September 16, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for September 15, 2009
From Hamilton, Ontario

Tiffany tried to begin the show with an in-ring monologue about Breaking Point before William Regal and company mercifully interrupted. Regal began ingratiating himself to Tiffany in an attempt to be named the number one contender once more. He asked Tiffany why Jackson and Kozlov were banned from ringside Sunday. She said she wanted the match to be one-on-one. He finally got around to asking for another shot, but Tiffany said he didn’t deserve one. Not only that, but he wouldn’t be in the battle royal tonight to determine who is the number one contender. And Regal had a match beginning right now.

Hurricane v. William Regal
This match began during the break with Regal wrestling in an Oxford shirt, slacks and a vest. Hurricane threw Regal over the top rope and hit a clothesline on the floor. Back inside, Hurricane used a back body drop and a crossbody followed by a short suplex for a near fall. A high crossbody off of the top rope led to another near fall. Regal tried to walk backstage but Hurricane ran him down. Regal was thrown in first which allowed him enough time to setup for the knee trembler on Helms climbing back inside the ring. That led to the abrupt pin after the referee pointed out that Helms’ legs were laying under the bottom rope. After the match, Paul Burchill came in from behind and laid out Hurricane again.
Regal d. Hurricane, Pin, 2:49, *.

Backstage, Goldust was apologizing to Yoshi Tatsu for last week’s tag team loss. They then went into an English lesson where Goldust would say something and Yoshi would repeat it. The joke was that Goldust did his stuttering gimmick and Yoshi followed suit. Zack Ryder walked in and insulted the two of them. Goldust asked Yoshi to say loser and Yoshi replied by saying “Zack Ryder.”

Savannah caught up with Paul Burchill backstage. Burchill did another pretty good promo vowing revenge for his sister from last week.

Yoshi Tatsu v. Zack Ryder
The Bellas were used as the ring announcers for this match in another way to justify their employment. The two men worked off an arm bar to start. Yoshi used a dragon roll on the mat eventually leading to a near fall. Zack took control in the corner with a slingshot into the turnbuckle. That led to a near fall. Ryder used a back suplex and went to a pressure hold on the mat. Matt Striker made an allusion to Super Calo and headbands here. Yoshit hit a spinning elbow coming out of the corner as he began his comeback. Yoshi then used a series of kicks and Burchill’s double flying knees. He then hit a huracanrana from the apron onto Ryder sitting on the top rope. Ryder then came back with a leg lariat for a near fall. Zack tried for a back suplex but Yoshi escaped and hit a high roundhouse kick for the victory. That finish leads to some interesting booking possibilities based off of what would happen later in the show.
Yoshi d. Ryder, Pin, 6:21, ** ˝.

Battle Royal
The winner here gets a championship match at a point to be banned later. The contestants are Ezekiel Jackson, Vladimir Kozlov, Goldust, Tyler Reks, Sheamus, Yoshi Tatsu, Paul Burchill, Zack Ryder, Shelton Benjamin & Tommy Dreamer. The first elimination came at 1:36 when Shelton Benjamin used an exploder suplex to dump Burchill. Dreamer and Yoshi teased eliminations. The crowd chanted Goldust for a bit as he slowly worked over Vladimir Kozlov. They then did split 3 v.1 attacks on Jackson and Kozlov in an attempt to eliminate both men that failed. Shelton had to use a skin the cat to stay alive. Jackson and Kozlov stared at each other as the match went to a commercial break six minutes in with only one elimination so far. During the break, Kozlov put out Tyler Reks. Jackson then put out Yoshi at 9:24. Goldust fought off an elimination attempt by Jackson as Dreamer made the save. Shelton clotheslined Sheamus to the floor at 11:48. Jackson tried to dump Shelton, but Benjamin used a head scissors from the skin the cat position to dump Jackson instead at12:06. However, Sheamus knocked Benjamin off as he was trying to get back in the ring, causing the elimination and continuing their feud. Goldust, who was easily the most popular wrestler in the match interestingly, went to work on Ryder with two clotheslines and an atomic drop. Goldust went to clothesline Ryder out, but Zack landed right on his knees on the apron. Goldust then charged and Ryder hooked the top rope to eliminate Goldust at 14:14. Shortly thereafter, Dreamer eliminated Kozlov by dodging a charge and hooking the top rope. Ryder then snuck up on Dreamer from behind and dumped him for the win at 14:57.
So, this leads to a Christian vs. Zack Ryder title match at some point which should be quite interesting as their last match was one of the better TV matches on this show, this year. They did have Ryder job earlier tonight to Yoshi Tatsu, so that leads to the possibility of Yoshi getting involved in the program somehow. Ryder wins battle royal, 14:57.

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