February 13, 2010
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for February 9, 2010
From Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu v. Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft
The winner here becomes the number one contender for the tag team championship, with the title match taking place next week. Goldust and Yoshi got the first near fall off of a quick double team. Barreta and Yoshi then exchanged roll ups on the canvas. The heels then got the heat on Yoshi in the corner for a moment before Yoshi used snake eyes in the corner on Barreta. Goldust received the tag and went to work with his usual array of moves. Barreta escaped to the corner and made a blind tag to Croft. The heels retook the advantage off of that as the match went through a commercial. Barreta and Croft worked over Goldust in the corner, focusing on the left leg. Barreta then went to a modified version of the figure four leglock. Goldust escaped but Barreta put him back down with a leg whip. The heels kept the advantage through some quick tags and more work on the leg. Goldust managed to kick out of another figure four attempt but Barreta knocked Yoshi off the apron as Goldust attempted to tag out. Goldust then came back with a power slam which allowed enough time for him to get the tag. Yoshi opened up with a drop kick and back body drop on Croft. He then hit a double flying knee in the corner for a near fall. Yoshi landed a spinning heel kick from the top rope which forced Barreta to make the save. Goldust cleared Barreta from the ring which allowed Yoshi to connect with his patented head kick and secure the victory. Somewhere in the last minute, on the kick from the top rope I think, Croft had his nose bloodied hard way. This was a solid formula tag team match.
Goldust & Yoshi d. Barreta & Croft, Pin, 11:46, **¾.

They replayed the vignette from last night highlighting the Hall of Fame career of Ted DiBiase.

Ezekiel Jackson v. Perry Wallace
Jackson threw Wallace around the ring for a bit before connecting with a big lariat. He completed the squash with his finisher shortly thereafter.
After the match, William Regal objected to being ejected from ringside during the championship match at the Royal Rumble. Regal knocked Tiffany, saying she set back management in the workplace by females by twenty-five years. Regal then asked Tiffany to grant Jackson a rematch for next week’s show. Jackson then said he would be the final ECW champion, but that his dominance would just be beginning. Jackson’s delivery needs a lot of work.
Jackson squash, 1:13.

After the break, the announcers ran down the card for the Elimination Chamber. Apparently, Tiffany left the decision up to Christian as to whether he grants Jackson a title match next week. Christian then cut a promo backstage saying he accepted, but that he wanted an extreme rules match

Extreme Rules: Shelton Benjamin v. Vance Archer
Not exactly the most inspiring choice for a main event for the penultimate broadcast of this show. Shelton cut a promo and got the cheap pop by invoking “who dat?” from the Louisiana crowd. He then said he was unhappy when he came to ECW, saying he was too talented for ECW. He said he got his wake up call when Yoshi Tatsu pinned him in about ten seconds in his first match. But as time went on, he gained respect for all the superstars on ECW, except for one, referring to Archer. Shelton guaranteed victory to conclude the dull promo.
Shelton sent Archer to the floor with a shoulder tackle. Archer came back in and got the advantage in the corner briefly before Shelton came back. He hit a roll up off an Irish whip into a half-Boston crab. Archer escaped and snuck in a forearm shot and quickly went up top. Shelton caught him with a leaping roundhouse kick, sending Archer out to the floor. After a commercial break, Archer brought out a kendo stick from under the ring as Shelton readied a chair. The chair won and Shelton managed to get in a couple of chair shots to the stomach of Archer. He missed a big shot to the back which allowed Archer to flap jack Shelton on the announce table. The move opened up a noticeable, but safe cut on the forehead of Shelton. We then had a ridiculous stoppage so that the trainer could close the cut. I have no objection to banning deliberate blading, nor do I have an objection to stopping a match where a wrestler sustains a dangerous cut. But to stop a match (an extreme rules match no less!) for a small amount of blood is simply absurd. I’m guessing the previous match didn’t get stopped because they were so close to the finish when Croft was busted open. Anyway, the bout resumed after about a one minute delay. Shelton got in a quick flurry and went for a huracanrana off of the top rope, but Archer countered into a power bomb from the top for a near fall. Archer then removed the turnbuckle pad and rammed Shelton into the exposed corner. Archer worked a pressure hold on the mat. Benjamin came back with a forearm off of the top rope and a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Shelton used a German suplex to setup a snap mare off of the top rope, followed by his paydirt finisher for the victory. They really made little to no use of the extreme rules stipulation. Nonetheless, this was OK for a television match, the blood stoppage not withstanding.
Shelton d. Archer, Pin, 11:36, **½.

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