December 16, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for December 15, 2009
From Laredo, Texas

The show opened with an interview segment. Tiffany brought out both Shelton Benjamin and Christian, who both sold the affects of Sunday’s ladder match. It’s relieving to know they were able to play the roles of crotch-chopping geeks to perfection last night, though. The two men shook hands and Shelton asked for a rematch. Regal, Jackson & Kozlov interrupted. Regal made fun of Tiffany’s voice and expressed his outrage that Tiffany was allowing a monster like Kane back on ECW. Tiffany then introduced a new concept for the show: each week a former ECW champion would return to participate in a tournament match where the winner would get a chance to wrestle Christian for the ECW championship at Royal Rumble. That’s a ploy to try and raise the sagging ratings of this show. Hopefully, it leads to either John Morrison or CM Punk winning the tournament. She announced the first two matches for tonight: Kane v. Zack Ryder and Ezekiel Jackson v. Vladimir Kozlov (yikes). There were two basic problems with this setup though: no brackets were announced so there’s nothing to look forward to and this further degrades what little the brand split means. And Tiffany’s delivery didn’t help any either.

The Hurricane v. the Ripper
By the way, Savannah is this show’s new ring announcer. Hurricane hit an arm drag to start. Ripper recovered to send Hurricane to the floor and there used a back suplex onto the barrier. Hurricane fought out of a chin lock but was then put down by a lariat. Ripper tried to come off the top but Hurricane caught him coming down. Hurricane then hit a huracanrana for a near fall. He missed a shining wizard but came back and hit a tornado DDT. He then unmasked Ripper to reveal Burchill under the hood. Hurricane then hit Burchill with a shining wizard to win the match and send Burchill away from ECW (again). This was a pretty good four minute match.
Hurricane d. Ripper, Pin, 4:01, **.

They aired an extended recap of last night’s goofy Raw show. After the break, Gregory Helms asked Paul Burchill how that worked out for him. Burchill just screamed and walked away.

Up next was the Abraham Washington Show with Maria as special guest. Seriously. Washington started with a rant about how he should have won a Slammy last night. Abe replayed Batista interrupting Maria last night. Anyway, Maria and Tony started ridiculing Abe, Abe makes jokes right back. It all was a big waste of time leading to nothing (except maybe an Atlas/Washington split; then again, that is essentially nothing).

Ezekiel Jackson v. Vladimir Kozlov
Josh Matthews let us know that there are 16 men in the tournament and that the eight winners would face off, though he didn’t say in what kind of match. They started with a body slam drill with Jackson hitting three in a row on Kozlov. We then moved to elbow drops as Kozlov hit three in a row on a stationery Jackson. Kozlov then hit three headbutts. As he went to bounce off the ropes, Regal tripped up Kozlov which allowed Jackson to hit a uranage for the win. They wisely took no chances with these two. After the match, Kozlov confronted Regal allowing Jackson to attack from behind. Regal and Jackson then threw Kozlov into the announcer table.
Jackson d. Kozlov, Pin, 1:38, DUD.

Backstage, Croft and Barreta were marking out to themselves beating DX in the new video game.

Caylen Croft & Trent Barreta v. Jorge Arias & Julio Cruz
Cruz got an early dropkick in but the heels quickly took the advantage. They went to work on the legs of Cruz, frequently tagging in and out. They finished with a double team move where Barreta starts a vertical suplex and both men finished it with a hanging neckbreaker. They also announced themselves as winners and next year’s Slammy award winning team of the year. They better start first by getting over in the least.
Croft & Barreta squash, 1:57.

Next week, Yoshi Tatsu faces Jack Swagger in another tournament match.

Kane v. Zack Ryder
Kane started with a dropkick onto a fallen Kane. Kane caught Ryder leaping off of the middle rope with a body slam. Kane couldn’t follow up with an elbow drop but did hit with a back suplex and a big boot. Kane missed another big boot allowing Ryder to drop Kane with a leg kick. Ryder then controlled Kane on the mat for a bit. Kane briefly got to his feet and tried for a choke slam but Ryder got out of it with a low dropkick. Ryder countered to work the left leg of Kane on the ground. Ryder connected with a rocker dropper for a near fall. He then tried for a leg lariat but Kane caught him in mid air and maneuvered into a choke slam for the sudden victory. No match went longer than 4:01 on this show which is unusual. I suppose we just couldn’t go on without that episode of the Abraham Washington Show.
Kane d. Ryder, Pin, 3:50, *½.

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