November 4, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for November 3, 2009
From Providence, Rhode Island

Christian opened the program in the ring and demanded that William Regal come out. Tiffany came to ringside in Regal’s place; she actually made a salient point in saying that Regal wants to provoke Christian into giving him a title match when he cannot get one. Christian didn’t care and wanted Regal now. Regal and his entourage came out and asked for the title shot. Christian was adamant about defending the title tonight but Regal refused saying he wanted the match next week in the United Kingdom. Christian agreed to the match for next week. Tiffany added that Jackson and Kozlov were barred from ringside. They actually told a good story here in that Regal was not deserving of a title shot based on a series of defeats on TV (imagine that, wins and losses mattering) but he “cheated” by baiting the babyface into giving him a title match.

Goldust v. William Regal
It will be interesting to see if they have Regal lose here to further the idea that he is an undeserving challenger and thus putting more heat on him in the process. They exchanged right hands to start and Goldust got the better of it. Goldust hit an atomic drop but Regal turned it around in the corner. Regal held a rear chin lock on the mat. Goldust then made a comeback with two clotheslines a powerslam to get a near fall. Goldust hit a bulldog before Regal connected with his knee tremble out of nowhere for the win.
Regal d. Goldust, Pin, 4:09, *½.

Backstage, Rosa Mendes was babbling to Zack Ryder when suddenly they panned to a shot of Mendes mugging for the camera to a generic rock song. The idea was that we were getting in Ryder’s head and that he’s smitten with Rosa. This sort of production trick doesn’t work on a wrestling show.

After the break, Rosa Mendes was the ring announcer for the next match.

Shelton Benjamin v. Zack Ryder
Ryder bailed out early and started talking to Rosa to further that storyline. Ryder then hit a dropkick onto Shelton, propelling him from the apron to the guardrail. Ryder held a chin lock for a bit. Benjamin broke out of the hold and connected with a back body drop and a Stinger splash. Shelton then hit an exploder suplex, sending Ryder to the floor. When Zach got back on the inside, he paused to gawk at Rosa some more. That allowed Shelton to setup and hit the paydirt for the victory. This wasn’t much of a match, just a vehicle to start the storyline between Ryder and Mendes.
Shelton d. Ryder, Pin, 3:53, ¾*.

Here’s a weird one; coming back from break, they plugged a feature on on the whereabouts of Parts Unknown. They then showed a picture of the Ultimate Warrior front and center.

Paul and Katie Lea Burchill were in the ring and Hurricane promptly headed down to join them. They exchanged some verbal jabs as Burchill claimed that Hurricane was a Halloween caricature and a fraud, yet was popular. Burchill put himself over and asked why he wasn’t popular. He challenged Hurricane to a mask v. career match (namely, that the Burchills would leave ECW). Hurricane accepted. This match will have a longer and arguably better build then the Survivor Series main event.

Elsewhere, Tony Atlas and Abraham Washington were lamenting the loss of their set last week and were going to ask Tiffany for a new one. A newcomer left her office with a menacing look. Tiffany said it was Vance Archer and he’s intense. Archer is actually Lance Hoyt who wrestled for a few years in TNA.

Vance Archer v. Logan Jones
Archer used nothing but power stuff on the jobber who was about ten inches shorter than him. He finished with a reverse DDT in about a minute. I’m not sure where Archer fits in on this show given that he seems to be in the same mold as Jackson and Kozlov (granted with more experience).
Archer squash.

Christian & Yoshi Tatsu v. Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov
Yoshi started Jackson with a series of kicks and a lop dropkick for a near fall. Kozlov tagged in and got the advantage with a head butt. The heels cut the ring and half and worked over Yoshi in the corner. Kozlov hit a side slam and got a two count. Yoshi got out of the way of Jackson’s avalanche attempt and made the hot tag. Christian came in and hit Kozlov with a big boot and a back elbow off of the second rope. He went up to the top but was slammed off by Kozlov. Christian then slipped out of a backbreaker submission and into a reverse DDT. Jackson was forced to make the save for his partner. All four men hit the ring; Yoshi hit a plancha onto Jackson on the floor while Kozlov hit a fallaway slam. But Kozlov missed another charge in the corner, allowing Christian to hit a tornado DDT and the kill switch for the victory.
After the match, Regal did a run-in and got the advantage on Christian with the help of Jackson and Kozlov. Yoshi just kind of faded to the background as Regal applied the Regal stretch on the floor.
Christian & Yoshi d. Jackson & Kozlov, Pin, 5:48, **.

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