May 27, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for May 26, 2009
In Front of a Cozy 7,000 or so in Los Angeles

Christian began the show with a brief promo, basically intimating that he’s beaten Swagger multiple times now and is tired of him. Swagger’s fame is fading away. WWE actually has booked itself in a place where Swagger pretty much has to win the next time around. Anyway, that led to Swagger coming out and announcing that Tiffany has granted him a championship match at Extreme Rules. I thought Tiffany and Swagger didn’t like each other? Tiffany confirmed the match at the pay-per-view but mentioned that Swagger’s actions on Superstars have not gone “on noticed.” So, the match at the pay-per-view will be a three way involving Tommy Dreamer under hardcore rules (so no creative stipulation which may be for the best). In a rare bit of continuity, Swagger pointed out that Dreamer’s contract expired the day before Extreme Rules. Tiffany signed Dreamer to a one-day contract to make the match. Dreamer then attacked both men from behind and cleared the ring.

Vladimir Kozlov v. Joey Munos & Russ Taylor
Kozlov kicked down Taylor and Munos tagged in. Kozlov got Munos in the corner. He gorilla pressed Munos on the top turnbuckle and threw him to the floor. Kozlov hit an overhead suplex on Munos in the corner. Taylor tagged back in and hit a kick before being put down with Kozlov’s finisher. At what point do they dare to put Kozlov in a competitive match on ECW?
Kozlov squash, 1:40.

Backstage, Tommy Dreamer and Christian were yelling at each other. Dreamer threw Christian out of the ring because he was ignoring him when he was announced for the match. The two started brawling before Finlay, in an ode to his road agent days, broke up the fight. They teased that Finlay got hurt breaking up the fight.

Evan Bourne v. Mark Henry
Henry hit a headbutt to start and fired Bourne in the corner. Bourne tried a charge off the ropes but Henry plowed him over. Henry did his usual methodical offense for a while with Bourne teasing a brief comeback with kicks. Henry hit some strikes and two backbreakers. After five boring minutes, Bourne came back with kicks and tried for a quick cover to no avail. Henry hit another headbutt but missed an avalanche. Bourne connected with a low dropkick and an enzuigiri to put Henry down for the corner. Bourne went up to the top but Henry rolled out to the floor. Bourne then maneuvered into a moonsault but was caught by Henry. But Bourne slipped out and posted Henry. He then went up top and hit his double flying knee onto Henry. Bourne then beat the count in the ring at nine while Henry failed to answer to win the match. Color me surprised. Now let’s see if WWE makes a real investment in Bourne and moves him up instead of having him lose next week. My suspicion is that even Steven booking will eventually rule out.
Bourne d. Henry, COR, 6:26, ¾*.

The announcers announced that Finlay was ruled out by doctors from tonight’s six-man tag main event because of an eye injury. After the break, Tiffany was scolding both Christian and Tommy Dreamer. Because it was “you guyses” fault, the main event is now a handicap match. Is there a conscientious effort to make Tiffany come across like an elementary school principal, I wonder?

Christian & Tommy Dreamer v. Jack Swagger & The Hart Dynasty
Smith and Kidd are now known as the Hart Dynasty. Natalya announced Tyson Kidd as the one and only protégé of Bret Hart, who got a big pop. David Hart Smith as Davey Boy Smith’s son, who also got a nice pop. And she announced herself as Jim Neidhart’s daughter to another strong pop. She then heeled herself by saying they were a part of something none of you ever will be a part of: the Hart Dynasty.
The match began after the commercial break. Christian began wrestling with Smith to start. After a minute, the faces tried some basic double teaming until Smth used a shoulder tackle to put down Christian. Christian came back with a sunset flip off of the top rope. Smith made a tag to Swagger who came in with a suplex and held a waist lock for a bit. Another suplex led to a near fall. Christian came back with a right hand leading to one of the more obvious called spots you will ever hear on TV. Dreamer tagged in a yelled for a drop toe hold and Christian obliged. Swagger went down and Dreamer came down with an elbow on top of him. Dreamer then came off the second rope with a clothesline. The faces then hit a double suplex for a near fall. They then suckered Swagger in to charging at them and low bridged him to the floor. Christian then came down off of the top rope with a crossbody. He rolled Swagger in for a near fall. Christian went for a tornado DDT but Swagger pushed off and turned the match around. The heels kept the advantage during the commercial break. Christian managed to get the hot tag immediately upon returning which kind of defeats the purpose of a heat segment if you don’t show it. Dreamer hit a series of clotheslines on Swagger followed by a spine buster for a near fall. Dreamer then placed Swagger in the tree of woe and hit his baseball slide in the corner. Swagger slipped out of the DDT into a belly-to-belly suplex. David Hart Smith tagged in and kept the advantage with a chin lock as I just realize that Kidd has never legally entered the match. Smith hit a hanging neckbreaker for a cover and went back to the chin lock. Kidd then tagged in and went to work in the corner. He got a near fall off of a knee drop and went to a side headlock. Hart Smith (as opposed to Smith Hart, not the oldest son of Stu and Helen) returned to the ring and held the advantage before yielding to Swagger. They teased a hot tag before Kidd cut it off. Dreamer then hit a back suplex on Kidd, leading to the actual hot tag. Christian hit a back body drop on Kidd and knocked Smith off the apron. But Swagger slipped in after a legal tag and connected with the red, white and blue thunder bomb for the victory. After the match, Dreamer ran in to try and take out Swagger but the Harts snuck in from behind. They setup and connected with the Hart attack and celebrated with Swagger to end the show.
Swagger(x) & Hart Dynasty d. Christian(o) & Dreamer, Pin, 17:10, **½.

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