September 8, 2013
Mike Abitabile

September 3, 1999

ECW on TNN moves on with its first original matches which were taped on August 26, 1999 at the Elks Lodge in Queens, NY, affectionately referred to as the Madhouse of Extreme by the ECW faithful.

Joey Styles welcomes us to the show as Taz makes his way to the ring.

ECW World Heavyweight Title Match Taz (Champion) vs. Tajiri w/ Steve Corino and Jack Victory
Taz is over huge at this point. The crowd is insane for him. After the bell, Tajiri eats a stiff Angry Man's clothesline but comes back with a handspring elbow. With the champion down, Tajiri SPITS ON TAZ. I wouldn't have done that. Tajiri with a stiff kick then attempts the Tarantula but Taz reverses it and slams Tajiri to the mat. Taz stomps on the challenger then works on Tajiri in the corner. He whips Tajiri into the opposite turnbuckle then charges in. Tajiri gets his foot up then attacks Taz. Taz, however, catches Tajiri coming in then nails a Head and Arm Tazplex as the crowd explodes. Taz returns the favor and spits on Tajiri. They trade stiff chops until Taz grabs Tajiri's kick and lands a High Cradle Tazplex. Taz plays to the rabid fans as Tajiri is motionless. Taz picks up Tajiri and hits some stiff forearms to the side of his head. Taz goes for a German suplex but Tajiri kicks him below the belt and follows up with stiff kicks to the side of Taz's head and a running kick to the face. This gets a two. Tajiri bites Taz in the corner as the fans get behind Taz. Taz ducks a few kicks then locks in the Tazmission to get the win as Tajiri taps out immediately.

We now get the ECW on TNN intro video. We return with Joey Styles in the ring as the fans are going bonkers chanting "TNN! TNN!" Joey says we are making wrestling history tonight, "and well..." but before he can finish, we hear Joel Gertner interrupt with "Well, well, well!" He informs Joey that he is now the color commentator for ECW on TNN. This week, Joel lets us know he has a lot in common with Rubik's cube. The more you play with them, the harder they get. Joey reluctantly welcomes his partner to the show and then brings out Jerry Lynn.

Joey tells Jerry the floor is his. Lynn says he didn't come to waste time and cut a boring promo like they do on Monday nights. He says they will show everyone the difference between WWF/WCW and ECW. Lynn wants a TV title shot at Rob Van Dam, RIGHT NOW. Instead he gets Bill Alphonso, who tells him there will be no title match tonight then SLAPS Jerry Lynn. Jerry goes after Fonzie so RVD makes the save. This results in a pull apart brawl as we go to break.

We're back with the Dudley Boyz making their way to the ring. Joel lets us know this is the Dudley Boyz final night in ECW before leaving for the WWF. As we go to break, Gertner tells us Rob Van Dam will face Jerry Lynn on next week's show.

Street Fight: ECW Tag Team Title Match: Spike Dudley and Balls Mahoney (champions) vs. The Dudley Boyz w/ Sign Guy Dudley
We're back with all four men in the ring brawling. Balls has paired off with D-Von while Spike is fighting off Buh Buh. Balls hurls Spike over the top rope onto the Dudleyz! Back in the ring, Spike hits a pair of forearms to Buh Buh and follows it up with a bulldog. Buh Buh reverses Spike's offense into a sit down full nelson bomb. Spike and Buh Buh continue to fight and Spike gets dropped onto the guard rail and is busted open. In the ring, D-Von has control of Balls. All four men are now in the ring as the Dudleyz control the action. Joey worries that if Buh Buh and D-Von win, they can lay the ECW Tag Titles at the feet of the McMahon's on Monday Night Raw. Spike goes low then goes for a hurricanrana off the top but it's reversed into a sit-out Buh Buh Bomb as we go to break!

The action continues with Spike hitting an Acid Drop on Buh Buh and Balls downing D-Von with the Nutcracker Suite as we return. Both Dudleyz kick out at two. Gertner tells us not to count the Dudleyz out, as we would know from personal experience. Spike goes for another Acid Drop on Buh Buh but instead gets thrown over the top rope through a table! Balls destroys a chair over the heads of both Dudleyz then slides a table into the ring. Balls has the thumbtacks! He drops them all over the table then goes for a power bomb on Buh Buh. D-Von however breaks it up with a chair then the Dudleyz power bomb Balls through the table! Spike stops the pin attempt at two to save the belts. Unfortunately, a second later, Spike gets dropped with the 3D to give the tag titles to the Dudley Boyz! Joey has a heart attack at the idea of them bringing those belts to the WWF with them. We go to break.

