September 30, 2009
Philip DiLiegro

ECW TV Report for September 29, 2009
From Boston

William Regal opened the program by saying that Tiffany was in a terrible car wreck and is not at the show this evening. The WWE Board of Directors then had the good judgment to appoint Regal interim general manager (I’m not sure what to think of the judgment of these people who presumably also appointed Tiffany). However, Regal cannot make any decisions which affect the ECW championship (so no ECW match on the pay-per-view, presumably). He did however change the main event to Christian v. Zack Ryder, Vladimir Kozlov, Ezekiel Jackson & himself.

Up next was the Abraham Washington Show with guest John Morrison. Washington brought up the Dirt Sheet and said he would be Abraham and Miz would be Atlas. That led Atlas to say “I’m awesome” and break out the horrible laugh. Dolph Ziggler came out which led to Washington making several Dolph Lundgren/Rocky IV references which got no reaction. They tried with the Mr. Ziggles chant which marginal success this time and the segment just ended.

Backstage, Regal got word on the phone that the main event now is a 4-vs.-4 match with Dreamer, Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu joining.

Shelton Benjamin v. Paul Burchill
Sheamus jumped Shelton while he was walking down the aisle. Officials pulled Sheamus off after ramming Shelton into the post. The in-ring official gave Shelton a minute to recover and then called for the bell. Burchill started by going to work in the corner and went for some early covers. Burchill hit a short clothesline and went to work with an arm bar. He followed that up by sending Shelton into the post as the match went to break. After the break, Burchill held the arm bar again and moved into a back suplex. Burchill did more work on the left shoulder. He then tried for a suplex but Shelton slipped out and into a hanging neckbreaker. After some time on the mat, Burchill retook the advantage. Benjamin managed to go up top but missed coming down, leading to Burchill getting a near fall. Then out of nowhere, Benjamin hit the paydirt as Burchill came off the ropes for the quick win. This match was OK, but you would have expected a better match between these two. At least, the selling of the shoulder was consistent throughout the match.
Benjamin d. Burchill, Pin, 10:39, **¼.

They then had a lengthy segment promoting the Hell in a Call pay-per-view. Backstage, Christian gave Tommy Dreamer a pep talk, he gave Yoshi a pep talk which ended with Yoshi saying thank you about six times, they did a bit off of the Goldust stuttering bit and that was that.

Christian, Tommy Dreamer, Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu v. Vladimir Kozlov, Ezekiel Jackson, William Regal & Zack Ryder.
Dreamer started with Ryder, took the advantage with an arm drag and tagged out to Goldust. Ryder tagged in Kozlov, who the faces cornered. Kozlov no sold some of Yoshi’s kicks and Jackson did the same thing. Jackson hit a slam but missed a charge in the corner. Yoshi tagged Goldust, who came in and took a clothesline. Regal tagged in and out to Ryder. Goldust got the upper hand with a bulldog and tagged in Christian. The champ hit a back elbow off of the middle rope and cleared the apron of Kozlov. Christian hit a reverse DDT and the flashpoint for a near fall. Dreamer tagged in and setup a double team where he hit a side suplex with Christian driving Ryder’s head into the mat. Tommy went up to the second rope but Ryder caught him with a leg sweep. The match went to commercial. After the break, Jackson worked over Dreamer and then turned it over to Kozlov followed by Regal. After a bit, they did one of the lamest hot tags I have ever seen where Dreamer merely hit a front kick on Kozlov and immediately tagged out. It got no reaction even though he tagged in the most popular wrestler in the match. Kozlov pulled the rope down and quickly sent Christian to the floor. Jackson brought Christian back in with a hanging vertical suplex. Jackson used two backbreakers and tagged out. Kozlov held his backbreaker submission but Christian escaped. Kozlov hit a fall away slam into the corner. Christian finally came back a couple of minutes later with a missile dropkick and made the tag to Yoshi. Yoshi came in with a dropkick and his double flying knees in the corner onto Ryder. He hit a rolling snap mare and then a spinning leg lariat off of the top rope. Yoshi went for a cover but Jackson made the save. That led to the moment where everybody hits the ring one at a time and gets cleared out of the ring in a similar fashion. Regal tagged to make himself legal somewhere in here and then got caught with a roundhouse kick. Yoshi covered for the victory. Seeing that Regal did the job here and lost by pinfall the two times he wrestled Christian, it’s hard to see how they are positioning him as the presumptive number one contender.
This match was pretty good, but on the whole this was a very forgettable and paint-by-the-numbers ECW.
Faces d. Heels, Pin, 14:25, **¾.

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