August 30, 2009
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle – (WrestleMania XX, 3/14/04)
I really liked this feud. Angle needed the WWE title, so he brings up Eddie’s pill-popping past to say that he isn’t a respectable champion to really piss him off and get his title shot. Without making light of Eddie’s own passing, the ironic thing about the feud is that Angle would be released from WWE for that very same pill-popping problem in 2006. Angle underestimates Guerrero’s mat skills to start as Eddie manages to hang with the Olympic champ. Eddie counters an ab stretch and starts up the Three Amigos, but Angle cuts him off and flips Guerrero out to the apron the German Suplex That Never Happens. Eddie dropkicks Angle down and dives off the top, but lands chest-first on the barricade. Back in, Angle goes to the ribs with a body scissors. Eddie fights up to his feet, but gets hung out to dry for a count of two. A pair of overhead suplexes earns a nearfall for Angle. Guerrero jabs Angle’s temples to get out of a bearhug. He shoves off a belly-to-belly superplex and shoves off the Pop-Up Superplex, but then misses the FROG SPLASH. Angle unloads, so Eddie starts up the rope-a-dope to get his LATIN TEMPER going. Angle flips out of a suplex and hits a German suplex, but Guerrero counters a second one into a victory roll for two. Eddie armdrags out of the ANGLE SLAM and hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Eddie hits two of the Three Amigos and then Angle blocks the third with a heel trip into the ANKLELOCK! Guerrero kicks him off and catches Angle for a dropkick. FROG SPLASH? Nope. Angle gets the Pop-Up Superplex after all for 1-2-NO! DOWN COME THE STRAPS! Back to the ANKLELOCK, but Eddie counters into another victory roll for 1-2-NO! Angle drills Eddie with another German suplex and goes for the ANGLE SLAM again, but Eddie counters *again* this time with a DDT. FROG SPLASH connects for 1-2-NO! Angle heel trips Guerrero again for the ANKLELOCK and just when Eddie looks like he’s about to tap, he rolls Angle off out through the ropes. Crowd ~ “EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE!” Guerrero starts untying his boot from his injured foot. Angle sees Eddie grabbing his foot, and Eddie looks at Angle and goes “Oh Shhh!” Angle charges at Eddie as he tries to get away and reapplies the ANKLELOCK! With Angle having hold of the untied boot, Eddie manages to come out of his boot and catch Angle charging at him with a small package for the 1-2-3! (21:10) Fantastic match to put Eddie over and solidify him as the new champ of Smackdown. His title reign was cut WAYYY too short though. ****¼

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