April 22, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for April 21, 2009
From London, UK

Finlay came out with Hornswoggle and announced that it was his son’s last night on ECW. Hornswoggle finally spoke and said he wanted to wrestle on his last ECW show. The crowd actually started a “Hornswoggle” chant at that point. Finlay was going to ask Tiffany for a match. Natalya and Tyson Kidd interrupted. Kidd said good riddance because the show now has more time for him. Finlay retorted by saying that his son is a leprechaun but that Kidd is a midget. Only in wrestling (or basketball) would a 5’9’’, 185-pound man be called a midget. Natalya put over the Hart family and said that Tyson, not Bret, is going to be the best there ever will be. By the way, Bret Hart’s name didn’t get much of a pop. Finlay chased the duo off and Natalya issued a challenge to Hornswoggle.

Hornswoggle v. Natalya
Josh Matthews mentioned that Hornswoggle once pinned Matt Striker in this arena. Hornswoggle grabbed for Natalya’s rear early on. He then hit a spear and a senton for one counts. Tyson Kidd jumped up on the apron but was tripped by Finlay. Natalya was distracted and was rolled up by Hornswoggle for the three count. After the match, they danced with three youths in the ring. Have they ever given Natalya any chance to show her talents since being promoted to WWE’s main roster? Reportedly, she is one of the best workers they have. I say reportedly because even though I watch almost all WWE programming, I have never seen Natalya wrestle for more than three minutes.
Hornswoggle d. Natalya, Pin, 1:30.

After the break, Kidd and Natalya barged into Tiffany’s office. Natalya asked for Hornswoggle’s release. Tiffany then delivered some incredibly wooden, choreographed, lines (seriously, you have to hear her). The gist of it is that Kidd and Natalya will wrestle Finlay and Hornswoggle on Superstars.

Evan Bourne v. Paul Burchill
Bourne slipped out of a slam and hit a drop toe hold and a low drop kick. He hit another drop kick and headed up top but was caught by Burchill and slammed to the canvas. Burchill stomped away and hit a backbreaker. He went into a dragon sleeper for a moment and put Bourne down with a short clothesline. Burchill connected with a couple of suplexes for a near fall. Burchill then held a chin lock and went to another suplex for a near fall. Back to the chin lock on the mat for a minute before Bourne teased a comeback with leg kicks. But Burchill countered with a back body drop. Bourne then made his come back with a bevy of kicks setting up a double count of six before both men got to their feet. Bourne hit a knee lift sending Burchill out to the floor. Back inside, Bourne tried a roll up and a clothesline getting near falls both times. Burchill came back with an uranage. He then missed a knee in the corner leading to Bourne going up and getting caught. Burchill tried for an electric chair but Bourne countered with an inverted huracanrana. That set up the shooting star press for the victory. Fun match, as always when Bourne is involved.
Bourne d. Burchill, Pin, 8:54, **˝.

They then aired a Vladimir Kozlov video claiming he was going for the championship. Rut-roh.

Vladimir Kozlov v. Frankie Sloan
Kozlov then cut a live promo in Russian/English saying that Russian athletes are superior and that they will achieve global domination. Even Nikolai Volkoff didn’t cut promos that corny during the height of the Cold War. Kozlov hit some headbutts and a ball kick. He hit a tree slam to finish.
Kozlov squash, 0:54.

The show concluded with a contract signing for Sunday’s championship match between Jack Swagger and Christian. Tiffany was there to moderate. The crowd chanted “Christian” as the segment began. Swagger started by asking Christian why he wasn’t cracking any one-liners or insults. He then said that while Christian was gone from WWE that a new crop of superstars emerged and that he was the head of the class. He then said that Christian cannot beat him which is why Christian has nothing to say. Christian came back by making fun of Swagger’s suit, hair cut and speech impediment. He said that he would make Swagger an ex-champion on Sunday. The two men then started shoving each other with Swagger getting the upper hand with a clothesline. Swagger then gave Christian the red, white and blue thunder bomb through the table. There was nothing all that special about this segment but it did get over surprisingly well with the live crowd.

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