November 11, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for November 10, 2009
From Sheffield, England

This week’s program opened with the Abraham Washington Show. His set which was apparently destroyed off-screen by William Regal a couple of weeks ago was magically back together again He made some cracks about British accents and dental hygiene. The crowd started a “go home” chant as Washington brought out Yoshi Tatsu. They did the gimmick where Yoshi keeps saying “thank you.” Washington then asked Yoshi about the match tonight and Yoshi responded in perfect English that he thought Christian would win. Yoshi even said that if he was Jackie Chan, then Washington was Chris Tucker. That actually was a pretty good line. Washington seemed disgusted at being shown up on his own show and the segment ended at that point.

They aired an effective video package promoting tonight’s main event.

Goldust v. Paul Burchill
Goldust got the early advantage with his usual stuff. He missed a charge in the corner and Burchill went to work on the ribs and side on Goldust. He used the ring post and then a bodyscissors. Burchill continued on the offense by countering a bulldog and hitting a running knee to the ribs. Hurricane’s music then played which provided a distraction long enough for Goldust to recover and hit the final cut for the victory. The match was just a backdrop to build next week’s match between Hurricane and Burchill, which, I might add, literally has a longer build than either main event on the forthcoming pay-per-view.
Goldust d. Burchill, Pin, 4:01, *.

Backstage, Zack Ryder was still smitten with Rosa Mendes. He said she was welcome to come to ringside anytime he was wrestling. They then did another corny “dream” sequence where Ryder imagined he and Mendes were skipping down the hallway to a bad knock-off of the theme from “A Summer Place.”

Elsewhere, Bill Regal was trying to talk Tiffany into warming to the idea of him as champion. She said they could have a fresh start whether he was champion or not. Tiffany had this huge smile the whole time, perhaps knowing that Dixie Carter has displaced her as the most annoying authority figure on wrestling TV today.

Vance Archer v. Jason Blackwell
The jobber had a name tonight, unlike his counterpart from Raw and was announced as being from Sheffield. Archer hit a clothesline and a slam before going to work in the corner. He hit a belly-to-belly suplex and a reverse DDT to finish. By the way, native sons of the UK are 0-2 tonight.
Archer squash, 1:16.

For what it’s worth, they did air a commercial hyping the latest Hulk Hogan DVD.

ECW Championship Match: Christian v. William Regal
Regal told Matthews before the match that there was no way he was losing in his home country tonight. That makes me fairly confident that he will in fact lose tonight in his home country. Regal got a largely positive reaction while Christian got a mix of cheers and boos. They wrestled for about 45 seconds before they went to the first of two commercial breaks. Returning, Christian hit a snap mare and sent Regal to the floor. He followed up with a baseball slide. Christian hit a back body drop and a reverse DDT for a near fall. Regal made a comeback by reversing an Irish whip and going to work in the corner. Christian punched his way out of there and connected with a high crossbody off of the top rope for a near fall. Christian then did his stand on top of Regal spot. The two men then jockeyed on the ropes where Regal got the advantage and came down with a butterfly superplex. That led into the next commercial break. After this break, Regal hit an exploder suplex on the floor. He tried for a couple of pinfall attempts off of that. Regal stayed on the advantage for a bit including sweeping Christian off of the second rope. Regal kept trying for covers after virtually every move. Christian tried for a springboard sunset but Regal sat down for a pin attempt. Christian ended up getting the sunset for a two count of his own. Regal then turned Christian inside out from a full nelson slam for a near fall. Regal then went for the full nelson submission. Christian escaped and hit the kill switch but couldn’t get the immediate pinfall attempt, allowing Regal to kick out. Christian hit a couple of elbow drops. He then tried for a tornado DDT but Regal shoved him to the apron and to the floor. Christian fought his way back in and hit a pair of missile dropkicks for a near fall. Regal came back and setup for the knee trembler and missed the first time but then came back and connected with it from short distance. That only got a two count. Regal then went for the Regal stretch but Christian fought his way out. The champion followed up with an elbow from the middle rope and then tried but couldn’t lock in the kill switch. Regal hit an overhead suplex and went again for the knee trembler. Christian dodged the attempt and then managed to at last connect with the kill switch for the victory.
This was an excellent match as you would expect between these two and at about 23 minutes was the longest match on this show in quite some time. On a less positive note, that makes three matches and three losses for English-born wrestlers. It continues to baffle me why WWE goes out of their way to beat as many wrestlers as possible in their home town or country.
Christian d. Regal, Pin, 22:51, ***¾.

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