February 18, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for February 17, 2009
Taped Feb. 16 from Spokane, Washington

Boogey Man v. Paul Burchill
According to Matt Striker, this match is Teddy Long’s punishment for Burchill going Christian Bale on a WWE cameraman. A quick reference to Frank Sinatra’s “Witchcraft” as relates to Katie Lea later, the match begins. Burchill went to work in the corner and hit a charging double knee. Boogey turned it around and hit a Stinger splash and body slam. Boogey went for the worms, allowing Burchill to roll up Boogey Man for the win. That was all there was to the opening match.
Burchill d. Boogey, Pin, 1:40.

They announced that tonight’s main event is Finlay & Christian v. Swagger & Mark Henry. And that next week is Jack Swagger v. Christian, announced as for the championship to boot. They couldn’t let that slowly build up to WrestleMania (which is only six weeks away, so it wouldn’t be all that slow)?

Tommy Dreamer v. John Morrison
Morrison connected with an arm drag before Dreamer came back with a drop toe hold and an arm drag of his own. Dreamer then clotheslined Morrison to the floor. Miz provided a brief distraction and Morrison flung Dreamer from the apron to the floor, which is a nasty bump. Morrison got a two count back in the ring. Morrison went to a chin lock. Dreamer reversed a suplex but then was distracted by Miz again. Charles Robinson sent Miz to the back even though he never broke any rules which makes no sense. Anyway, Dreamer kept on the advantage. He hit a bulldog and dodged Morrison’s attempt at a springboard roundhouse kick. Dreamer connected with an exploder suplex as Matt Striker let us what the acronym DDT stands for. Dreamer went up top but Morrison caught him coming off of the top rope with a front kick. Morrison then hit the moonlight drive for the victory. This was one of the better four minute TV matches around, so I’m a bit disappointed that it didn’t get more time. If they plan to build to June 6 as some kind of a crescendo for Dreamer, WWE should end this losing streak gimmick and soon.
Morrison d. Dreamer, 3:59, Pin, **¼.

They had the a brief video promoting the return of Evan Bourne at a date to be determined.

Tyson Kidd v. Caden Matthews
Kidd hit a back kick and a dropkick. Hit hit two stiff kicks to the back of his opponent, leading to a near fall. Kidd hit a roundhouse kick and a legdrop leaping over the top rope and onto the apron. He then finished with a springboard elbow drop, “shades of Shawn Michaels dare I say” said Todd Grisham. No, dare you say Randy Savage, Todd. Kidd delivered another promising ninety second performance.
Kidd squash, 1:30.

Backstage, Ricky Ortiz told Tommy Dreamer to rally up. The announcers then briefly discussed the inductions of Steve Austin and the Funk Brothers. They replayed the video package on the Funks which first aired last night.

Christian & Finlay v. Mark Henry & Jack Swagger
Henry quickly overpowered Christian in the corner and hit a flapjack. Christian snuck out of a body slam and tagged in Finlay. Both faces hit a double dropkick on Henry. Swagger out wrestled Fnlay for a bit on the mat before Christian retagged in. Christian hit a sunset flip for a two count before tagging out as the match went to break. Returning from break, Swagger sent Finlay out to the floor where Henry clotheslined Finlay back down. Swagger held a rest hold as the match returned back to the ring. Henry tagged in and connected with a head butt and a knee lift. Swagger came back in with a back suplex for a near fall. The heels kept control for a bit with some methodical offense, exchanging tags quickly but not doing a whole lot of note. Finally, Henry missed a big splash leading to the hot tag to Christian. Christian hit a drop toe hold onto the middle rope but Swagger caught Christian with a short belly-to-belly suplex for two. Christian came back with a reverse DDT. He went up top but was slowed by Tony Atlas allowing Swagger to climb up with him. Christian fought him off and hit the flying headbutt for a near fall when Henry saved. Henry went for the world’s strongest slam when Hornswoggle ran in and grabbed Henry’s leg (not a DQ, I guess). Finlay then waffled Henry with the shillelagh (at least this was out of the referee’s sight) and Swagger took out Finlay with a big boot. Christian slipped out of the gutwrench powerbomb and connected with the unprettier which led to the deciding pin and the win. That move apparently is now known as the kill switch. This match was a notch below where a TV main event of this length should be. More disappointing was that the crowd snoozed on long parts of it which solidifies the idea that Christian is not seen a special outsider, but just another ECW top-card babyface. That does not mean he cannot and has not succeeded on some level, but right now he isn’t any higher than Matt Hardy was a month ago. With him being the rare fresh face on television, the chance existing for him to be something more upon his debut (particularly if he debuted on a feature program on one of the feature shows).
Christian(x) & Finlay d. Henry & Swagger(o), Pin, 12:17, **¼.

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