April 9, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for April 7, 2009
From Austin, Texas

Josh Matthews is the new play-by-play voice of this show which has the potential to be an upgrade over Todd Grisham.

Teddy Long announced to open the show that, since Vicki Guerrero is the new GM of Raw, he is the new GM of Smackdown. And the new interim GM of ECW: Tiffany. As the old saying goes, if you cannot say something nice, do not say anything at all. At least she tried to dress for the part save for her shoes. Jack Swagger came out and said that he plays by a different set of rules. Tiffany retorted by plugging the draft on Monday and announcing a championship chase between Christian, Tommy Dreamer, Mark Henry and Finlay.

Evan Bourne & the Colons v. Tyson Kidd, the Miz & John Morrison
Carlito hit a springboard elbow on Miz and his brother hit a diving headbutt. Carlito then came in and drop kicked Miz in the corner, leading to a tag. The heels quickly got the heat on Carlito as Matt Striker diverted into calling Santina the “Hillary Clinton of WWE.” Morrison hit a shining wizard (called a kick by Matthews) for a near fall. Morrison held a chin lock and drove Primo in the corner. Carlito slipped out of a back suplex and made the hot tag to Bourne. A huracanrana and flying elbow landed for Bourne who then took Morrison out of the ring with another rana. After a commercial break, Morrison held another chin lock on Bourne. Miz landed his charging clothesline in the corner. Kidd tagged in and worked the back with a sharp kick. Miz hit a couple of knees into the back and went to another pressure hold. Bourne teased a backslide but Miz dragged Bourne into the corner. Bourne then turned it around with a simultaneous jawbreaker on Morrison and legdrop on Miz. He made the hot tag to Primo who hit a dropkick, flying elbow and a clothesline for two. Morrison came in and cleaned house until he bumped over the top rope from a Primo kick from the ground. Kidd tried a flying elbow from the top but missed. Primo then hit the backstabber on Kidd leading to Evan Bourne’s sensational shooting star press for the win.
They constantly plugged the draft during this match, especially the implications of the tag teams being split up. Of course, after months of blurring and rubbing out the lines between the brands (see this very match), the draft seems like an incredibly trivial affair.
Bourne & Colons d. Kidd, Miz & Morrison, Pin, 14:28, ***¼.

They recapped the return of Dave Batista on Raw last night through a video package. Following that, they had the abbreviated highlights of the Hall of Fame. Matt Striker introduced highlights of WrestleMania by mimicking Ed Sullivan. Awesome.

Yes, there was a main event after the never-ending array of video packages.

Christian v. Tommy Dreamer v. Finlay v. Mark Henry
The idea, which wasn’t explained in the opening segment nor to the live crowd, is that the man who loses the fall is eliminated from the chase. Christian had a busted eye from Sunday. Everyone took shots at Mark Henry with little success to begin. Christian took a good dump on a flapjack as the match went to break. Coming back, all three managed to suplex Henry and then throw him into the ring steps. Finlay then hit a rolling hills on Dreamer and a headbutt. Finlay and Dreamer were then about to go for an impromptu Doomsday device on Christian who countered with a victory roll on Dreamer for a near fall. Finlay came back with the rolling hills on Christian for a near fall. Finlay got him back up again but Christian countered (sloppily) into a crucifix. Dreamer came in and put Finlay in the tree of woe and hit his dropkick. Henry laid out Dreamer but then walked into a missile dropkick from Christian. Christian tried to cover Henry who bench pressed him over on top of Dreamer for another near fall. Henry avalanched Christian in the corner and Dreamer then hit a low dropkick on Henry. Henry came back with a world’s strongest slam attempt but Finlay caught him with a shillelagh shot. Finlay covered for the win.
So next week has a triple threat match between Finlay, Christian and Dreamer with one of them being eliminated. This was another fairly good match, so this week’s show certainly delivered from an in-ring standpoint.
Finlay d. Henry, Pin, 10:05.

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