June 24, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for June 23, 2009
From Milwaukee

It’s the show with nowhere near as much hype as Raw, but almost always better than Raw: ECW

Evan Bourne v. Tyson Kidd
And on that note, here is this match. Bourne started with a hammer lock on the mat. Kidd then back dropped Bourne to the mat where he landed on his feet. Smith and Natalya both made a move at him which led to the referee throwing them away from ringside. Bourne then hit a drop kick and a dive from the top onto Kidd on the floor. Bourne went for a cover back inside and got a two count. Kidd retook the advantage with a soccer kick as hew worked the injured ribs. Kidd hit a knee lift and then knee drops on the ground. Kidd hit a front suplex, dropping Bourne on the ropes for a near fall. Kidd missed a charge in the corner and Bourne hit a crossbody onto Kidd’s back. Both men sold for a bit. Bourne then hit a nice roll up and a couple of round kicks. Kidd tried a springboard move but Bourne stepped aside and scored with a flying headscissors. Hiyooo!, shouted Matt Striker in a homage to Ed McMahon who died earlier today. Bourne hit a flying elbow for another near fall. Bourne hit another flying knee and went up top for the shooting star press. That led to the decisive three count.
That’s it? Giving these guys only 5:30 on a show which usually gives quality matches time is nearly criminal. Still, it was a strong few minutes while it lasted.
Bourne d. Kidd, Pin, 5:26, ***.

Finlay v. Zach Ryder
Finlay cut a promo explaining that he attacked Christian and Tommy Dreamer last week because he hurt his eye breaking up their fight last week. He mentioned that they apologized via text, but that apologizes don’t pay the bills and feed his family (isn’t Hornswoggle self-sufficient by now?). Ryder interrupted, said his catchphrases and they went to a commercial before the match began. Finlay held a top wrist lock to start. Finlay hit some European uppercuts and they locked up for a bit. They then did a collision spot and Ryder retook the advantage. Ryder went to work on the head/eye with nothing exciting for a bit. After some punches and a couple of knees, Ryder went to the second turnbuckle and was caught by Finlay’s boot in a spot that looked terrible. Ryder literally jumped right into the boot. Finlay hit an inverted atomic drop and a series of clotheslines. Finlay connected with the rolling hills for a near fall. Finlay hit a back body drop while the referee went in to check on Finlay’s eye. After that, Finlay managed to cradle Ryder, hook the tights and get the win. This was a below-average outing for both men as they tried for few ambitious moves and they had the one sloppy spot.
Finlay d. Ryder, Pin, 6:01, ¾*.

They had a WWE did you know saying more people watched Raw last night than at any time in the last seven years. I doubt that’s accurate as it was probably the same number of people watching as usual, but that there wasn’t the constant tuning in and out because of no commercials. Radio ratings are additive in that they add up anyone who listens for even a second and provide a total audience number. TV ratings take an average of who is watching throughout the show, so they do not capture all the people who watch at least some of the show but rather the average number of people watching at one time. By the way, the Raw rebound focused more on the now-closed Vince-Trump angle as opposed to promoting Sunday’s pay-per-view. Matt Striker had the chalkboard out to explain the scramble match’s rules. By the way, the rules mean the ECW match at the pay-per-view is going about twenty minutes which never happens (except when they did another scramble). Backstage, Gregory Helms was about to interview Mark Henry when off-screen a large crate fell onto a crew member. The Hurricane suddenly appeared to save the day. They then shot back to Gregory Helms interviewing Henry again.

Christian & Tommy Dreamer v. Mark Henry & Jack Swagger
Swagger started with a takedown before Christian turned it around. Dreamer tagged in and rolled through on an arm drag before Swagger reversed. Henry tagged in and ate a drop toe hold in the corner. Dreamer followed with a low dropkick and then hit a back body drop on Swagger. Dreamer and Christian then hit a cannonball roll and a crossbody, respectively off of the apron and to the floor as the match went to break. After the break, Christian and Swagger were in the ring. Christian quickly tagged to Dreamer who came in with a swinging neckbreaker and snap mare on Swagger. Dreamer got a near fall off of a hanging neckbreaker. Dreamer put Swagger in the tree of woe and hit his baseball slide. Henry hit Dreamer from the blindside allowing Swagger to retake the advantage. Swagger hit a knee drop and choked away along the ropes. Henry did his usual offense for a bit before tagging out. Swagger held a rear chin lock and went to work in the corner. Dreamer hit a spinebuster and that allowed Dreamer to tag in Christian. The hot tag spot doesn’t work when you have Mark Henry in the spot of the guy supposed to be bumping for the babyface. Christian hit two dropkicks off of the second rope to finally drop Henry and get a two count. Swagger came in and was promptly sent out to the floor. Christian tried for a sunset flip on Henry in the corner but couldn’t get him over. Swagger made a blind tag which allowed him to sneak in and try for the gutwrench power bomb. Christian slipped out and into a roll up for a near fall. Christian then hit the kill switch, but Tony Atlas pulled Swagger’s foot under the bottom rope to save the match. Dreamer came over and clotheslined Atlas to the floor. Christian then tried to dive onto Henry but was caught and rammed into the post. Henry slid Christian back inside the ring where Swagger was now able to hit the gutwrench power bomb for the victory. After the bell, Henry hit the world’s strongest slam on Dreamer and then another on Jack Swagger.
Henry & Swagger(x) d. Christian(o) & Dreamer, Pin, 12:19, **¼.

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