhodes to do that funny twirling bump. Back in the ring, Vader hits the second rope flying splash for 1-2-3. (10:44) Well that was certainly stiff for WCW. I always enjoyed the Rhodes-Vader matches because Dustinís comebacks were so compelling and easy to get behind because the beating he would take was incredible. Vader would meet Sting at Starrcade in the King of Cable finals, but would be unsuccessful in the greatest match of their three year long rivalry. ***ĺ

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