October 29, 2008
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for October 28, 2008.

Live from San Diego

Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne & Finlay v. Chavo Guerrero, Mark Henry & Bam Neely

Apologies to begin as my satellite went out for the first 5-6 minutes of the show. When the feed returned, Bourne was being worked over by Neely. Bourne rallied back with a sloppy huracanrana which is a move that almost never works when there’s that kind of a size differential. Bourne then did a moonsault to the floor when he leaped too far or Neely was out of position. Bourne immediately favored his ankle and the match went to break. Coming back, Henry hit a splash and fired Bourne into the corner. The heels started working the knee even though Bourne was previously selling the ankle. Striker called WWE guys “the greatest athletes on the face of the planet,” so either the mandate to call them entertainers is gone after only one week or he’s about to get yelled at. Chavo hit a clothesline and two elbows to keep control of Bourne. Henry tagged in briefly and then exchanged with Chavo again. That led to a weak hot tag after Chavo just flung Bourne into his own corner. Hardy tagged in and landed a clothesline the corner. He hit a bulldog coming out of the corner, body slam and elbow off of the second rope. After a side effect, Neely made the save by dropping an elbow on his own partner. Hardy then hit the twist of fate on Neely. Henry ran in and connected with the world’s strongest slam. Hornswoggle ran in to bite and distract allowing Finlay to waffle Henry with the shillelagh. Atlas then pulled Finlay out of the ring. Hornswoggle then his “lowpe” on Atlas. Chavo, still the legal man, went up top and put Hardy down with a punch when he went to slam him off the top. Then Chavo connected with a frog splash for the win. Though I didn’t see the whole match, most of what was here was pretty good.

Chavo(x), Henry & Neely d. Hardy(o), Bourne & Finlay.

They replayed the same John Cena vignette of him growing up as a wrestling fan and coming up in the business. I liked this one much better than last week’s as it comes across as much more genuine and real. It’s also different from anything we have seen WWE do for one of its babyfaces of late, which always helps. One aside that you would only catch if you are from the same area (as I am): Cena went to a very elite private boarding school (Cushing Academy, one year’s tuition $42,000). He’s not the school’s most famous alum; in fact, he’s not even close as screen legend Bette Davis also graduated from there.

Tommy Dreamer is celebrating his nineteenth anniversary as a wrestler tonight. He still loves ECW and wants a piece of Jack Swagger. By the way, Dreamer had a sort of disturbing line in here saying he had more concussions than he’d like to remember.

Tommy Dreamer v. Jack Swagger

So much for building to this match. After a slow first minute, Dreamer clotheslined Swagger to the floor and hit a baseball slide propelling Swagger into the broadcast table. Dreamer fired Swagger back inside but caught a knee coming in as the match went to break. Returning, Swagger was working over Dreamer on the match leading to this exchange:

Swagger: “Why won’t you give up?”

Dreamer: “Never!”

Who says it can’t be Shakespeare? Swagger hit a dragon sleeper into a backbreaker for two but missed a Vader bomb. Dreamer hit a swinging neckbreaker and a bulldog for two. He went for the DDT but Swagger countered out. He then hit the doctor bomb for the win.

Swagger d. Dreamer, Pin, 9:15, **¼.

The show closed with the Dirt Sheet with the Miz and John Morrison. Morrison opened with a strange line about how the value of his abdominals could pay to deport every illegal alien in this city (San Diego). Huh? Miz then did a rambling monologue putting himself over. This led into twin video packages comparing DX to themselves. They made a bunch of juvenile jokes about Shawn’s chaps and the phallic imagery of Triple H’s sledgehammer. They then brought out two fakes dressed as Shawn and HHH as 1997 calls demanding that this segment return to its proper place and time. A telling line was Miz saying that if you don’t get their entertainment, too bad. Straight from the lips of the writing team and into our faces. Probably the only humorous thing here was the fake HHH doing a decent job of mimicking the real HHH’s mannerism. The heels hit matching finishers on the two fakes and conclude with two words: be jealous. For the second straight night, the delivery of two talented performers was not enough to overcome lousy writing.

Final Thoughts: With so much of the WWE seeming redundant, the idea of Chavo Guerrero as the top heel is hardly appetizing. His title run several months ago was very dry and of late he has not been booked strongly at all. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and doubtlessly will not prove to be too popular. It also goes against the idea of having ECW be the vehicle to elevate and introduce new talent. This show tonight is fairly straightforward to recap. The first two matches and the Cena vignette were worth seeing and generally enjoyable. But be grateful if your DVR cuts off at that point.

One last note is that this show now ends promptly at and actually tonight two minutes before 10:00pm. The luxury of the overrun if only to ensure that the main event doesn’t have to be cut short if something else runs long is gone.

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