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Here's what others have had to say about the website:

Via Twitter: "Hey guys follow our friend @TheHistoryofWWE and find them on the web! It's a great site."
- Jim Cornette, legendary wrestling manager / ROH executive producer

Via Twitter: "Big #FF shout out to @TheHistoryofWWE - there is so much information on this website - that's my Friday night sorted!"
- SilverVision

"The ring results page alone will spin your head. It has become THE leading resource for wrestling historians."
- Sean Oliver, Kayfabe Commentaries.com

- Michael Krugman, Andre the Giant: A Legendary Life

"It is incredible!"
- Chris Cruise, former WCW announcer

"For all the wrestling encyclopedia dorks like me this has it all. Itís ridiculous how much stuff is crammed on this site. ...And just try to spend less than an hour there."
- Sydney Brown, 411mania.com

"Thank you for devoting your time to this. It's because of things like this that the history of the business will live long after we are all gone. My hat is off to you, sir."
- Sir Oliver Humperdink, legendary wrestling manager

"In the eight years I have been associated & affiliated with the wrestling industry, I have never seen one website that has everything at your fingertips from a historical perspective. The best bang for your buck for any hardcore or casual fan truly is The History Of WWE.com."
- John "The Big Mosh" Masiulionis/Host Of Monday Night Mayhem

"I really enjoy this website. You have a ton of great information here."
- George "The Animal" Steele, WWE Hall of Famer

"An amazing and excellent resource that I use almost daily to double check facts."
- Mike Johnson, PWInsider.com

"You've done an awesome job on the website."
- Scott Teal, 1wrestlinglegends.com

"Graham Cawthon has done a good job organizing this site, and deserves to be commended for undertaking such a huge task."
- Mike DuPree, Wrestling Revue Magazine (July-Sept. 2003)

"It is a superb resource that I heartly recommend!"
- Mathew Sforcina, 411mania.com

"Dude, that site is awesome!"
- Gregory Helms, former WWE / WCW Superstar

"Big fan of your site, excellent resource!"
- John Pollock, The Fight Network

"Thanks for everything that you do for me, Angel and BWC. We love your site."
- Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant, WWE Hall of Famer

"One word, AWESOME. For us old timers, this site is priceless. THANK YOU."
- Georgiann Makropoulos, WrestlingFigs.com

"Great work."
- Bob Cook, former preliminary wrestler

"Anybody that does history and does it right puts in a lot of research time and my hat's off to you for that. Thanks for all your hard work."
- Les Thatcher, WrestlingWeekly.com

"Very few wrestling information resources on the Internet include the detail and amount of information that this one does. I greatly appreciate the work that went into it."
- Steve Cook, 411mania.com

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