January 21, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for January 20, 2009
Taped Jan. 19 from Chicago

Todd Grisham opened the program with an interview with Matt Hardy. So his first question was about Jeff Hardyís accident last week which makes the ECW championship look so minor league. After showing the footage, Matt replied that Jeff went into shock and is currently recovering at home with first degree burns. Iíd say the odds are 50/50 that Jeff shows up at the Rumble without a scratch on him. Grisham inquired as to whether Matt knew who did it and all Hardy could say was that it was not an accident. Finally, they got to the ECW championship and the rematch at Royal Rumble. As Hardy was putting Swagger over, the champion himself interrupted. Swagger came out dressed like a politician and had the smile and arrogance of one, too. Swagger talked some trash before saying Matt would go down in flames like Jeff. That set Matt off and he attacked Swagger. A bunch of referees came down and we had a garden variety pull apart. Swagger did get the last blow by dropping Hardy with a forearm.

Ricky Ortiz v. Adam Evans
Ortiz connected with a weak backbreaker and went to work on his fallen opponent. Ortiz started the match with headbutts and two body slams. Ortiz landed a belly-to-back suplex that looked a heck of a lot worse than the one William Regal used last night. Ortiz hit a charging shoulder block, playing up on his legitimate football background, to a small parade of boos. Speaking of that, Matt Striker let us know that Ortiz graduated from Tulsa as did Dr. Phil, NFL legend Steve Largent and Steve Cox from Mid-South wrestling fame. He hit the big O for the win. After the match, we were treated to Ortiz on the microphone trying to get the fans in Chicago to rally up. That received a very tepid reaction.
Pro wrestling, like almost everything else in life, should be a meritocracy and based on that standard, there really is no reason for Ortiz to be on the active roster right now. He is a very poor worker, an indifferent talker and gets poor crowd reactions. The tricky thing about wrestling is that no matter how lackluster a performer is, strong enough booking will get him over to an extent. Mike Knox was the Ricky Ortiz of this brand for a while, a guy with a good look but absolutely nothing else, who was not getting over at all. For whatever reason, he was rewarded with a push on Raw against a good wrestler in Rey Mysterio and he has gotten over to an extent. However, I would argue that most any other performer on the roster, if given the same push, would do more with it (wouldnít Afa Jr. be better in that role?). Likewise, I am certain there is some way to get the crowd to care about Ricky Ortiz if they try hard enough, but heís just not worth it. The push and time would be better spent on someone else.
Ortiz squash, 2:17.

The announcers discussed and threw to a vide package covering Tommy Dreamerís promo last week. Backstage, Dreamer was telling Teddy Long that he needs to prove something to himself and that he does want to be handed any title shots? Paul Burchill interrupted and threw a dig at Dreamer. Tommy responded that Burchill better be worried about his own job, which may not be too far from a shoot. Anyway, Burchill wanted a third match with DJ Gabriel. Long gave Burchill a match with another opponent after the break. That was all for the follow up to the Dreamer angle?

Boogey Man v. Paul Burchill
Boogey Man snuck in and scared off Katie Lea. They did a stall for a bit before Burchil got Boogey Man in the corner. He hit some forearms and knees. Matt Striker mentioned that worms are hermaphroditic; feel free to mention that factoid at cocktail parties. Boogey Man came back with two clotheslines and a twisting avalanche in the corner. Suddenly, Katie Lea attacked Boogey Man from behind. Wow, do they not have any confidence in this guy or what? Boogey Man clotheslined Burchill out to the floor and caught up with Katie Lea. He was about to shove the earth worms in the mouth before Burchill made the save. Katie Lea was good in her role here, but I doubt she had to do much acting considering there were a few dozen worms inches from her face.
Boogey Man d. Burchill, DQ, 1:49, Ĺ*.

They then finally got around to discussing the last segment of Raw. Matt Striker provided no update on Vince, but did say that Randy Ortonís future with WWE would be decided on Sunday. So I guess thatís another selling point of the show.

Finlay v. Mark Henry v. The Miz v. John Morrison
Forty-five minutes in and we finally get our first real wrestling match of the show. They did a hot first minute or so with. Finlay cleared the ring of the tag team champions and Morrison trying for a springboard splash but getting cut down by Henry. Henry hit a splash on Miz which led to Finlay making the save. The heels eventually began to get the heat on Finlay which led nicely into a commercial break. Returning, Henry scored with a gorilla press slam on Finlay and then asserted himself against the tag champions with a couple of lariats. John Morrison came back with a springboard leg lariat. Finlay tried to catch Henry by coming off of the second rope, but Henry set him down with a kick. Henry hit Morrison with a flapjack. Finlay came back with the shillelagh (why was that legal?) and a DDT and the tag champs hit a double baseball slide with Henry on his stomach. Henry was sent out to the floor and decided to call it a night, which doesnít fit his character at all. The champions hit Finlay with a double gutbuster. Finlay began to make a comeback leading to Hornswoggle hitting a tadpole splash on Morrison. Is this a no disqualification match and they forgot to tell anyone? Finlay hit Miz with the Celtic cross, but Morrison saved. Morrison then stole the pin and the win. Grisham used Morrison pinning Miz to point out that itís every man for himself at the Rumble.
After putting Morrison over here, it sure looks strange that they had him and Morrison job cleanly to Cryme Tyme in two minutes last night. This show needed a really good main event to save it and this quarter couldnít really deliver tonight. I also fail to see how this main event builds to the Royal Rumble aside from the fact that all four coincidentally will wrestle in the Rumble itself. They seem to be teasing a Miz and Morrison breakup which strikes me as premature. I still think they have one second match from the top type feud with another strong team in them. I would have liked to see what would have happened had they gone further with the idea of these two against DX.
Morrison d. Miz, Finlay, Henry, Pin, 9:22, **ľ.

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