October 14, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for October 13, 2009
From Lexington, Kentucky

Goldust v. Ezekiel Jackson
Goldust avoided a couple of elbow drops before hitting a clothesline off of the top rope. Jackson then hit a big clothesline to take the advantage. Jackson held a bear hug for a bit and hit a sloppy clothesline or forearm for a near fall. Jackson used a back suplex and a rest hold for a bit. Goldust came back with a big boot and his trademark uppercut. Goldust hit a bulldog for a near fall. Goldust hit a flatliner and went up top where Jackson knocked him down with an up kick. Jackson then hit a uranage for the deciding pinfall. Goldust got a better match out of Jackson then most did, if nothing else. After the match, Kozlov hit the iron curtain on Goldust.
Jackson d. Goldust, Pin, 5:49, *. `

They replayed the finish of last week show where Regal, Jackson and Kozlov interfered in the Christian v. Ryder match after Regal’s loss to Yoshi Tatsu.

Next week, Snoop Dogg, the new face of family-friendly WWE hosts Raw.

Backstage, Zack Ryder told William Regal that he knew why he was attacked last week. Regal is threatened by Ryder who is much more qualified to be champion. After Kozlov and Jackson came over, Regal bulled Ryder for a bit.

Sheamus came out to ringside and played the tape from last week’s Superstars where he lost by DQ to Shelton Benjamin. Sheamus then said that Shelton has done nothing with loads of athletic ability in the nine years he’s been here. That was a little to close to reality for comfort. Sheamus guaranteed that he would get to the top.

Hurricane v. Paul Burchill
Hurricane sent Burchill to the floor and followed him out with a plancha. Burchill regained control in the corner and tripped Hurricane on the apron. Burchill got a one count back inside the ring. Burchill did some work on the arm on the mat before being caught charging into the corner. Hurricane hit a Thesz press and then a huracanrana off of the middle rope. That got a near fall. Burchill came back with a single-arm DDT for a near fall. Burchill tried for a superplex but was shoved off. Hurricane came down with a crossbody for a two count. Hurricane set Burchill up in superplex position but Burchill blocked a huracanrana attempt. Burchill then hit a modified version of the jackhammer for the victory.
They tried to tell a story throughout the match that Burchill hurt Hurricane’s arm early on and that affected the whole match. Hurricane at least sold the arm consistently throughout, though there really wasn’t enough consistent offense on the arm early in the match to completely justify it. The crowd was completely dead throughout which didn’t help either. Since Burchill never wins, the finish fell a bit flat as well.

Burchill d. Hurricane, Pin, 7:02, **.

The announcers ran down the card for Bragging Rights. I wonder if they can find time for one ECW match this time.

Elsewhere, Christian and Yoshi Tatsu did another “comedy” vignette based off of Yoshi’s limited English.

Christian & Yoshi Tatsu v. William Regal & Zack Ryder
Yoshi started Ryder with an arm drag before quickly tagged out to Christian. The champ came off the top rope onto the arm of Ryder. Christian eventually fired Ryder out to the floor and knocked Regal off the apron and onto Ryder. Christian then leaped through the ropes and into both of them on the floor. After the high spot, they went to a commercial break. Returning, Christian held the advantage on Regal. Regal got the advantage back and tagged out to Ryder. Ryder held a chin lock and hit a leg sweep before tagging out. Christian quickly regained the advantage with a whirling elbow off of the top rope onto Regal. That led to the double hot tag. Yoshi hit a double knee in the corner and a leg lariat for a near fall. Yoshi tried a rolling snap mare and round kick for a near fall. Regal came in illegally to swing the advantage and Ryder took the advantage with a hanging neckbreaker. Regal tagged in and went to work in the corner. After a quick tag, Ryder went back to a reverse chin lock. Regal tagged back in as Yoshi teased a comeback. Regal cut it off and went for an unsuccessful cover and then tagged out. Yoshi hit a spinning back elbow or fist and made the hot tag to Christian. Christian hit a slam and the flashpoint onto Ryder. A springboard sunset flip led to another near fall. Ryder did manage to get out of the kill switch. Ryder then hit a rocker dropper from behind onto a standing Christian which looked good. Christian then connected with a tornado DDT, which brought in Regal to make the save. Yoshi chased Regal out of the ring where Regal reversed an Irish whip attempt sending Yoshi into the steps. Christian hit a dropkick off of the middle rope onto Ryder but was caught when he tried for the same move from the top rope. As Ryder went to tag, Regal started screaming that he was bloody useless as he had told him before. Ryder then caught Regal from behind and dropped him over the top rope. That led to Christian hitting the kill switch for the pinfall. The announcers played up Regal and Ryder continuing their feud next week as the show concluded.
Christian & Yoshi d. Regal & Ryder, Pin, 13:03, **½.

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