January 20, 2010
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for January 19, 2010
From Greenville, SC

The program opened with the Abraham Washington Show, guest hosted by Santino Marella. Tony Atlas then deliberately botched the name of the guest: Vladimir Kozlov. Marella claimed Abe had come down with a gastro-Laurinaitis of the intestines. I guess thatís a dig at both Brock Lesnar and John Laurinaitis. Marella mentions that he wanted an immigrant for his first guest but Christian, Yoshi Tatsu and Great Khali were busy. They did some brutal dialogue including Kozlov claiming he was unpopular because people confuse him with Ivan Drago from Rocky 4. They quoted some of that movie as the crowd turned on this. More bad comedy and Santino proposed them becoming a tag team, which everyone crapped on. The segment mercifully ended at this point.

Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu v. Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft
Goldust hit a dropkick on Croft to start. Goldust tried to work the arm on the mat, but Croft slides off and tagged out. Barreta came in with little success as Goldust set him up for Yoshi to hit a senton onto the chest. Yoshi used a bevy of kicks to send Barreta to the floor. He followed up with kicks from within the ring. At last, the heels got the heat as Croft distracted Yoshi allowing Barreta to recover and get the advantage. Yoshi teased a couple of comebacks with kicks and a spinning back elbow, but the heels held the advantage doing nothing of note. Finally, Yoshi connected with a spinning heel kick which led to the double tag. Goldust came in with his usual array of offense: clotheslines, uppercuts and a powerslam leading to a near fall. Barreta made a save on the pinfall attempt and then flung Yoshi to the floor. Barreta was then able nail a prone Goldust with a clothesline as he was trying to pin Croft with a rollup. Croft reversed the pinning combination for the victory. That was a finish right of the 1980s where one heel hits a very simple move causing his partner to reverse a pinfall on the babyface. You donít see it today since WWE almost never has matches end with anything but a high-impact move.
Barreta & Croft d. Goldust & Yoshi, Pin, 6:00, *Ĺ.

Zack Ryder came to the ring with Rosa to make a ďmajor announcement.Ē It was that he retired Tommy Dreamer and that he was the new heart and soul superhero of ECW. The latter part of that epithet was a dig at Hurricane. He asked the ring announcer Savannah to announce him as such and gave her a hard time when she didnít do it well enough. He should have brought out Howard Finkel in that case. Rosa then began to insult Savannah in Spanish, saying that she was stupid, didnít know how to talk and put down her dress. The Hurricane saved us from watching Rosa in a physical confrontation by running in and hitting a crossbody off of the top rope onto Ryder. Hurricane then gave Savannah a kiss on the hand.

They plugged the Royal Rumble and a Superstars match between Shelton Benjamin and Vance Archer.

Christian v. William Regal
This match is non-title. They started for the first couple of minutes working off of mat holds, such as arm ringers and front face locks. They then maneuvered to a series of near falls on the mat off a sunset flip attempt by Christian. Christian eventually back body dropped Regal who then slid out of the ropes. Christian hit a baseball slide through the ropes and onto Regal on the floor. Christian then went outside to fire Regal back in the ring and had a stare down with Ezekiel Jackson on the floor. The match went to a commercial break at that point. During the break, Christian hit a high crossbody off of the top rope for a near fall. They then went to mat work with Christian holding a headlock. Regal countered by rolling into a near fall. Regal then got the better of a standing exchange and took the advantage back. Regal then worked a full nelson for a bit before Christian powered out. Regal maneuvered out of a backslide attempt with a back kick and retook the advantage. Regal put down Christian with a clothesline and went to work on the mat again. Christian eventually tried for the kill switch but Regal countered into an exploder suplex. Regal then laid Christianís head against the post and punted him. It was weird to see something like that just played off as a transition move. Christian made a comeback with a dropkick and then tried for a missile dropkick off of the top but Regal moved out of the way (and did not bump for the dropkick which missed by a foot). Regal moved in for the knee trembler but Christian took him down and into a rolling cradle as Regal charged. Christian connected with a springboard sunset flip but Regal slipped out at one. Christian hit an elbow off of the middle rope and fired Regal to the floor. At that point, Jackson ran in for the disqualification.
Afterwards, Jackson pounded on Christian allowing to connect with the knee trembler. Jackson used his modified uranage finisher twice as the show concluded. The show at least delivered a strong main event this week after several weeks without one (not so coincidentally, Christian wasnít wrestling regularly on the show because of the tournament to crown a number one contender).
Christian d. Regal, DQ, 16:30, ***ľ.

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