March 25, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for March 24, 2009
Taped 3/23 from Kansas City

Well, the idea of an all-divas show that was announced last week has been scrapped, at least temporarily.

Carlito v. John Morrison
They reaired what happened on the Dirt Sheet last week. Nikki accompanied the heels and Brie the babyfaces. Carlito hit a body slam to begin and went up top. Morrison hit a round kick and sent Carlito to the apron. After an early commercial break, Morrison held a chin lock. Carlito powered out and hit a back body drop. He hit a springboard elbow and got a near fall. Morrison came back with a side Russian leg sweep. He got caught in a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Carlito hit a spinebuster and went for a cover while Miz distracted the referee. Morrison then decided to head up the ramp until Teddy Long cut them off and restarted the match. He then had the awful idea of making the tag title match at WrestleMania a lumberjack match and brought out the lumberjacks. Matt Striker had another cool insider reference when he confused Ryder and Hawkins with Mike Enos and Wayne Bloom (the Beverly Brothers/Destruction Crew). Back inside, they worked a double clothesline. Carlito got up first and dropkicked Morrison to the floor. The lumberjacks threw him back in, leading to a backstabber for the pin. This was a pretty good match, even if not up to these two’s best standard.
Think for a minute when was the last time you saw a good lumberjack match? I don’t have any empirical evidence to back this up, but I would suspect that the lumberjack gimmick is one that detracts from the quality of a match. I really have no idea why lumberjack matches and pole matches still exist after all these years (Matt Striker let us know that the lumberjack match dates back to Paul Bunyan!). They hurt matches and trivialize other gimmick matches which do lead to good matches. The tag team championship match has a chance to be in the ***1/2 range judging from the quality of the singles matches on TV. But given this gimmick and the fact that the match will not be given much time in all likelihood, it will not come close to reaching its potential.
Carlito d. Morrison, Pin, 9:49, **˝.

Matt Striker then announced Howard Finkel as the newest member of the Hall of Fame. The video package focused more on the goofy angles Finkel has been involved in throughout the years. They replayed highlights of last night’s closing angle and the announcers ran down the card. They showed a quick piece from John Cena on the Tonight Show last evening.

Evan Bourne & Tommy Dreamer v. Tyson Kidd & Jack Swagger
Bourne opened with a waist lock takedown on Kidd. Bourne hit a clothesline and a standing drop kick, sending Kidd to the floor. There, Kidd hit behind Natalya and took a cheap shot at Bourne. It’s hard to get any heat with that old-time move when women routinely get hit by men these days. Bourne came back with a leg sweep and tagged Dreamer. Kidd was placed in the tree of woe and Bourne use Dreamer as a catapult to drop kick Kidd. After a commercial, Dreamer hit a clothesline off of the second rope onto Swagger. Kidd then grabbed Dreamer from the apron allowing Swagger to connect with a big boot. Swagger hit two leg drops and went for the cover. Kidd tagged in and worked a rear chin lock. Swagger tagged in and held the advantage for a bit. He hit a uranage out of a belly-to-belly suplex position. Dreamer finally managed the hot tag to Bourne who came in and hit a huracanrana from the apron on Kidd. He knocked Swagger from the apron with a low dropkick and went up top. Kidd tried to chase him up but got knocked off with a knee lift, leading to Bourne’s shooting star press for the win. Predictably, this was strong tag team match.
The announcers teased repeatedly that Dreamer may challenge Swagger for the championship which makes the idea of that losing streak over the past month seem all the more pointless.
Bourne(x) & Dreamer d. Kidd(o) & Swagger, Pin, 10:29, ***.

The show concluded with an episode of the now reinstated VIP Lounge where MVP hosted the other seven men in the money-in-the bank match. No entrances as everyone was in the ring as the show returned from commercial. MVP outlined the stipulations of the match and asked Christian what he thought of bring back the Peep Show. Christian said he knew this was going to end in a big brawl, so he didn’t want to wreck his furniture. He then predicted victory. So did Shelton who asked where the cheese and crackers were. MVP retorted by saying he had the US title right here. CM Punk then said he has won this match before and cashed in the briefcase to become champion (which seems like a decade ago). Kofi jumped in and said nothing of note. Ditto Mark Henry. Finlay threatened Henry with the shillelagh. MVP then asked Kane (who got a pretty big pop) what he thought. Kane then did the pyro in the corner act as the show concluded without that brawl that Christian (and everyone else) thought was coming.

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