June 17, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for June 16, 2009
From Roanoke, Virginia

Christian v. David Hart Smith
I missed the first five or so minutes of this match. When I caught up, Smith was working Christian over in the corner and on the mat. He held a reverse chin lock for a while before Christian came back by eluding a charge in the corner and sending Smith to the floor. After a commercial break, Christian actually restarted another comeback from the chinlock culminating in a missile dropkick for a near fall. Christian then hit his pendulum kick in the corner and came off of the middle rope with a lariat for another near fall. Christian then went to choke Smith on the middle rope. For some inexplicable reason, Christian decided to chase Tyson Kidd around on the floor allowing Smith to recover and hit Christian with a clothesline upon reentering the ring. Couldn’t Kidd have hit Christian or something to justify having the babyface look like a fool for chasing the heel around the ring until his opponent recovers? Each man then slipped out of the others finisher to setup Christian hitting a sunset flip off of the second rope for another near fall. Christian then slid out of a back suplex attempt and into a sleeper hold. Smith countered that into a powerslam which was a cool spot for another near fall. Christian was readying to go up top when Kidd tripped him as Natalya distracted the referee. Smith then hit the Saito suplex for the upset victory. After the match, Finlay ran down to ringside with the shillelagh and chased the Harts away. Finlay then whacked Christian with the shillelagh.
You have to like on ECW how they are willing to give a guy at Smith’s level a win over the brand’s top babyface whereas something like that could never happen on Raw (see Cena v. Miz). That explains why Raw is seemingly the same endless repetition of the same guys on top forever now.
Smith d. Christian.
After the match, Finlay mentioned that he got hurt breaking up a fight between Dreamer and Christian, so it was an eye for an eye.

Evan Bourne v. Mark Henry
Bourne had taped ribs ala Diamond Dallas Page, selling the Mark Henry beating from last week. Henry fired Bourne to the floor early on. He threw Bourne back in, but that only allowed Bourne to hit a baseball slide to knock Henry down. Back inside, Bourne eluded Henry for a bit before Henry caught him with an elbow and a head butt. Henry went for a banzai drop off of the bottom rope (seriously) and missed (badly; either Bourne left too soon or Henry leapt too late). Bourne hit some kicks before got Henry back with a clothesline. But Henry then missed a big splash. Bourne had more success with kicks this time and got a near fall. Bourne then tried for a crucifix which Henry easily maneuvered into the world’s strongest slam. That led to Henry getting the win. After the match, Henry hit a second world’s strongest slam.
Henry d. Bourne, Pin, 3:37, *.

They recapped the Donald Trump angle from last night’s Raw which I guess is the one thing we are supposed to take from last night’s show. As opposed to there being a new WWE champion or the pay-per-view taking place in twelve days.

Backstage, Jack Swagger made fun of the “derelicts from a bingo hall” who are Tommy Dreamer’s fans and vowed to recapture the ECW championship.

Tommy Dreamer v. Jack Swagger
This match is non-title, but Swagger would get a title shot with a win here. Matt Striker mentioned that Tommy Dreamer has been working with “the legendary Dean Malenko” on new submission holds. Dreamer got the early edge with a clothesline off of the second rope and a drop toe hold. That led to a two count. Tommy kept on the offense and clotheslined Swagger to the floor. He then followed up with a baseball slide. Tommy tried for a cannonball roll but Swagger countered into a body slam on the floor. By the way, Dreamer is much more over in front of a Smackdown/ECW audience than he was to the Raw audience. It really is striking as I usually do not note much in the way of crowd reactions. After the match came back from a commercial break, Swagger held a neck vise and talked some trash. Swagger then went to an abdominal stretch which the referee broke when Swagger grabbed the ropes. Swagger hit an uranage for a near fall. Swagger did some work in the corner and hit a clothesline. Dreamer broke out of a waist lock and hit a bulldog and swinging neckbreaker. Dreamer then went to a hanging neckbreaker for a near fall. Tommy tried for a DDT but Swagger lifted him into a northern lights suplex for a two count. Swagger tried for a superplex but Dreamer pushed him off. Tommy was caught coming off the second rope with a big boot. Swagger tried for his finisher but Dreamer countered with a takedown into a roll up. Tommy hit a reverse DDT for a near fall. Tommy tried for a splash off of the top rope but missed (in a slightly mistimed spot). Swagger then scored the victory with an Oklahoma roll. Matt Striker made note of the fact that Swagger won without the gutwrench power bomb. Finlay came in and blasted Dreamer with the shillelagh. Christian followed him in and began to brawl with Finlay. Swagger then attacked Christian from behind which left him vulnerable to Finlay and the shillelagh.
Swagger d. Dreamer, Pin, 11:33, **¾.

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