April 18, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for April 14, 2009
From Knoxville, Tennessee

Evan Bourne v. John Morrison
This could be one of the best TV matches so far this year. They showed the angle from last night where the “bromance” of Miz and Morrison ended with them being drafted to separate brands. Both men worked maneuvered in and out of an arm wrench in the early going. Morrison took the advantage with a knee lift and shoulder block. Bourne then countered into an arm drag and went back to an arm bar. Morrison missed a drop kick off of the second turnbuckle. Morrison retook the advantage and avoided an enzuigiri. But Bourne landed a flying elbow for a two count. He then hit a roundhouse kick on his second attempt. Bourne did some work on the mat before being flipped out to the apron. There, Morrison tripped him and drove a knee into his head to bring about the first prolonged advantage of the match. Bourne took a long count outside of the ring before Morrison pursued him. Morrison worked him over for a minute or so before going to a torture rack submission. Bourne countered into a flying headscissors, which is the first time I have seen that sequence. Bourne bounced off the rope but was caught with a dropkick as the match went to break. After the break, Morrison held a rear chin lock. Bourne eventually broke it but fell pray to a reverse kick to the back of the head. After a near fall, Morrison kept the advantage in the corner. Bourne put Morrison in which Morrison countered into a cross-face chicken wing. They teased Bourne passing out in the hold as Striker and Matthews did a good job analyzing the move. Bourne finally broke the hold by backing Morrison into the corner. He hit a back kick and a lariat. Bourne hit a traditional flying headscissors and a drop kick. They went up in a superplex position and Bourne hit a huracanrana. The two men traded quick pinning combinations on the mat before Morrison took the advantage with an uppercut. Bourne then hit a crossbody which propelled both men out of the ring. They got back in the ring at a seven count. Bourne went up top and connected with two knees which got a long two count. Bourne hit two kicks but had a third one blocked. Morrison spun him into a front face lock going for the moonlight drive but Bourne escaped. After a knee lift, Bourne went up for the shooting star press but Morrison caught him on the ropes. Morrison then hit the moonlight drive with Bourne lying prone on the top rope which led to the decisive pin. The match was just about everything I hoped it would be as they delivered a strong (and long at over 17 minutes) match. Josh Matthews and Matt Striker did a good job on commentary as well. By the way, “no nasal menstruation” from Josh Matthews, per Matt Striker.
Morrison d. Bourne, Pin, 17:23, ***¾.

Vladimir Kozlov v. David Floridia
Kozlov did some work in the corner to start. Floridia tried to come off the middle rope but Kozlov shoved him away. Kozlov hit a fallaway slam and won with an ugly choke slam that they couldn’t save through a quick jump from camera to camera. After the match, Kozlov cut a promo in Russian or Ukrainian that the crowd gave the “what?” chant to.
Kozlov squash, 1:04.

Backstage, the Burchills were concerned that they would be moved to separate shows and took their grievance to Tiffany. The GM said they would have to log on to WWE.com to see the results. The Burchills were just about the only pair not split up in the draft, come to think of it. Jack Swagger tried to persuade Tiffany to give him an exclusive Q and A session on the debut of Superstars. Tiffany had her own idea in that the finals of elimination chase would take place instead.

Christian v. Tommy Dreamer v. Finlay
Once again, the idea here is that the man who loses the fall is eliminated from the chase and the two survivors wrestle on Thursday’s show to determine a winner. Finlay took turns on Christian and Dreamer early on. Finlay then hip tossed Christian on top of Dreamer. Finlay went for a cover, and Christian tried to save. Matt Striker called him on that one. Christian hit an atomic drop on Finlay and a dropkick on Dreamer. Tommy turned it around with a jawbreaker on Christian. Dreamer tried to charge at Finlay but he caught a boot to the face. Finlay got a near fall on Dreamer. He then cleared the ring of Christian for the moment. Then from behind, Christian hit a hanging neckbreaker on Finlay and a back drop on Christian. Tommy tried and failed for covers. Dreamer then clotheslined Finlay to the floor, taking himself with him. Christian then hit a dive off of the top rope onto both men on the floor. That led nicely into the commercial break. Coming back, Finlay pushed Christian off of the top rope and to the floor. During the break, Finlay was thrown into the steel steps but recovered to hold a chin lock on Dreamer as they returned to live action. He hit a couple of clotheslines and a senton. Out of nowhere, Josh Matthews asked if the match is no countout (which makes some sense) and no disqualification (which makes no sense because then everybody should go for weapons). Matt Striker was then “handed a note” (yelled at) to of course say the match was no-DQ. After getting the better of Dreamer on the mat, Finlay hit Christian with a short clothesline on the floor. Back inside, Finlay hit a backbreaker for a two count. Dreamer then took the advantage with a body slam. Christian rejoined the match and walked into a drop toe hold onto the fallen Finlay. Dreamer went for a rolling cradle of both men at once, getting two, two counts. Christian and Finlay then had a collision leading to a moment of calm. Christian was caught going up top by both men. Dreamer put Finlay in the tree of woe which gave him an interesting view of Dreamer’s superplex. Dreamer then hit his dropkick onto Finlay. He missed another charge and was sent to the floor. Christian tried a sloppy small package and Finlay came back with the rolling hills. Christian rolled to the floor. Dreamer snuck in and DDTed Finlay for a near fall. Tommy then tied Christian in the ropes and banged his and Finlay’s heads together. Dreamer went for rollup on Finlay who kicked out. Finlay then hit the Celtic cross on Dreamer to get the win while Christian was still caught in the ropes. The match was not as good as the opener, but was still plenty good enough for a TV main event. This show had over 32 minutes of wrestling (counting matches that went through commercials) which is very high even for ECW’s standards. Better said, about 56% of available TV time was spent on wrestling matches and that doesn’t count introductions and post-match celebrations. I suspect that the Thursday match will be strong as well. That being said, considering that Jack Swagger has already beaten of these men clean in very recent memory, it’s difficult to get all that interested in a potential rematch though.
Finlay d. Dreamer, Pin, 14:35, **¾.

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