We're back as Gertner blames Paul Heyman for this. He concludes Paul should have just mailed the belts to Stamford and made it easier. Joey doesn't know how ECW will recover.

We cut to a clip of Rob Zombie putting over ECW which leads us into a video of clips of ECW action set to White Zombie's "El Phantasmo and the Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama" music video. The last person shown in the video is Lance Storm which leads us to the Impact Players putting themselves over in the locker room. Joey says Justin and Lance can't wait to make their first appearance on ECW on TNN as Joel shills for RollerJam after the show. I'm still rolling my eyes. Joey tells the cameraman to cut to the ring, immediately!

The Dudley Boyz have returned to the ringside area as Joey says they are here to kick ECW while it's down. In the ring, Buh Buh says that in ECW, boys become men and men become heroes. But in the WWF, heroes become legends! And legends becomes Gods! And if God was a heel, he would be the Dudley Boyz. Joey calls Buh Buh a mark. The crowd serenades the Dudleyz with "Na Na Na Na, Hey, Hey, Hey, GOODBYE!" Buh Buh calls the fans white trash from Queens then calls the true city of Hardcore Wrestling, Stamford, Connecticut. The last thing the Dudleyz have to do before leaving is ruin ECW by destroying its backbone. The fans chant for Sabu but Buh Buh says anyone who hits the ring is getting 3D'd. He then calls out Tommy Dreamer!

And here comes Tommy. Paul Heyman tries to stop Dreamer as Joey tells us Tommy has two herniated discs in his back and may never wrestle again. We are then shown clips of the Dudley Boyz title wins as Buh Buh puts over Vince McMahon on the mic. Francine is now out to stop Tommy. Buh Buh: "Oh look, just another two dollar whore happened to show up." Buh Buh says they will throw the ECW tag titles down on national television as we are shown clips of the damage Tommy has taken over the years. Buh Buh brings up how they broke the neck of Tommy's girlfriend, Beulah McGillicutty, and put her out of wrestling. Buh Buh says he and D-Von used to sneak into her hospital room and teach her the true meaning of double teaming! Talk about heel heat. Buh Buh tells Tommy that he didn't care about Beulah and picked up the next ring rat that came his way. This finally causes Tommy to rush the ring. If I was Tommy, I would have rushed the ring at the double teaming comment!

The Dudleyz attack but Tommy takes them down with a double Russian leg sweep. The bell inexplicably rings and Tommy makes a cover on Buh Buh for two.

ECW Tag Team Championship Match: The Dudley Boyz (champions) vs. Tommy Dreamer
Joey points out that Tommy can barely stand as he moves gingerly. Tommy with the salad tongs to the nether region of D-Von! Buh Buh gets some of the same as Tommy calls for a ladder from Francine! Tommy catapults the ladder into the faces of the Dudley Boyz! Francine then takes out Sign Guy Dudley as Dreamer wedges the ladder between the corner ropes. He sends Buh Buh and D-Von into it. D-Von falls down then Buh Buh collapses into D-Von's crotch! Tommy puts the ladder across the ring post but gets throw into it himself then belly to back suplexed by Buh Buh. Ouch. Buh Buh tosses the ladder to the floor as Tommy lay prone in the ring. Buh Buh beats him with the title belt. Some ECW wrestlers have come ringside to try and stop this but to no avail. Sign Guy Dudley even tries to stop them but Buh Buh shoves him down. The Dudleyz call for 3D. They send Tommy to the ropes but as D-Von picks him up, Tommy counters with a DDT. Buh Buh looks stunned. The crowd then explodes as Raven slides into the ring. RAVEN!? He drops Buh Buh with a DDT of his own then makes the cover and gets a THREE COUNT?! Joey Styles is speechless. The Elks Lodge is going crazy. Raven stands in his classic pose, with his arms out, holding a belt in each hand. As Tommy staggers to his feet, he turns around and Raven shoves one of the belts to him. The crowd explodes into a "Welcome Back!" chant as Joey explains Tommy Dreamer has finally won a title but has to share it with the man he hates the most. We're out of here as Joey tells us not to miss next week's episode!

Well, in typical ECW fashion, when one of the major acts left, Paul Heyman always did something big to get the fans talking about that instead of the departure. Raven, who had just been granted his release from WCW, returned to ECW and actually helped the man he bitterly feuded with from 1995 to 1997. This was a pretty big coup that got people talking about ECW on TNN from the start. Once again, Paul Heyman turned a negative into a positive. Next week, more awesomeness with Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn!

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