September 14, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for July 21, 2009
From Richmond, Virginia

Yoshi Tatsu v. William Regal
Regal mentioned that he hated all foreigners before the match. They did some nice work off of an arm ringer to start. Regal hit a forearm and some knee lifts to take the advantage. Regal held a full nelson for a bit and an exploder suplex for several near falls. Regal held a pressure hold for a bit and hit a double underhook suplex for another near fall. Regal has already used 3-4 rarely used maneuvers in the match. He held a chin lock until Yoshi came out of it with an enzuigiri. Matt Striker had one of his patented super-obscure references here when he called Yoshi “Piston Honda”, which is a character in the original Punch Out video game for the original Nintendo. Yoshi put Regal down with several kicks and hit a round kick to the head of a downed Regal. Yoshi went up top but Regal knocked him off. Regal then went for and missed the million dollar kneelift. Yoshi then hit his roundhouse kick for the win.
This was a very strong six-minute match with a handful of interesting, rarely-seen offensive moves from Regal, good selling from Yoshi, very good announcing and the correct finish.
Yoshi d. Regal, 6:11, Pin, ***.

Ezekiel Jackson v. Mike Williams
Ezekiel’s entrance music is the old theme music for the Brawl for All with lyrics added. Jackson hit a big boot and a clothesline before hitting his side slam for the win in a tidy 47 seconds. Next.

Vladimir Kozlov came out and hit the iron curtain on the jobber. I sure hope this ends up being another tease that goes nowhere like the Regal-Kozlov tease because I cannot fathom watching these two feud.
Jackson squash, 0:47.

They then pitched to a new segment called “Ask the Divas” which looks like it has been running on for a few weeks now. Basically, the divas just give some guys two sentences worth of advice for their love life.

Goldust v. Shelton Benjamin
Goldust hit a knee lift and a charge in the corner before Shelton countered into snake eyes and a neckbreaker. Shelton then went to an inverted dragon sleeper for a bit before Goldust got out and hit a power slam. Goldust got a near fall off of a bulldog. Goldust hit a legdrop for another near fall before Shelton came back with a backbreaker. Shelton then tried for a move off of the top rope when Goldust awkwardly caught him with a chop coming down. Shelton came back suddenly by hot shotting Goldust on the top rope while leaping to the floor (ala Randy Savage) and hitting the pay dirt for the victory.
Shelton d. Goldust, 4:08, Pin *½.

Backstage, Seamus cut a promo knocking Finlay and Hornswoggle and putting himself over. Matthews and Striker then ran down the entire card for Night of Champions.

Backstage, Gregory Helms was interviewing Paul Burchill when Goldust interrupted with his Tourette’s gimmick. This was terrible particularly just minutes after Goldust lost a match.

Tyler Reks v. Paul Burchill
Reks hit a flying clothesline and a back body drop to begin. Katie then grabbed the ankle of Reks allowing Burchill to hit a flying knee. Burchill held a rear chin lock. Reks escaped a hit a crossbody for a near fall but Burchill landed a Samoan drop to retake control. Burchill used a snap mare and then a knee drop for a near fall before going back to the chin lock. Reks escaped and landed a flapjack and then a springboard dropkick for a near fall. Burchill rallied back with a suplex for a near fall. Burchill tried for a charge in the corner, missed and was rolled up by Reks for the victory. The match was passable fare but little more. Reks is quite a bit behind where Yoshi Tatsu seems to be three matches into their TV careers (small sample size, obviously). After the match, Burchill knocked Reks off of the apron and to the floor so I gather we will see a rematch within the next 2 weeks.
Reks d. Burchill, 5:19, Pin, *.

The show’s final segment had both Tommy Dreamer and Christian as guests of the Abraham Washington Show. Matt Striker said Sunday was the biggest night in Christian’s career; that’s hyperbole even by the standards of a John Cena promo. Washington made some more lame weight jokes about Tommy Dreamer. This guy is terrible and I don’t believe his gimmick is that he’s supposed to be so bad that he gets hear. He then cracked on Christian (“you have a face made for radio”) who retorted by saying Washington has a show made for public access. Christian took credit for their tag team success and said he would win the championship on Sunday. Dreamer started arguing saying that he won and has successfully defended the championship. As these guys were trying to promote Sunday’s match, Washington kept making horrible jokes. The segment ended when the two guys slapped one another and did a stare down as the show faded to black.

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