May 20, 2010
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

NWA U.S. Tag Team Champions The Midnight Express (w/Jim Cornette) vs. The Fantastics – (NWA Worldwide – 4/26/88)
And so the Midnight Express-Fantastics rivalry have now bounced through THREE different promotions in four years – first Mid-South, then World Class, and now Jim Crockett Promotions. Bobby Fulton has Lane’s number to start. We must go to commercial! When we return, the Fantastics are giving Lane a double hiptoss. Being a tad faster than Lane, Tommy Rogers grabs an armbar. Lane fights out and makes the tag, but Eaton runs into an armbar. Backdrop by Eaton lands Rogers on his feet as the man EXPLODES on Eaton with dropkicks. Lane takes one as well as the Midnights retreat to the floor. Back in, Eaton slows down the match with an overhead wristlock, but Rogers quickly fights out and starts up again with a flying headscissors. Lane climbs up on the ropes to reach for his partner. On the other side of the ring, Fulton is bouncing on the ropes to trip him up. Fulton screws with the Midnights some more as he steps on Eaton while he’s still in the headscissors down on the mat. Commercials! We come back and the Fantastics are still in control. Rogers has Lane on the mat and grapevines the leg, but Lane fights up to his feet with an enziguri. Tag to Eaton, he again runs into some trouble as the Fantastics work the leg. Eaton claws his way out and dumps Fulton, but that proves to be a bad idea as Eaton follows him out only to get posted! Back in, Lane tries a slingshot attack and gets nailed in mid air. Meanwhile on the other side of the ring, Rogers is giving Eaton an atomic drop and follows up with a dropkick. Back inside, Eaton rakes the eyes and catapults Fulton into the corner. He tries another catapult, but Fulton catches himself on the middle rope and springs back in Eaton’s face with a back elbow for two. Hiptoss and a hurracanrana leads us into another commercial break. I believe this match takes up the whole show. AND WE’RE BACK! Rogers tries a flying headscissors and the Midnights take a page out of the Horsemen playbook and hotshot Rogers on the top rope. Lane busts out some karate and tags in Eaton for a flying fist drop to the forehead. Rogers elbows out of a hammerlock and avoids a corner charge by Lane. The Midnights still cut off the tag and regain control. Cornette gets up in Tommy’s face while he’s hanging in the ropes. That brings Fulton over to chase him off. Once he’s all the way back around the ring, Cornette gives Rogers a good slap across the face. Rogers nearly staggers into a tag, but Eaton punches him right back down. Back over to the Midnights corner, Lane hits a Russian legsweep for two. Rogers catches Lane with a crucifix as we go to another commercial break. When we return, Rogers is stuck in a hammerlock courtesy of Bobby Eaton. Rogers manages to flip out of it and dropkicks Eaton away. Eaton misses a corner charge and crotches himself on the middle turnbuckle. Rogers makes his way over to his corner and falls back into a HOT TAG TO FULTON! He knocks Lane off the apron which was a HUGE mistake as Lane grabs him by the foot to distract him. Here comes Eaton with the running knee from behind that knocks Fulton through the ropes and into a hotshot on the guardrail by Lane! That’s ART right there, folks. Back in, Eaton covers for a couple nearfalls in a row. Tag to Lane, he hotshots Fulton and AGGRESSIVELY goes for the pinfall. When he can’t get the pin, he slam dunks Fulton’s head by his hair and throws him out to the floor as Cornette makes good use out of his tennis racket. Back in, Lane still can’t get the three-count. Here comes our SIXTH commercial break. We return and Eaton is delivering a flying elbow drop for 1-2-NO! FULTON WILL NOT DIE! Eaton and Lane go ballistic firing away on Fulton in the corner, but the man keeps getting back up with his fists clinched ready to fight. Finally, he looks like he might be out on his feet. The ref backs away Lane and checks on Fulton to see if he should stop the match, but Rogers runs over and begs with the ref not to stop the match. Fulton waves the ref off too! Since beating the crap out of Fulton seems to be working, the Midnights continue to pummel him in the corner. Lane dumps out Rogers, but he climbs back up to the top and missile dropkicks Eaton into a rollup by Fulton for the 1-2-3! (23:45 shown) After 11 months and 10 days, we’ve got new NWA US tag champs. If you ask me, Bobby Fulton takes a beating every bit as good as Ricky Morton. Unbelievably great MOTYC with a wonderfully dramatic finish as it was an ‘all or nothing’ moment for Tommy Rogers. ****¾

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