February 17, 2010
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for February 16, 2010
From Kansas City, Missouri

Tag Team Championship: Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu v. Big Show & The Miz
Goldust and Yoshi started with a quick double team on Miz. Yoshi then got a near fall off of a roll up. Goldust came in and got a near fall of his own. Miz then got a blind tag to Show, who head butted Goldust from behind. The heels kept the advantage through a commercial break, but Goldust used a kick from the ground to get the hot tag. Yoshi connected with a group of kicks to the Big Show but was topped by just one open-hand slap. Show used a head butt and tagged out to Miz. Show whipped Miz into Yoshi in the corner ala the Hart Foundation. They did it a second time except Miz came in with a clothesline. Yoshi hit a roaring elbow to lead to another hot tag. Goldust hit his usual offense: an uppercut, bulldog and power slam for a near fall. Big Show and Yoshi then hit the ring; predictably, Show disposed of Yoshi quickly and hit Goldust with a shot to the midsection. That allowed Miz to hit the skull-crushing finale for the pinfall. In contract to how WWE has booked the last two nights, it seems obvious that Yoshi and Goldust would be a much better team to feud with the champions then MVP and Mark Henry.
ShowMiz d. Goldust & Yoshi, Pin, 10:01, **¼.

Tiffany then did an absolutely brutal (as in worse than usual for her) twenty-second reading of a promo for NXT. Zack Ryder mercifully interrupted and asked why he wasn’t in the final match of ECW. Tiffany said he lost to Christian last week on Superstars. Ryder said he would intervene in the main event anyway since it was extreme rules.

Up next was the Abraham Washington Show, with special guest himself. I have this horrific premonition that Tiffany and Abe are going to get spots on one of the other two shows while Yoshi, Goldust, Ryder and Shelton will all flounder. He got a little cheap heat by confusing Kansas City with St. Louis. He went on for a minute or two before Shelton Benjamin came out and knocked the show. Vance Archer then came out and threatened Shelton. Barreta and Croft were next and said this was so boring and everyone was wondering where they would be going. Next up was Vladimir Kozlov who spoke in Russian and cleared the ring of Archer, Barreta and Croft. He shook hands with Shelton as the show concluded. There was no heat for any of this.

They then featured a promo for the Elimination Chamber matches on Sunday.

ECW Championship under Extreme Rules: Christian v. Ezekiel Jackson
Christian started with a promo about how when he first came to ECW, all he heard was that people considered it a demotion. He said that instead ECW felt like home and that it gave him the ball and ran with it. He put over Tommy Dreamer and Yoshi Tatsu. He said he was fighting for all the ECW originals and all of the young superstars as the crowd chanted “ECW.” This was a good promo. In all seriousness, Christian has done a great job since coming here, having consistently good to great matches and carrying himself very well as champion.
They went to the floor early on where Jackson got the advantage and threw in the weapons. That let Christian get to the kendo stick first and attack Jackson with it. Zack Ryder did a run in, but Christian quickly flapjacked him on a garbage can and sent him to the floor. Rosa came in and slapped Christian. Tiffany then did a run-in and hit a spear on Rosa, ejecting her and Ryder from ringside. I kid you not, Tiffany looked good doing the run-in and spear. After a commercial, Christian climbed the top rope but Jackson shoved him to the floor. Christian eluded a garbage can shot and hit a dropkick into the garbage can onto Jackson. Zeke then tried to run over Christian with a shopping cart. The champion ducked out of the way for a moment but Jackson eventually won out. Back in the ring, Jackson missed a charge in the corner and Christian hit his pendulum kick. Christian got a near fall off of a crossbody off of the top rope. Jackson came back by ramming Christian with a garbage can. Jackson and Regal went to setup a table on the outside, which allowed Christian to recover and hit both with a baseball slide. Back inside, Jackson regained the advantage and setup Christian for a superplex on the table. The champion got out of that and used a kendo stick and an elbow off of the second rope. Regal then jumped Christian from behind and went for the knee trembler. Christian dodged that one and hit Regal with the kill switch. Jackson then took the opportunity to hit Christian with a uranage through the table to win the match and the soon to be defunct championship. This was a fun match with better pacing then any Jackson match I can remember because of the run-ins.
Jackson d. Christian, Pin, 10:04, ***.

As now the Doctor of Style Slick would say, “turn out the lights, the party’s over.”

They also announced, periodically throughout the show, the participants (or “cast” as they called it) in the NXT show which debuts next week. The format, as best as we can tell at this point, is that one current member of the main roster will be paired with a “rookie” (not the best term in some cases) formerly from Florida Championship Wrestling. They are pitching this as a reality show, which could be a challenge from a production standpoint since most of shows in that genre are taped months in advance and are heavily post-produced. It seems as if WWE will be filming NXT on a week-by-week basis. Here are the pairings:

· The Miz w/ Daniel Bryan - Bryan Danielson, 28, arguably the best worker in the business today. If he doesn’t leave this show ready to be a feature performer on Raw or Smackdown, that’s a huge missed opportunity. There could have been some really awful (and ironic) choices for the role of his “coach”, Miz strikes me as a potentially really good choice.

· Chris Jericho w/ Wade Barrett - Stuart Bennett, 29, he has been doing commentary on FCW’s TV show, which presumably means they think he has some verbal skills. The fact that he’s 29 and hasn’t done anything of note in the indies doesn’t bode really well for him though. They gave him a kayfabe gimmick of being a former bare-knuckle fighter who is obsessed with money. Those two don’t see to go together.

· Matt Hardy w/ Justin Gabriel - Paul Lloyd II, 28, the current FCW champion known there as Justin Angel. Jack Swagger, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre all held that belt. That may not help, but I suppose it cannot hurt. He’s also a native of South Africa, and uniqueness of any sort helps. Josh Matthews billed him as a cross between Johnny Damon and Adam Lambert.

· Christian w/ Heath Slater – Heath Miller, 26, don’t know much about him other than he’s reputed to be better than most in FCW. A former FCW champion.

· R-Truth w/ David Otunga, 29, he’s engaged to be married to music star and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson and has a degree from Harvard Law School. With that background, provided he has a modicum of ability, I expect him to get a long look.

· MVP w/ Skip Sheffield - Ryan Reeves, 28, He originally came on the scene with the 2005 season of Tough Enough. He has been kept on for years because of his size and look, but the fact that hasn’t even gotten a sniff of the main roster so far doesn’t auger well for him. Neither does having one of the weaker stars as a coach.

· CM Punk w/ Darren Young – Fred Sampson, 30, was just signed to developmental in May. Older than most in the competition; Matthews put over his strength and physique.

· Carlito w/ Michael Tarver – Tyrone Evans, 32, the combination of the age and being paired with Carlito tells me he’s going nowhere. He has a boxing gimmick (he got his name after light heavyweight Antonio Tarver).

Notable omissions include Kaval, aka Low Ki, who is the consensus second best guy on FCW (behind Danielson) and the absence of any second generation stars* given how many they have signed to developmental deals.

(*Paul Lloyd’s father was a wrestler in South Africa, but that is not known to virtually any North American fans).

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