August 19, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for August 19, 2009
From Kansas City

Hurricane v. Paul Burchill
Hurricane has a longer, drawn out entrance video. Hurricane hit an arm drag and tried for a choke slam. After that failed, Hurricane hit a Thesz press. Hurricane then eluded a charge and sent Burchill to the floor. Hurricane connected with a tope as the match went to break. After the break, Burchill had control of Hurricane with a rear chin lock. Burchill hit a short clothesline as Hurricane powered out and got a near fall. Burchill then hit a double flying knee and led to a near fall. Burchill went back to a rear chin lock as the crowd chanted for the Hurricane. Burchill went for a superplex but Hurricane shoved him off and then connected with a high crossbody. Hurricane followed up with a clothesline for a near fall. Burchill then dodged a charge and hit a bicycle kick but Hurricane came back with a hurarcanrana from the top rope. They then went home with Hurricane missing a shining wizard, Burchill failing on a suplex try and Hurricane scoring with the eye of the Hurricane (modified reverse DDT). That led to the three count.
Hurricane d. Burchill, Pin, 10:46, **½.

This show has a new interviewer, Courtney Taylor, who’s a former model (shock, huh) who had been in FCW. She was about to interview Tommy Dreamer when William Regal walked in. Regal baited Dreamer allowing Vladimir Kozlov to come in with the sneak attack. Kozlov used two headbutts and held Dreamer while Regal connected with a running knee lift. After the break, Christian and two trainers were tending to Tommy.

The Abraham Washington Show was up next. Washington had his “Applause” sign out and took shots at the crowd for being illiterate. Goldust was introduced as this week’s guest. Washington asked about Goldust’s feud with Sheamus which led to the needless return of the stuttering gimmick. Washington thought he was being “Punk’d” by Ashton Kutcher. He then brought out Sheamus who said Goldust got lucky last week but lighting wouldn’t strike twice. Goldust spoke some nonsense utterance and that was it. This was remarkably boring.

Dinner theatre-level acting time as Courtney Taylor interviewed Tiffany. The GM said Tommy Dreamer left the building for evaluation but that the main event would continue if Christian could find a partner.

Yoshi Tatsu v. Zack Ryder
Yoshi hit an arm drag to start but Ryder caught him going up the top rope. Ryder began to work on the left shoulder and arm with a single arm DDT and an arm bar. Yoshi countered and moved into an arm bar of his own. Yoshi came back with a bevy of kicks and knees. That led to a near fall. Ryder tried to slip into the Zach attack but Yoshi countered with a leg sweep. Yoshi then hit a rolling senton, which prompted Matt Striker to reference Japanese wrestler Dick Togo who was a part of Kaientai briefly in WWE. Yoshi went for an elbow drop from the apron onto Ryder in the ring, but Zack blocked it with his knees. That led to the sudden three count. Too bad, because the match was building nicely up until that point.
Ryder d. Yoshi, Pin, 3:04, *¼.

After the break, they aired an extended video package hyping the DX vs. Legacy feud. The announcers then ran down the updated SummerSlam card, including the newly added Christian vs. William Regal match.

Christian was then in Tiffany’s office, saying he was ready to fight Regal and Kozlov alone if he had to. Tiffany said he had to choose and partner and then in the background, someone entered the room off-screen. Everyone did their introductions and the show went to its last commercial break. After the break, it became apparent that the mystery tag team partner was Ezekiel Jackson.

Christian & Ezekiel Jackson v. Vladimir Kozlov & William Regal
Matt Striker ran down a bunch of impressive-sounding statistics about Jackson as he made his way to ringside. Regal and Christian started and worked off of a top wrist lock for a while. Regal quickly went over and tagged Kozlov. Christian landed some jabs for a bit before Kozlov caught him with a knee lift and went into a backbreaker submission. Christian slipped out and fired Kozlov to the floor where he hit a baseball slide. The big Russian returned to the ring and regained the advantage. He shoved Christian through the ropes and to the floor and tagged out to Regal. Regal got a near fall and worked over Christian in the corner. Kozlov came in and held a front face lock for a bit. Regal tagged back in and Christian regained the advantage with some strikes. He used a backslide for a near fall. Christian then came off of the second rope with a sunset flip for another near fall. Kozlov and Jackson then both hit the ring, did a brief stare down, and then Jackson turned on Christian with his inverted uranage. Regal then moved in for the pinfall. After the match, Regal instructed Kozlov to hit the final curtain and for Jackson to hit the uranage again. The three men linked arms and celebrated as the show faded to black.
Kozlov & Regal (x) d. Christian & Jackson, Pin, 5:10, *.

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