June 3, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for June 2, 2009
From Memphis, Tennessee

Evan Bourne v. Mark Henry
Henry muscled Bourne around to start as the announcers immediately minimized last week’s Bourne win by saying that Bourne doesn’t look confident and that it was a huge surprise. Bourne slid under Henry and tried a sleeper hold to no avail. Henry threw his weight around a bit and went to work on Bourne on the mat with a chin lock. Henry tried for a cover but Bourne got his leg on the bottom rope. Henry then missed a big splash allowing Bourne to his feet. Bourne tried for some kicks and a drop kick while Henry was on his knees. Bourne went up to the second rope where Henry caught him coming off with a fallaway slam. Bourne went out to the floor for a bit. He tried to come back in by climbing the ropes when Tony Atlas grabbed his ankle, causing the disqualification. Terrible finish. Henry started yelling at Atlas that he didn’t need him and putting him down. To give you an idea as to how invisible (and arguably useless) Tony Atlas is on television, I went back and looked at my recaps for the last six Mark Henry matches on ECW TV. In those ten matches, I mentioned Atlas’ name once. It’s good work if you can get it, I suppose.
Bourne d. Henry, 4:30, ˝*.

Zack Ryder v. Dustin Carwile
Ryder did an inset promo before the match, putting over his catchphrases: “woo, woo, woo” and “you know it.” Striker told a humorous and obviously bogus anecdote about Carwile being a fashion designer and how Ryder couldn’t get into a club wearing one of his designs. Carwile got a sunset flip but Ryder quickly came back. Most of Ryder’s offense in this match consisted of kicks, stomps and punches. At his size, he has no chance with a moveset let that. Ryder finally tried something different with a dropkick off of the second rope and his finisher for the squash win. By the way, Ryder is noticeably larger than he ever has appeared to be before.
Ryder squash, 1:59.

Helms interviewed Finlay who had a cosmetically enhance black eye to sell last week’s injury. Finlay told Jack Swagger it was a tooth for a tooth and eye for an eye.

Tommy Dreamer v. Paul Burchill
Katie Lea cut a promo on her way to the ring saying that Dreamer will be in such bad shape after tonight that he will be out of ECW after Sunday. The announcers teased that this could be Tommy Dreamer’s last appearance on ECW television as well. Dreamer got Burchill down with a shoulder block and held a headlock. He then used a hip toss and an arm drag. Burchill turned it around with a couple of knee drops and tried for several covers. Dreamer came back with a sunset flip but Burchill retook the advantage with a rear chin lock. Burchill hit a clothesline in the corner and stomped away. Burchill then went to a sleeper hold which escaped and moved into a side Russian leg sweep. Dreamer followed up with a bulldog and a roll up for two. A reverse DDT got another near fall as Burchill reached the rope. Back standing, Burchill hit a brain buster suplex (sort of) for a near fall. Dreamer bounced back by dodging Burchill in the corner and landing the DDT for the win. This was an average TV match.
Dreamer d. Burchill, Pin, 5:51, **.
Post-match, Dreamer was emotional in the ring, selling the idea that this may be his last ECW match. They went to a commercial break and Dreamer was still in the ring. He said thank you to the fans and goodbye if this was his last match on TV. This was just a precursor to Jack Swagger coming out. Swagger said he was sick and tired of hearing Dreamer for months and months and that he was going to rid ECW of Dreamer. Tommy came back with a good promo saying that this wasn’t about him grasping for glory but about what his whole career and life has been about. He predicted that he will be here next week as champion.

Christian v. Tyson Kidd
All three members of the Hart Dynasty came to ringside together. Christian did a go behind into a takedown to start. Christian hit a spinning heel kick. Kidd came back and held an arm ringer working the left arm. Kidd moved to a jiu jitsu-style arm bar on the mat. Kidd came back with a crisp drop kick. Kidd went up top, but Christian stepped back and promptly flap jacked Kidd as soon as he hit the mat. In the other corner, Christian came off the second rope with an elbow. The match tumbled to the floor where Christian was distracted by the entourage, leading Kidd to spear Christian into the steps. Kidd held the advantage coming back from break holding a single-leg Boston crab. Christian rolled out of the hold and into a small package. Kidd retook the advantage with a pressure hold until Christian broke it. They then did a double clothesline spot. Christian got up and hit a drop toe hold and choked on the ropes. Christian came off the top rope with a missile dropkick. He tried for a tornado DDT but Kidd slipped out. Then, Christian went for a sunset flip off of the middle rope which Kidd countered into a cover of his own. Kidd went for a flying headscissors but Christian countered into a spinebuster for two. Kidd tried for a springboard crossbody but Christian countered into a body slam for another good near fall. Christian got his pendulum kick in the corner. He went up top but was distracted briefly by Jack Swagger coming to ringside allowing Kidd to climb up and throw Christian off of the top. Kidd then hit a guillotine legdrop for a near fall. Swagger climbed on the apron but was shoved off by Tommy Dreamer onto Hart Smith. Dreamer actually hit a cannonball roll onto both men from the apron. Kidd then hit Dreamer with a baseball from the ring. Christian caught Kidd and fired him into the post. Christian then won clean with the kill switch to conclude a fun, fun last match and segment. After the match, Tommy Dreamer applauded and congratulated Christian in the ring. He then turned on him and hit a DDT. I’m not sure I would have went that way to conclude the show.
Christian d. Kidd, Pin, 14:27, ***˝.

No Tiffany this week!

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