May 10, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for May 5, 2009
From Pittsburgh, PA

Evan Bourne v. Tyson Kidd
The two locked up to begin and did some basic stuff for the first minute or so. They maneuvered from an arm drag to a head-scissors to a side headlock takeover in quick fashion in a nice spot. Kidd took the advantage with elbows and a side headlock takedown. Bourne came back with a dropkick. Kidd missed an elbow drop and Bourne hit a headscissors from the apron onto Kidd in the ring. After a commercial, Bourne hit a spinning heel kick and some clotheslines. Bourne missed a charge in the corner and Kidd knocked him off of the second rope with a leg kick. Kidd held a rest hold for a moment. Kidd went for a back suplex but Bourne fell on top for a cover. Kidd quickly regained the upper hand and went to work on the ground. Bourne broke the hold but Kidd came back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Kidd hit a short suplex for two. Back to a rest hold before Bourne came back with leg kicks and knee lift. Bourne came off the top rope with an enzuigiri for a near fall. Bourne then hit a couple of round kicks and a flying elbow for another near fall. Bourne ended up on the apron where Natalya yanked him off (on her second attempt). Kidd tried to come off the top rope but Finlay ran in and hit him in the knee with the shillelagh. That allowed Bourne to connect with a shooting star press for the victory. Matt Striker was invariably prompted by the voices in the back to call the shooting star press “the best value in entertainment.”
This match was not at the level that I hoped with too many rest holds which ended up playing no role in the finish or the psychology of the match.
Bourne d. Kidd, Pin, 13:30, **½.

They replayed Jack Swagger’s interference in last week’s main event.
That led to an in-ring interview of Jack Swagger conducted by Josh Matthews. Swagger explained that he interfered last week because he felt no one should receive a title shot before him Josh Matthews made the logical point that since Swagger had a guaranteed title shot, why did he care who won? Swagger gave a non-answer saying that Christian cheated to win the title and that Dreamer was old and washed up. He called Dreamer the fat and cholesterol of ECW as opposed to the heart and soul of ECW. Dreamer than ran in and attacked Swagger leading to the former champion running off. This was a run of the mill interview and run-in segment. By the way, Matt Striker made another bloody nose joke about Josh Matthews during all of this. So that (predictably) still has not gone away. Backstage, Zach Ryder walked in to Tiffany’s office wearing a headband and unbuttoned Oxford shirt. Ryder apparently now has a 1980s style, coolest-guy-in-high school gimmick. He also has a match with Finlay on Superstars that should remove any doubt as to whether this is leading to a push.
They aired another Vladimir Kozlov vignette. This time he was working out doing kickboxing in a dark gym. Kozlov is like those guys at the NFL combine who run great times, do lots of reps on the bench, have the best leaping and do nothing when the game is played on the field (and get drafted by Al Davis, presumably).

Vladimir Kozlov v. Jesse Guilmette
Kozlov hit a fireman’s carry takedown as the crowd chanted “USA.” Kozlov hit a couple of headbutts and an overhead suplex. He hit his hybrid of the choke/tree slam to finish. After the match, Kozlov did his usual Russian promo to conclude the segment.
Kozlov squash, 1:25.

They recapped the horrible final segment of Raw. Backstage, Gregory Helms interviewed Mark Henry who said that while Christian was ECW champion, tonight he would be his victim.

Christian v. Mark Henry
The match is not for the championship. Henry shoved Christian down to start. Henry hit a headbutt to put Christian down. He then hit a gorilla press slam for a two count. Christian tried for a sunset flip out of the corner but couldn’t get Henry over. Henry then tried to splash Christian but missed. Christian hit a drop kick onto the fallen Henry and went to work in the ropes. Suddenly, Jack Swagger ran in and jumped Christian. Swagger had Christian down before Tommy Dreamer ran in and made the save. Christian and Dreamer hit a double clothesline on Swagger, sending him out to the floor. Tiffany then came out and made a tag team match between the four to take place after the break.
Christian NC Henry, 2:32, ½*.

Christian & Tommy Dreamer v. Mark Henry & Jack Swagger
The match began during the commercial break. Returning, Christian hit a drop toe hold on Swagger allowing Dreamer to land an elbow drop. Dreamer got a near fall off of that. Swagger came back with a belly-to-belly suplex allowing a tag to Henry. Coming in, Henry hit a head butt and went to a neck vise. Swagger tagged back in and went to a front face lock. Dreamer teased a hot tag but Swagger pulled him back. Dreamer back dropped out of the front face lock and made the hot tag to Christian while Swagger tagged Henry. There was some pretty lousy timing on that as the wrong guy tagged in first. Christian started throwing hands which led Matt Striker to make a comparison to Manny Pacquiao. Matthews came back and said that Henry was not Hatton in the ring. Wow, how did a reference to a pay-per-view competitor of WWE ever make the broadcast? Christian slipped out of a gorilla press attempt and hit a “rolling Liger kick of sorts.” Swagger distracted and allowed Henry to clothesline Christian down. Swagger tagged in and choked Christian. Swagger held Christian and the corner and tagged in Henry who went back to a neck vise. Swagger tagged back in and had little success falling prey to a reverse tornado DDT. Swagger tried to dent the hot tag to no avail. Dreamer came in with a clothesline and neckbreaker. He hit Swagger with a bulldog leading to a near fall. He put Swagger in the tree of woe while Henry tried to avalanche Dreamer in the corner. Tommy got out of the way and Henry hit his own partner. Christian hit a missile dropkick to send Henry to the floor. He then tried a plancha but was caught by Henry. Dreamer followed with a plancha of his own onto both men. Back inside, Swagger had expose the turnbuckle and fired Dreamer into it. He then hit the red, white and blue thunder bomb for the victory.
This turned into a pretty fun main event after a slow start. Most notably, this show did not end until five minutes past the hour, so it appears as if the ECW overrun is back with the move back to 10:00 (at least on the US airing).
Swagger & Henry d. Christian & Dreamer, Pin, 9:39, **½.

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