November 18, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for November 17, 2009
From Philadelphia

The show began with CM Punk backstage who cut a promo saying he was ECW champion before becoming a three-time world champion. He promised that he would receive the loudest, longest standing ovation in ECW history. That’s a bit of a strange promo for Punk who so often ridicules and talks down to fans, reveling in getting booed. Here he is playing the delusional heel who thinks he is going to be cheered.

Before the match, Ryder began to compliment and hit on Rosa Mendes (who came to ringside with him). He also challenged Shelton Benjamin. Rosa began to yap about shopping and comparing Zack’s loss last week to one time she found out a pair of boots she wanted was not on sale. She continued to ramble before Shelton Benjamin came out. Shelton then facetiously challenged Rosa to a match before seriously challenging Ryder to one now. Ryder backed off hitting Benjamin with a cheap shot before walking to the back.

They then played a pretty good video highlighting the feud between Paul Burchill and the Hurricane.

“Career” v. Mask: Paul Burchill v. Hurricane
If Hurricane loses, he must unmask. If Burchill loses, he and his sister must leave ECW. They traded near falls off of early chain wrestling. Hurricane then hit a flying head scissors, sending Burchill to the floor. Hurricane then followed him out with a tope through the ropes. Hurricane tried rolling Burchill into the ring, but could only muster a two count. Hurricane kept the advantage until Katie Lea grabbed his ankle, bouncing off the rope, allowing Paul to come from behind and connect with a suplex. The match then went to commercial. Returning, Burchill held a rear chin lock on the canvas for a bit. Hurricane then avoided a charge in the corner and landed a series of punches and a Lou Thesz press. He then came off of the middle rope with a clothesline for a near fall. Hurricane couldn’t hold Burchill in the eye of the hurricane but did manage to hit a reverse kick for another near fall. Burchill then had a creative counter to the eye of the hurricane turning the front face lock into a northern lights suplex for a near fall. After another distraction from Katie Lea, Burchill hit a jackhammer for a two count. Hurricane then managed to counter into the eye of the hurricane, but Burchill kicked out at two. The two men then jockeyed on the ropes in the corner. Hurricane then hit a swinging neckbreaker (sort of, he couldn’t do it all the way coming off of the top rope) to get the pinfall. The Burchills did a very good job of expressing disappointment after the loss as the crowd began a light chant of “hey, hey, hey, goodbye.”
Hurricane d. Burchill, Pin, 12:55, ***.

Backstage, CM Punk told Tiffany that he heard that she didn’t live a straight edge lifestyle because she liked to drink. She replied that she’s not some “self-centered, anti-social prude” and that Punk should try it and “be a human being.” That’s a very insulting way to characterize people who choose not to drink, particularly in the “family friendly” WWE. Being an alcoholic (which makes you anti-social among other things) may be some bizarre badge of honor in the emotionally regressed, illogical and pathetic culture of the WWE locker room, I guess. Anyway, Punk had this look on his face like he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

Vance Archer v. Johnny Andrews
Archer punched and stomped away and then used the post. Archer laid in some shots to the kidneys before finishing with the reverse DDT. Archer hasn’t shown anything in his first few weeks (other than that he’s tall).
Archer squash, 1:04.

Backstage, Christian continued the ridiculing of Punk making jokes about him getting grounded by his parents and not being able to hold hands with a girl (that would suck if true as Punk has dated both Maria Kanellis and Amy Dumas). He then incessantly called him a nerd. Punk ran down his accomplishments, including being the first three-time world champion (didn’t they just release a DVD claiming that title dates back to Frank Gotch?).

They then aired last night’s video package putting over the WWE’s history in Madison Square Garden (which now has as many shots of last night’s utterly forgettable main event than it does of Bob Backlund and Billy Graham).

Christian & R-Truth v. CM Punk & William Regal
They went to a commercial less than one minute into the match, after the faces hit matching dropkicks. After the break, R-Truth hit a huracanrana on Regal and then sent Punk to the floor. Christian then hit a baseball slide onto Punk. R-Truth then leapt onto both heels on the floor. Regal hit Truth in the knee from behind as he was entering the ring, which allowed for Punk to take control. Punk and later Regal worked a leg grapevine and knee bar. Punk hit a power slam but missed a leg drop which led to a tease of a hot tag. Punk cut off Truth with a drop kick to the leg. Regal tagged in and Truth promptly caught him with an enzuigiri. That allowed for the hot tag to Christian. The ECW champion fought off Punk who also tagged in and connected with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Both men then teased connecting with their finishers before Punk managed to hit his patented knee in the corner. Christian pushed off when Punk went for the bulldog and came back with a reverse DDT. That led to a near fall when Regal made the save. R-Truth tried to clear out Regal but couldn’t as he was still selling the leg from earlier in the match. While Christian was trying for the kill switch on Punk, Regal charged in with the knee trembler. Punk was then able to hit Christian with the go to sleep for the deciding pin in the abbreviated main event.
Punk & Regal d. Christian & R-Truth, Pin, 10:25, **˝.

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