August 12, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for August 11, 2009
From Edmonton, Alberta (or in WWE nomenclature “Bizzaro Land – North”)

Shelton Benjamin v. Zack Ryder
They replayed the sing-off from last week’s Abraham Washington Show. Ryder hit a nice missile dropkick off of the middle rope for the first two count of the match. Ryder did the Kevin Nash-esque camera pose in the corner to lead to a big boot. Benjamin came back with a hanging neckbreaker out of a chin lock. Benjamin then hit a back body drop and a Stinger splash. A German suplex led to a near fall. Ryder tripped up Shelton and hit a leg lariat. He tried for the Zack attack but Shelton maneuvered into a takedown followed by a slingshot attempt. Ryder braced himself on the ropes but was caught coming back down by Shelton. Benjamin then powerbombed Ryder in the corner and hit the paydirt for the finish. The match went only a little over three minutes, which was a shame because it was hot while it lasted. Here’s an idea: the SummerSlam card is pretty shallow right now and has room for 1-2 more matches. What would be wrong with giving these two guys 10-15 minutes to work on the show? You would be guaranteed an above average match and this match would be fresh unlike everything else on the show which feels as if it was done last month (or within the past week in some cases).
Shelton d. Ryder, Pin, 3:11, **.

Backstage, Paul Burchill berated Gregory Helms as Helms tried to interview him. Burchill then sucker punched Helms and stomped him down.

Vladimir Kozlov v. Kevin Brooks
Kozlov hit a couple of kicks as a loud “you can’t wrestle” emanated from the crowd. Kozlov finished with the iron curtain in just over one minute. Again, Ezekiel Jackson came out and planted the jobber with his modified uranage. Kozlov then hit the iron curtain again.
Kozlov squash, 1:11.

They replayed the entire series of vignettes of the search for Shawn Michaels from last night’s Raw. There’s nothing else which I can add that hasn’t already been said somewhere else.

The Bella twins were announced as the guest ring announcers for the next match.

Yoshi Tatsu v. Paul Burchill
The crowd chanted “Yoshi, Yoshi” as the match began. Tatsu hit an arm drag and a crossbody to start before Burchill took the advantage with a knee lift and a knee drop. Matt Striker dropped a reference to an angle from JCP in the early-1980s where Greg Valentine wore a T shirt saying “I broke Wahoo’s (McDaniel) leg.” Burchill held a hold for a bit before Yoshi came back with kicks. Yoshi hit a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Yoshi then bounced off of the ropes and Katie Lea slapped at him with her belt. That led to the cheap, early disqualification.
After the match, Burchill clotheslined Yoshi from behind. The Hurricane made the save from behind with a crossbody block from the top rope and a Lou Thesz press.
Yoshi d. Burchill, DQ, 2:07, *.

Backstage, the Burchills were complaining to Tiffany about Hurricane. Tiffany said she would take care of it and threw them out of her office.

Tyler Reks v. Tom James
Tom James is not accompanied by the Shondells on this night. James is a fisherman according to Striker and fishermen hate surfers. Reks hit a flying clothesline and worked some elbows. Reks hit a springboard dropkick for the win.
For what it’s worth, Reks was easily the least-over talent on this show in front of what was generally a very hot crowd.
Reks squash, 1:26.

Up next was the Abraham Washington Show with Christian. Washington made a lame joke about hockey being a sport with white men beating a black object with sticks. He mentioned that today was Hulk Hogan’s birthday (his name got a big pop). Christian came out and was very over with the crowd. They showed a clip of last week’s main event where Christian defeated Tommy Dreamer. Washington made some lame jokes about Christian’s appearance. Christian got sick and tired of this and threatened Washington. He then said he was ready to be the face of the brand and the man on ECW. Washington then brought out the number one contender for the title: William Regal. Shouldn’t Regal have to win in tonight’s main event before he gets that monicker? Isn’t that basic, logical booking? Anyway, Regal and Christian did a staredown.

Tommy Dreamer v. William Regal
The match went to the floor where Dreamer rammed Regal into the table. Tommy went to suplex Dreamer onto the floor but Regal countered by ramming Dreamer into the post. Inside the ring, Regal continued to work on the injured left arm of Dreamer. Tommy came back briefly with a hip lock but missed a charge in the corner. Regal went back to an arm bar. Dreamer came back with a clothesline off of the second rope. Dreamer cam back with a clothesline and a spinebuster for a long two count. Tommy put Regal in the tree of woe and his baseball slide. A powerslam led to a near fall. Regal then caught Tommy’s arm over the top rope and went into his running knee lift to score the victory.
Regal d. Dreamer, Pin, 5:11, **.

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