February 20, 2010
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for December 22, 2009
Taped Dec. 20 From Orlando, Florida

The show began with Jack Swagger cutting a promo on the top of the ramp, putting himself over as a past and future ECW champion. He pitched to a video package which predictably omitted all of the damage that they have done since Swagger moved to Raw in the Spring.

Tommy Dreamer v. Zack Ryder
They teased a program between these two weeks ago with a brief backstage segment and are wrapping it tonight because Dreamer is apparently leaving WWE. Dreamer started with a couple of arm drags and a clothesline to the floor. Rosa distracted Dreamer for a bit which allowed Ryder to pull Dreamer off of the apron. Zack held a rear chin lock in the ring for a bit and then connected with a leg lariat. Dreamer caught Ryder going up the top rope and connected with a superplex. Tommy then hit a back body drop and a powerslam for a near fall. After a slingshot, Dreamer set Ryder up in the tree of woe and scored with a baseball slide. For the first time in forever, Tommy removed his T-shirt while in the ring. Ryder took a powder to the floor and tripped up Dreamer in the ropes. Ryder then hit the Zack attack for the victory. This was an above average four minute match and the kind of match that used to customarily run about ten minutes on this show before they started wasting time with Abraham Washington.
Ryder d. Dreamer, Pin, 3:51, **.

Up next was the Abraham Washington Show. Abe went on the record as supporting Tiger Woods, who apparently is a big fan of the show. If nothing else, that gives Tiger plausible deniability for why he rammed his SUV into a tree. The monologue continued before he brought out his guests Trent Beretta and Caylen Croft. They made some video game analogies and said their moms are their biggest fans. What a gimmick. They then started bickering with Tony Atlas who pointed out he was a tag team champion at one time as the segment ended.

Backstage, Jack Swagger and Tiffany argued until Hurricane floated in. It led to Hurricane making fun of Swaggerís speech impediment.

They aired a video package promoting John Cenaís participation in the Tribute for the Troops program.

Goldust v. Vance Archer
Archer used power stuff to dominate the first minute or two of the match. Goldust came back with a series of clotheslines and a face buster for a two count. And then out of nowhere, Archer went right for the finish with a reverse DDT then got the deciding three count. This was another snoozer with no heat like all of Archerís matches to date; itís baffling why heís moving forward in this tournament instead of someone like Zack Ryder or Jack Swagger.
Archer d. Goldust, Pin, 2:51, DUD.

The announcers hyped a match between Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov for Superstars.

Backstage, Christian (in his only appearance on the show) was giving a pep talk to Yoshi Tatsu as Jack Swagger walked in. Swagger made a reference to the movie ďThe Karate KidĒ and Christian replied that Swagger is the same old dork he was when he left for Raw. Actually, Iím pretty sure it was the booking on Raw which made him a dork because he was actually a pretty hot commodity on ECW. Yoshi called Swagger a jackass as the segment ended.

They aired the extended trailer for The Marine 2.

Yoshi Tatsu v. Jack Swagger
Swagger started by working off of a waist lock. Yoshi hit a drop kick for an early near fall. Swagger then powered Yoshi in the corner and went to work on the mat. Swagger tried for the red, white and blue thunder bomb but Yoshi slipped out. Yoshi then immediately tried for a big roundhouse kick but Swagger ducked out of the way. The match then went to break. Swagger was back on the offensive after the break. Swagger went for a near fall off of a back suplex. Swagger then hit a uranage and mocked Yoshi by doing some push ups mid-ring. Swagger got another near fall off of a legdrop. Yoshi started making his comeback with kicks to the body, a dropkick and a bulldog for a near fall. Yoshi hit his double knee lift in the corner and went for a head kick with Swagger on the mat. Swagger ducked out of the way and tried for a roll up, but Yoshi sat down for a near fall. Yoshi then hit a spinning heel kick off of the top rope for a near fall. Swagger came back with a clothesline to the back of the head for a near fall. Swagger then hit a Vader bomb for a near fall. Swagger then played to the crowd for a bit allowing Yoshi to hit the buzzsaw kick for the finish.
Yoshi d. Swagger, Pin, 13:20, **ĺ.

So itís currently Kane, Ezekiel Jackson, Vance Archer and Yoshi as the four winners in the ECW Homecoming tournament. The winner of the tournament faces Christian for the championship at Royal Rumble. Itís still unclear what kind of match the eight winners will compete in for the finale. By the way, Christian has essentially been a non-factor on this show for the last two weeks which is nuts as heís the best performer that this brand has.

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