December 19, 2004
Louis Izzo

WWF Wrestlefest 1993

- Hosted by the excellent duo of Mean Gene Okerlund and Bobby The Brain Heenan. They are going to the Coliseum Video headquarters, but apparently are having car trouble and need to pull off to the side of the road. Heenan has the map all crumbled up. Heenan says he can fix the car better than any mechanic. Heenan pulls on the hood ornament to try and open the hood. They get the thing open eventually and Heenan plays around in the windsheild fluid.

- WWF-Tag Team Championship Match: Money Inc. (c) (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. The Nasty Boys:
We have the D-Team on commentary, and if no one knows, its Sean Mooney and Lord Alfred Hayes, who makes the duo of Michael Cole & Marc Loyd (from 2002 Velocity) look good. Shove-fest and the Nasties send Money Inc outside the ring. Sags tosses Dibiase back into the ring and works the arm. Irish whip to the corner and Sags misses a charge. Dibiase with a wristlock and he wraps the arm around the top rope. I.R.S tags in but takes a series of rights to the midsection, but Dibiase comes back in to continue the work. Irish whip and Dibiase with a shoulder block followed by a hip toss, but he misses an elbow drop. Knobbs tags in and hammers away on Dibiase and jerks the arm. Wristlock applied and Knobbs turns it into a hammerlock. Dibiase takes a blow to the face and Sags tags in to work the arm some more. Knobbs comes back in with a single arm DDT to a nice little pop. Knobbs signals for the Pit Stop, but I.R.S comes in with a forearm to the back of the head of Knobbs. Irish whip and Dibiase with a knee lift to the midsection of Knobbs. I.R.S in now and he misses an elbow drop. Knobbs with a wristlock takeover and a leg drop across the arm. Shoulder block by Knobbs and he runs into a drop toe hold by Irwin, who goes for a headlock, but Knobbs reverses with a hammerlock and slaps Irwin around. Sags tags in to work the arm of Irwin and it's reversed a few times until Sags pulls Irwin down by the hair. Dibiase tags in and takes a beating. Irish whip and Sags no-sells a knee to the back of I.R.S, but Dibiase sends him outside the ring where Irwin works him over. Dibiase keeps Sags down with a series of sledges to the back and rams him to the buckle. Irish whip across the ring and Sags sells like he's Bret Hart...except uglier. Dibiase applies a BEARHUG? Well, there's always a first time for everything. We get a double knockdown, but I.R.S tags in and drops an elbow across the back of Sags and applies his own bearhug! Is it "Mock The Hosses" Night, because this is weird. Sags again breaks the hold to put both men down. Dibiase tags in and Money Inc. wishbone Sags. Knobbs spits a HUGE Lugy at Dibiase and Sags with a double clothesline to both Dibiase & Irwin. Knobbs gets the super hot tag and unloads on Dibiase with rights. Irish whip to the corner and Knobbs with a back drop. Arm drga to Irwin and the Nasties unload on both men. Atomic drop by Sags to Irwin and Knobbs clotheslines Dibiase out of the ring. Money Inc. take a hike, but Earl Hebner uses the powers of officials that if they don't return, the Nasty Boys will become the champions. Money Inc. takes a beating inside the ring and Sags trips! Dibiase catches Sags with a big boot on the spot redo and applies the Million Dollar Dream, but on 2 Knobbs comes in and breaks the hold with a sledge to the neck. Irish whip and Sags slams the face of Dibiase into the canvas. Knobbs gets another hot tag and beats the piss out of both Money Inc. members. Irish whip and the Nasties with a double back elbow to Irwin. Irish whip to the corner and Knobbs with a splash in the corner. Sags goes to the top rope and hits a sloppy ass elbow drop for two. Dibiase comes in but is clotheslined back out by Knobbss. Jimmy Hart is taken out by Knobbs while Dibiase hits Sags with a title belt, and Irwin covers for three at 13:22. **3/4 Wow...this was probably one of the Nasty Boys best matches in the WWF after excluding the WM VII match with the Hart Foundation....and it was a DARK MATCH! They worked a good match that wouldn't be televised.

