December 10, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for December 8, 2009
From Houston, Texas

They had Christian’s ECW title hung over the ring all night as a precursor to Sunday’s ladder match. Kozlov and Jackson of The Ruthless Roundtable began the show in the ring together. They immediately began to jostle with one another before William Regal rushed down to thankfully prevent a match from breaking out. Just when the world was seemingly safe, Shelton Benjamin showed up on the apron and said the people came to see action. He then led a “let them fight” chant which the crowd picked up on. Regal began to threaten Shelton from afar, which brought Christian and Yoshi Tatsu out. The champion then guaranteed that he and Shelton would steal the show on Sunday and that he would remain champion. Shelton challenged the Roundtable to a six-man tag match. That led Tiffany to come out and offer the Roundtable a choice between the six-man and a singles match between Jackson and Kozlov. Regal and Kozlov chose the six-man but Jackson wanted to wrestle Kozlov. Majority rules, so it’s a six-man tag team match in the main event.

Tommy Dreamer v. Vance Archer
Archer started with some power stuff and hit a full nelson slam for a near fall. Archer held a rest hold until eventually moving into a short clothesline for a near fall. Archer used a vertical suplex but missed a legdrop. Dreamer hit a clothesline off of the middle rope and a swinging neckbreaker to start his comeback. He hit a crossbody for a near fall. Tommy followed up with a baseball slide with Archer on the floor and then a cannonball roll. Tommy then went up top, fought off Archer who tried for a superplex, and hit a frog splash for a near fall. Archer then slipped out of a DDT and connected with a big boot. Archer then finished with a reverse DDT. The match started really slow with Archer dominating, but picked up nicely over the last few minutes.
Archer d. Dreamer, Pin, 5:10, **¼.

Backstage, the Burchills wore masks and pleaded with Tiffany for their jobs back. Even though she didn’t buy the bit, incredibly she offered Burchill, err the Ripper, a chance to win his job back next week against the Hurricane. Of course, that makes no sense and is yet another example of why stipulations mean nothing. Gregory Helms was standing in the room the whole time, just to add more confusion. Elsewhere, Zack and Rosa were telling each other how sweet the other is. Tommy Dreamer walked by which prompted Zack to call him a dinosaur. Ryder said that unlike everyone else who calls him that, he saw Dreamer wrestle when he was growing up and wanted to be just like him. Except now he wants to end him. So, there’s another mini-feud.

Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft v. Mark Franks & Danny Vaughn
Again, the superstars are indistinguishable from the jobbers visually, which is a bad omen unless you have some serious skills in other areas (in-ring or on the microphone). Croft hit a dropkick as Byron Saxton continued to mention the video game prowess of the newcomers. Barreta then tagged in and drop kicked one of the jobbers off of the apron. They then hit their modified version of the Hart Attack, using a knee instead of a clothesline, to finish.
Baretta & Croft squash, 1:53.

The announcers then ran down the card for this Sunday’s pay-per-view.

Christian, Shelton Benjamin & Yoshi Tatsu v. William Regal, Ezekiel Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov
Christian started with Jackson, who quickly overpowered the champion with a shoulder block. Jackson hit a pair of body slams and tagged in Regal. Christian turned it around with a backslide and tagged out. The faces went to work on Regal in the corner for a bit before Kozlov tagged in. Yoshi hit a bevy of kicks and a double knee lift in the corner to lead to a near fall. Shelton tagged in and hit a spinning heel kick on Kozlov. Regal then low bridged Shelton as he hit the far rope to send the match to break. Returning from break, the heels kept the advantage on Shelton Benjamin. Kozlov got a near fall off of a belly-to-belly suplex. Kozlov then worked a waist lock and a chin lock for a good ninety seconds. Shelton rallied and hit a springboard forearm off of the ropes, but Kozlov managed to take Regal before Shelton could get out. Jackson came in and got a near fall off of a suplex. Shelton finally got the best of Regal and made the hot tag to Yoshi. Unfortunately, Regal also tagged out which meant you had Jackson in for the part of the match where you want the heels to do a lot of bump taking. Instead, we had Yoshi hit two or three kicks before Jackson flattened Yoshi with a clothesline. Zeke then went to tag out to Kozlov who left and headed for the back. Jackson chased him up the ramp and hit him with a clothesline. Regal again separated the men, but the referee counted them out of the ring to end the match. Shelton hit a moonsault plancha onto Regal and Jackson as they bickered on the floor. Christian then brought a ladder into the match and began to climb it. Shelton then springboarded from the apron, off the rope and onto the ladder to join Christian at the top. The two men then jawed at each other as the show concluded.
Christian, Shelton & Yoshi d. Regal, Jackson & Kozlov, COR, 15:10, **¾.

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