October 28, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for October 27, 2009
From Rochester, New York

The show began with the Abraham Washington Show with his guest Tiffany. I guess they found the two people worse than the two NASCAR drivers at speaking on a wrestling show. Washington made a jungle fever joke to start and then asked why ECW had no impact on Bragging Rights. Tiffany pointed out that guys like Kofi Kingston and John Morrison got their first big break on ECW. By that standard, OVW is looking a whole lot better than ECW right now. And all she could cite are two midcarders who did jobs on the show; at least she could have come up with CM Punk. Washington asked her about Sheamus. She said that Sheamus didn’t want to be here, so she said he could leave but only after wrestling Shelton Benjamin tonight. William Regal interrupted at this point. Regal asked for another championship opportunity. Tempers soon flared as Tiffany turned him down flat. Regal lost it and began turning over furniture.

At ringside, Christian introduced Byron Saxton as the show’s new color commentator. They then pitched to a video package on Yoshi Tatsu.

Shelton Benjamin v. Sheamus
Savannah interviewed Shelton before the match who cut a quick promo. Shelton hit a clothesline sending Sheamus 360 over the top and to the floor. He hit a plancha to send the match to a commercial break. After the break, Shelton was working the arm of Sheamus around the post and ring ropes. Sheamus turned it around by ramming Shelton into the ring post. Sheamus hit a power slam for a near fall. Sheamus went to a chin lock for a little bit before Shelton broke out with an overhead suplex. They exchanged punches before Shelton came back with a forearm off of the top rope and a pair of clotheslines. Shelton hit a Stinger splash in the corner and a German suplex for a near fall. Sheamus turned the match around with a hot shot and a chicken/yakuza kick for the victory. This was a solid match. Somehow I don’t see Sheamus getting over ten minutes to wrestle on Raw anytime soon.
Sheamus d. Shelton, Pin, 10:35, **¾.

Backstage, Rosa Mendes was talking to Gregory Helms. She is excited to be on ECW and excited about shopping. The Burchills walked in. Katie dismissed Rosa and Paul challenged Helms to a match next week. The announcers then pitched to highlights from Bragging Rights.

Savannah then interviewed Christian who put over Yoshi and said he would be a champion someday, but not tonight.

ECW Championship Match: Christian v. Yoshi Tatsu
They worked off of a side headlock to start the match. Christian hit the first impact move with a springboard sunset flip for a near fall. Yoshi got a near fall off of a backslide. Yoshi then tried a rollup for a near fall as the match headed to an early commercial break. The break went unusually long as they showed lengthy highlights of Sunday’s ironman match after the usual commercials. Returning, Christian was climbing the ropes but Yoshi knocked him off. Yoshi tried for a plancha but Christian moved out of the way as Yoshi landed awkwardly on the floor. Christian then came off the middle rope and onto Yoshi on the floor. Yoshi came back in the ring and hit a crossbody for a near fall. Christian came back with a reverse DDT for a near fall. Yoshi then countered the tornado DDT and went up top himself. He hit a leg lariat off the top for a near fall. A roaring elbow led to another near fall. Christian tried for the kill switch but Yoshi slipped out. Christian then hit a drop toe hold putting Yoshi on the middle rope where he stood on him and hit an uppercut from the floor. The champ came off of the top rope with a missile dropkick. Christian tried for another but Yoshi stepped away. A rolling cradle led to a long two count. Yoshi hit his double knee lift in the corner and went for a shining wizard or round kick while Christian was lying on the mat. Christian eluded the kick and quickly came from behind with a reverse DDT. That led to another good near fall. Christian went for a springboard sunset flip but Yoshi rolled through on the pinfall and into the shining wizard he just missed. That was a cool spot. Both men then tried and missed attempts at their finishers. Christian got his fulcrum kick in the corner and came off the middle rope with a spinning back elbow. This time, Christian was able to connect with the kill switch for the victory. The last eight minutes or so of this match was tremendous as they both used a lot of great moves and counters. Several of the near falls were quite convincing even though you had to suspect the match was ending with a kill switch in the middle of the ring.
After the match, Regal, Jackson & Kozlov came in and did a heel beat down on Christian. This got really good heat likely because it followed such a good match.

Christian d. Yoshi, Pin, 15:47, ***¾.

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