- Crush vs. Papa Shango:
I think this was on an episode of Primetime Wrestling, and the suck duo is back. I still like Crush's theme music that kinda resembles Sid Justice's from the year previous. Nation Members Collide! Of course, Crush was the original threesome and Shango was the later incarnation. Shango attacks Crush before the bell with clubbing blows. Shango rams Crush to the buckle and headbutts him. Choke across the top rope and I'm surprised Crush got so over after his horrible Demolition stint. Shango pounds on Crush in the corner while he gets an anorexic chant from the crowd. Irish whip to the corner and Shango with an avalanche splash. Irish whip is reversed and Crush catches Shango with a back breaker followed by a reverse crescent kick(!) sending Shango out of the ring. Shango grunts like he's in a Hulk Hogan movie and wants a test-of-strength. They actually go for it, with Crush winning, and to the shock of the blind man in row 432B Seat 8, Shango cheats to take control. Crush makes the comeback and cheats himself and monkey flips Shango out of the corner! Crush with a charging clothesline followed by a whip to the corner, only to miss a shoulder tackle. Shango puts Crush down with a thrust to the throat and stomps away at the evil foreigner from Hawaii. Irish whip and Shango with a clothesline as the crowd seems dead. Shango with a headbutt to the groin of Crush and connects with a scoop slam. Jumping leg drop misses and Crush makes the comeback with a series of rights and a slam. Crush connects with his own leg drop and catches Shango in the corner with a second rope clothesline for two. Irish whip and Crush with an enzuiguri! Big boot by Crush sends Shango topple over the top rope. Crush clotheslines Shango out again, so Shango grabs his magic stick and blasts Crush with a sparkle show, drawing the DQ at 6:46. 1/2* Well I've seen worse, but my mark for these two gimmick influences it from DUDville, located next to Sucktown.

- Big Boss Man vs. "The Model" Rick Martel:
Boss Man seems to be sweating a lot. The Model comes to the ring looking especially fruity. Irish whip and Boss Man shoves Martel into the corner. Lockup and Boss Man repeats, and Martel claims he pulled the hair. Lord Alfred Hayes REALLY REALLY REALLY SUCKS by the way. Boss Man pulls (whateverís left of) Martelís hair and plays mind games with him. Martel with a series of knees to the midsection followed by a flurry of punches in the corner. Irish whip is reversed and Boss Man hip tosses Martel out of the ring. Boss Man continues the beating outside the ring and sends him back in. Martel catches him in with a choke as we get a shot of Martelís can of arrogance. Irish whip and Boss Man with an uppercut to the jaw. Wristlock by Boss Man and Martel whines like a bitch. I'm Rick James, bitch! Sorry...uh...Martel flails around like a woman some more and cries when Boss Man messes his hair. Irish whip to the corner and Boss Man misses a charge. Martel works the midsection of Boss Man with a series of knee drops. Martel kinda looks like Paul London here. Irish whip and Martel with a fist to the midsection. Martel goes to the top rope, but gets' crotched. Irish whip and Boss Man with a back elbow. Boss Man sends Martel to the turnbuckles a few times. Martel grabs his arrogance and Boss Man has his nightstick, so we get a lame DQ at 6:10, disqualifying both men. DUD Nothing match and the cheap finish made it a guaranteed DUD. Boss Man stomps the atomizer of Martel to make the fans go home happy.

- Back to Heenan and Okerlund. Heenan is tapping everything with a tire iron and starts playing around in stuff that has nothing to do with the engine. That was quick...

- Earthquake vs. Repo Man:
Enough is enough and it's time for a squash! The second new gimmick for a Demolition member makes an appearance here. Lockup and Earthquake shoves Repo Man down. Repo tries a go behind waist lock but Quake butts him in the chest. Repo Man celebrates a punch and is put down with a shoulder block. Earthquake with a series of shoulders to the midsection followed by an avalanche splash in the corner. Irish whip and Repo with a series of rights. Repo Man to the second rope and he takes Earthquake down with a clothesline. Repo with a leg drop for a two count. Repo Man with a reverse chin lock but Earthquake no sells and puts Repo down and walks on him. Repo avoids an elbow drop and stomps at Quake. Repo Man goes to the top rope now but Quake botched catching him and has to powerslam him the other way. Earthquake drops ass with the Vertical Splash and thatís enough for three at 4:23. 1/4*'s the same as a DUD, but I liked the Repo Man.

- WWF Intercontinental Championship Match
Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Virgil
Thank God Gorilla Monsoon is on commentary instead of Sean Mooney. McGuirk announces HBK as the NEW Intercontinental Champion, so I'm assuming this was days after the final Saturday Night's Main Event. Lockup and Michaels with a standing side headlock followed by a hip toss. Lockup and Virgil with a headlock. Irish whip and Michaels with a drop toe hold and some messing around. Michaels with a hammerlock and Virgil reverses. Crisscross and Virgil with a fist drop followed by an inverted atomic drop and a standing dropkick for a two count. Michaels blocks a charge in the corner and hammers away on Virgil. Irish whip to the corner and Virgil comes off with a cross body press for two. Crisscross and Virgil ends up down on the canvas thanks to a reverse crescent kick. Michaels stomps away at Virgil and rams him to the corner. Michaels with a standing dropkick followed by a snap mare and reverse chin lock. Virgil busts loose and back slides Michaels for two. Michaels puts Virgil back down with a clothesline followed by a suplex. Michaels with a series of jabs floors Virgil again. Irish whip and Virgil snaps Michaels back by the hair and both are out of it. Virgil stumbles into the corner and boots Michaels in the face followed by a clothesline to the back of the neck. Virgil with some dancing and a series of jabs for a two count. Irish whip is reversed and Virgil connects with a second rope clothesline for two. Irish whip to the corner and Virgil misses a charge. Tear drop suplex by Michaels and thatís all she wrote at 7:07. ** Nothing bad here, but the middle portion really dragged on.

