July 15, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for July 14, 2009
From Miami

Christian v. Shelton Benjamin
Matt Striker said that Shelton does things in the ring that no one else does. Why do they continue to portray Shelton like heís a modern day Tiger Mask? Heís an average to slightly-above average worker and no more. Anyway, he hit a flapjack to get a near fall. Christian came back with a spinning elbow off of the second rope. Vladimir Kozlovís music played as he came to ringside. That promoted Christian to look up the ramp, allowing Shelton to hit a round kick to knock him to the floor. After the break, Shelton held a rest hold and Kozlov was on commentary. Shelton hit a knee lift for a near fall. Kozlov said last weekís loss was an accident and some stuff in Russian. Shelton worked an arm bar in the ring. He then slammed Christian on his hurt arm. Shelton tried to set up for a superplex but Christian shoved him off and followed up with a missile dropkick. Christian used a drop toe hold to lay Shelton on the middle rope. He then stepped on him and hit a hanging neckbreaker over the top rope. Christian hit a tornado DDT for a long two count. Christian hit a reverse DDT and headed up top, but Shelton caught him and threw him down on the injured shoulder. That led to a near fall. Back standing, Christian tried for the kill switch but couldnít hold it because of his injured arm. Shelton then rammed Christian in the corner and hit the pay dirt for the victory to concluded the strong opener. Kozlov was predictably terrible on commentary.
Even though you had to like the quality of the match, this is the kind of thing that demonstrates the foolishness of WWEís lack of long-term, or even medium-term planning. Two weeks ago, Shelton Benjamin was portrayed as a low-card comedy act akin to Chavo Guerrero. Now this week, he is defeating the top babyface on the show.
Shelton d. Christian, Pin, 12:41, ***ľ.

Backstage, Ezekiel Jackson cut a weak promo but showed off his impressive bicep. Helms actually said he escaped from the shadow of Brian Kendrick. Jackson shot that one down.

Yoshi Tatsu v. Paul Burchill
Burchill worked him over in the corner and hit a snap suplex for two. Yoshi got a quick roll up for two before Burchill reasserted himself. Burchill held a chin lock before Yoshi got out of it with a snap mare. Yoshi hit three kicks to the body and went for a springboard maneuver where he slipped off the ropes. They covered for that pretty well by having Burchill hit a Saito suplex for a near fall. Burchill argued with the official for a bit allowing Yoshi to hit his roundhouse kick to the head for the victory.
Tatsu d. Burchill, Pin, 3:30, *.

Backstage, Tyler Reks walked in and thanked Tiffany for giving him the chance. Reks asked to debut on ECW next week. Tiffany gave a sly smile, meaning that she. . never mind this will be forgotten next week.

Goldust v. Zach Ryder
Matt Striker said Goldust was more unique than Gorgeous George, Ricky Starr or Adorable Adrian Adonis. Goldust held the early advantage with Booty Manís finisher and a clothesline to the floor. Ryder took the advantage by hitting a jawbreaker over the top rope. Ryder held a reverse chin lock before Goldust came back with a powerslam, atomic drop and clothesline. Goldust then hit an elbow off of the second rope for a near fall. Ryder slipped out of the curtain call and moved into the Zack attack (his finisher) for the victory.
Ryder d. Goldust, Pin, 4:23, *.

Sheamus v. Roman Cornell
Sheamus did a promo going from Celtic to English before the match. Since thereís another guy on the show who does the same deal, Iím not sure thatís the best idea. Striker was back to doing the gimmicked background for the jobbers; Cornell designs applications for cell phones as opposed to being a top grappler, beach volleyball player or something. Sheamus used power stuff and a chicken kick. He then hit his uranage-into-a-backbreaker for the finish.
Sheamus squash, 1:30.

Next week, the Abraham Washington Show returns with both Christian and Dreamer as guests. On another note, I just remembered why I have enjoyed this show more than most ECWs recently.

Tommy Dreamer v. Vladimir Kozlov
This makes five separate matches in a one hour show. There was a light ďUSAĒ chant to start which seems out-of-place in 2009. Kozlov took Dreamer down but missed an elbow drop. Dreamer hit a schoolboy roll up for a two count. Dreamer then tried a clothesline off of the second rope for a near fall. Kozlov came back with a hot shot on Dreamer and a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. The match went out to the floor. where Kozlov aimed for Dreamer and kicked the post instead. Tommy got another near fall in the ring. He tried for the top rope but Kozlov caught him coming off with a head butt. Kozlov then hit his finisher for the pin. The match was short enough and better than plenty of Kozlovís other matches, if nothing else.
After the match, Kozlov continued to work over Dreamer until Christian tried to make the save. Christian hit Dreamer by mistake and then was put down by Kozlov. I guess the tease of Kozlov becoming a face a couple of weeks ago isnít going anywhere soon. And what happened to William Regal?
Kozlov d. Dreamer, 3:57, ĺ*.

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