When was this site created?
I began gathering information in December 2001 / January 2002, then started putting it online in February 2002.

Why was the site created?
There is a well-known phrase in wrestling that goes "If it didn't happen on TV, it didn't happen." I've never bought into that train of thought simply because far too much happens when the cameras are off to have it go unnoticed.
The site was originally devised as simply a listing of house show results, since those seem to be so hard to come by. Over time, I began adding pay-per-views and television tapings to put more of a historical perspective on how the WWE has developed over the past 40 years - from a small regional organization to a multifaceted worldwide corporation.
Including TV taping dark matches and house show results helps us, as fans, understand that the overnight success of many of the WWE's biggest stars over the years was anything but overnight. From legends like Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Roddy Piper, and Mick Foley to the stars of today such as the Rock, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, and Edge - all had their humble beginnings at the bottom of the card as a complete unknown.
Eventually, I added video results, photo galleries, and print advertisements to the site in order to give a more in-depth perspective as to how the former-WWWF has evolved since breaking away from the NWA in 1963.
It seems like every "fan" or "news" wrestling site has a pay-per-view history or title history section. I wanted to contribute something that can't be found anywhere else - in print or online.

Do you work for the WWE, have contacts in the WWE, etc?
Though it may come as a surprise to many, I'm just a devoted wrestling fan with some free time.

I sent in results but I don't see them posted. Did you get my e-mail?
As you could probably imagine, I get a lot of e-mails. I apologize if I don't get around to answering each and every one. If you sent me info and don't see it online it's because of one of two reasons - 1) the information was faulty or 2) I just haven't had the time to add it.
If you want to post it on the message board to make sure I get it, you're more than welcome to.

Do you have video tapes of all these shows?
Of course not. This is simply an information site and has nothing to do with video tapes other than listing the results of DVD / VHS releases.

Are any of these events available on video?
Larger scale events often made their way to VHS (now DVD) eventually - from 1986's The Big Event, held at Toronto's CNE Stadium, to 2002's Global Warning Tour stop in Melbourne, Australia.
Other non-televised cards to be released on video include Wrestlefest '88 and UK Rampage '93. Several other events, held in England, were released exclusively in Europe. These include UK Rampage '91, Battle Royal at Albert Hall, and UK Rampage '92.
Outside of the weekly televised shows (Raw, Smackdown, Superstars, Challenge, etc), many events that took place in the larger U.S. and Canadian markets were televised locally shortly after taking place. Cards held at Madison Square Garden, the Los Angeles Sports Arena, the Boston Garden, and Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens were regularly televised up until the late 1980s / early 1990s. In addition, several of those bouts were spliced with other matches from around North America to be featured on Monday Night Raw's predecessors - Tuesday Night Titans and Prime Time Wrestling.
As far as house show bouts that were never televised in any fashion, there is a decent-sized market for handheld camera bootlegs and finding distributors on the Internet isn't difficult. Finding a specific show, however, can be. While some house show cards can be moderately easy to find in video form - Bret / Flair Ironman at Boston Garden, the MSG Royal Rumble won by Owen Hart in 94, etc - there is no guarantee that any one show was ever taped by a fan in attendance. Several of the results posted on this site came from such handheld recordings.

Why did you add the WCW and ECW sections?
Ever since the WWE results caught fire and the site became popular I've received hundreds of requests to broaden the scope of the site and do for other promotions what has already been done for WWE. I thought WCW and ECW would be a good start since I'm already familiar with their history. Only time will tell if other promotions will follow but my hands are full right now; I would have to be nearly complete with the WCW and ECW work before I even thought about expanding further.

How many of these events have you been to?

Landover, MD (5/1/93)
Landover, MD (7/17/93)
Baltimore, MD (4/27/02)
Washington DC (6/28/02)
WWE Raw @ Baltimore, MD (8/5/02)
Roanoke, VA (4/12/03)
Roanoke, VA (9/13/03)
WrestleMania 20 @ New York City, NY (3/14/04)
WWE Raw @ East Rutherford, NJ (3/15/04)
Roanoke, VA (7/25/04)
Greensboro, NC (3/5/05)
WWE Smackdown! @ Roanoke, VA (3/8/05)
Asheville, NC (1/22/06)
WWE Raw @ Charlotte, NC (1/23/06)
WWE Smackdown @ Greenville, SC (1/24/06)
Vengeance @ Charlotte, NC (6/25/06)
Spartanburg, SC (9/2/06)
Greenville, SC (10/8/06)
WWE Smackdown! & ECW @ Charlotte, NC (6/19/07)
WWE Raw @ Charlotte, NC (11/26/07)
WWE Hall of Fame 2008 @ Orlando, FL (3/29/08)
WrestleMania 24 @ Orlando, FL (3/30/08)
WWE Raw @ Orlando, FL (3/31/08)
WWE Raw @ Greenville, SC (4/21/08)
WWE Smackdown! & ECW @ Charlotte, NC (7/15/08)
Asheville, NC (2/22/09)
WWE Raw @ Charlotte, NC (6/15/09)
WWE Raw @ Washington DC (7/27/09)
WWE ECW & Smackdown! @ Baltimore, MD (7/28/09)
Royal Rumble 2010 @ Atlanta, GA (1/31/10)
WWE Axxess @ Atlanta, GA (4/1/11)
WWE Hall of Fame 2011 @ Atlanta, GA (4/2/11)
WWE Axxess @ Atlanta, GA (4/3/11)
WrestleMania 27 @ Atlanta, GA (4/3/11)
WWE Raw @ Atlanta, GA (4/4/11)
WWE Smackdown! @ Charlotte, NC (4/5/11)
WWE Smackdown! @ Greensboro, NC (4/26/11)
Greenville, SC (5/8/11)
WWE Raw @ Indianapolis, IN (8/1/11)

Non-WWE Events:
WCW Monday Nitro @ Phoenix, AZ (10/25/99)
Carolina Championship Wrestling @ Lenoir, NC (4/9/05)
New Age Wrestling @ Dublin, VA (6/4/05)
NWA Legends Fanfest @ Charlotte, NC (8/19/05)
Carolina Championship Wrestling "Tribute to Starrcade" @ Spartanburg, SC (11/19/05)
New Generation Wrestling "Return of the Dragon" @ Shelby, NC (2/17/06)
Southern Championship Wrestling "March Madness" @ Lenoir, NC (3/4/06)
NWA Legends Fanfest @ Charlotte, NC (8/11/07)
TNA Against All Odds 08 @ Greenville, SC (2/10/08)
Ring of Honor @ Orlando, FL (3/28/08)
TNA iMPACT! @ Orlando, FL (3/29/08)
Premier Wrestling Showcase @ Charlotte, NC (12/6/08)
Highspots @ Charlotte, NC (4/10/09)
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling "Cleveland County Clash" @ Shelby, NC (5/2/09)
Ring of Honor @ Charlotte, NC (4/3/10)
Ring of Honor @ Charlotte, NC (8/28/10)
Ring of Honor "Honor Takes Center Stage" @ Atlanta, GA (4/1/11)
Southern Heartland Championship Wrestling @ Gastonia, NC (4/16/11)
Ring of Honor @ Charlotte, NC (7/9/11)

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