- The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) vs. The Berzerker (w/ Mr. Fuji):
This will NOT be pretty, but I did like the angle where Berserker tried stabbing Undertaker with his sword back in the Spring of 1992 on Superstars. Berserker sneak attacks Taker with clubbing rights, but Undertaker no sells and hammers away at him and chokes the 'Zerk in the corner. Irish whip to the corner and Berserker with a boot to the face and a series of rights to the side of the head, followed by a dropkick that sends Taker out. Undertaker drags him out through the ropes and rams him into the steps a few times and sends him back into the ring. Undertaker misses the diving clothesline by about a mile and Berserker sends Undertaker out with a shoulder tackle. Undertaker kinda no sells eating the steps but does for the second time. Berserker with a chair to the midsection and a nice shot to the back. Irish whip and Undertaker avoids a big boot and chokeslams the Berserker and chokes him. Undertaker misses a jumping clothesline and takes some more punches. Berserker chokes Taker with a cable wire who doesn't sell it very much. Berserker with a delayed scoop slam in the aisle. Back inside the ring and Undertaker is put down with a bulldog headlock. Berserker ties Undertaker in the ropes and stomps away at him. Undertaker frees himself and back drops Berserker out on a charge attempt. Berserker takes a few shots of the steel steps and runs back into the ring. Irish whip and Berserker catches Undertaker with a piledriver, but it doesn't effect him. Berserker with a second piledriver, and again 'Taker gets up. Undertaker stays down for the third, but not for long and Undertaker fights back, but Fuji trips him. Irish whip and Undertaker with the flying clothesline followed by the tombstone piledriver for the win at 7:57. * Fun match, but nothing good for the wrestling department. Fuji canes Taker after the match, but Undertaker no sells and tombstone piledrives Mr. Fuji!

- Back to Heenan & Okerlund who are having problems still. Heenan somehow has gotten oil on his nose and all over his shirt while Okerlund looks squeaky clean. Heenan takes off a bunch of stuff trying to fix the car with a tire iron.

- Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Irwin R. Schyster:
Fuck, this match is going to suck, and it's from 1991! You can tell because Rotundo has really long hair here. Irwin runs down the area to the disgust of no one. Duggan upsets Irwin by stomping his briefcase. Irwin plays a game of run from the moron, and does a good job of it. Lockup and Duggan with a standing side headlock followed by a shoulder block. Duggan with another headlock and this time Irwin duck under this time, but the shoulder block comes a'hauntin the second time around. Irwin with a knee lift and a series of rights. Irish whip is reversed and Duggan with a clothesline followed by a scoop slam. Duggan sets him up for the end but Irwin ducks through the ropes. Hayes kinda brings up Irwinís history as an amateur wrestler, but I didn't know he was on the USA Olympic Team. Lots'a stalling going on here. Irwin hammers away on Duggan in the ring and chokes him across the bottom rope. Irwin applies a reverse chin lock and uses the ropes for leverage...of course. Duggan fights back by ramming Irwin to the buckle ten times and hammers on him with roundhouse rights. Duggan pulls him by the tongue...excuse me, tie and pounds on him in the corner. Mounted punches in the corner and Duggan whips him across the ring by the tie. Three-point stance clothesline connects, so Irwin runs out of the ring and thatís where they brawl for a double count-out at 8:01. DUD Really boring match with too much resting for a short match.

- High Energy & "El Matador" Tito Santana vs. The Nasty Boys & Repo Man (w/ Jimmy Hart):
Really retarded editing here as the first match had babyface Nasty Boys, and now they are heels again with Jimmy Hart, and that means Hayes has to cover up why Jimmy is with them. For those who don't remember, High Energy is Owen Hart & Koko B. Ware, and Koko still has Frankie. This COULD be fun, but the suck on the heel side outweighs the good on the faces. Koko gets jiggy with it while Repo & Sags share a laugh. Too bad I can't screen cap THAT image. The crowd chants fat boys, and in ANOTHER visual comedy moment, Owen mocks them by waddling around pretending he has a big belly. Knobbs attacks Koko from behind and hammers him in the corner. Irish whip across the ring and Knobbs misses a charge. Koko with an elbow to the side of the head and Repo walks into a drop toe hold. Santana tags with a wristlock. Irish whip and and Repo with a sunset flip, but Santana blocks and goes to the wristlock again. Owen comes off the top rope with a sledge to the arm and works the arm some more. Repo Man rakes the eyes and Sags tags in with a boot to the midsection. Whip to the corner and Owen hammers him. Owen whips him to the corner now and does his little back flip and arm drag. Crisscross and Owen takes the most obvious dive over the top rope ever. Knobbs works over Owen by ramming him into the ring apron. Sags with a side suplex for a two count and Repo Man tags in. Sledge to the back by Repo (signs of Smash?) and chokes Owen across the top rope, with some help from the Nasty Boys. Sags comes back in and snap mares Owen, and coming down with a leg drop. Knobbs comes in with an elbow drop for another two count. Irish whip and Knobbs with a ba-a-a-a-ack body drop. Owen blocks the Pit Stop and makes Knobbs sniff Sags pits in a cute spot. Owen hammers away on Repo Man, but a drop toe hold kills the momentum and Repo applies a reverse chin lock. Sags comes in and whips Owen to the ropes, but misses a clothesline and Owen kicks him in the head. Knobbs prevents a tag with an elbow drop and hammers him in the corner. Irish whip to the corner and Repo Man tags back in to send Owen to the buckle. Irish whip to the corner and Repo does a little dance before missing a charge. Santana and Sags get the tags and Santana hammers away on him and slams him down. Dropkick connects and Santana with a diving elbow for a two count. Koko and Repo brawl as Owen takes on Knobbs. Triple Irish whip sends the heels scattering. Santana with the flying jalapeno, but no count and Knobbs grabs the rope, but Santana (and Repo) backdrops him over to prevent the use. The bell sounds at 7:33, and the match is awarded to High Energy & Tito Santana. **1/4 Fun match, and wasn't all that bad either. Wait.....TWO GOOD NASTY BOY MATCHES ON ONE TAPE?! I must have grown a liking to them or something.

- "Macho Man" Randy Savage vs. "Terrific" Terry Taylor:
This has a chance to be good, and blink and you'll miss Taylor's two month return to the WWF in the winter of 92-93 as a heel. His big comeback involved a 30 second stint in the 1993 Rumble and vanishing again soon after. From Primetime, as we get Monsoon on PBP and actually graphics for the names. Lockup and Savage with an arm drag takeover. Savage repeats and puts Taylor in a dreaded arm bar. Wristlock by Savage and he turns it back into the arm bar. Taylor with a standing side headlock, but Savage takes a page from The Dragons book and deep arm drags Taylor over into an arm bar. Irish whip and Taylor tries an abdominal stretch, but Savage blocks and goes back to the arm. Taylor with a series of blows near the ropes and an arm drag, but Savage takes him down on a reversal. Savage slaps the taste out of Taylorís mouth, who hides in the corner. Lockup and Taylor with a nasty punch in the corner, so Savage returns the favor and applies a headlock. Irish whip and Savage clotheslines Taylor over the top rope. Savage jumps over the ropes to go after Taylor and heads up top with a double axe handle...but Taylor catches him with a fist to the midsection. Taylor with a scoop slam outside the ring and Monsoons commentary gets cut off for some reason. Back inside and Taylor with a jaw breaker and a series of knees across the best of Savage. Taylor with a back breaker for a two count and he follows up with an atomic drop for two again. Irish whip and Taylor connects with a dropkick for another two count. Savage with a surprise roll up gets two of his own and Taylor quickly goes back to work, but Savage with a sunset flip gets two again. Irish whip and Taylor applies a sleeper hold. Irish whip and Savage avoids a dropkick. Savage with a small package gets a two count. Irish whip and Savage with a back slide for two again. Taylor with a quick clothesline gets another two count. Taylor hammers Savage in the corner and whips Savage to the corner, but it's reversed, but Taylor is able to get an elbow to the side of the head. Taylor with a scoop slam and he goes to the second rope...very slowly, and misses the Vader-bomb type move. Savage with a hart attack clothesline and rams Taylor to the buckle and hammers away. Savage with a hot shot type move and goes to the top rope with a double axe handle for two. Savage with an atomic drop and back suplex combination for another two count. Irish whip to the corner is reversed but Savage with a boot to the face and a scoop slam. Savage goes to the top rope again and signals for the end, and comes off with the flying elbow drop for three at 9:46. **1/2 Another fine match in a string of them on this tape, but it could've been better I guess.

- More with the dream team of comedy, and Heenan finds a hamster in the engine of the car! Okerlund takes it out of Heenans hand while Heenan keeps muttering that the car is infested with rats.

- WWF Intercontinental Championship Match
Bret "Hitman" Hart (c) vs. Kamala (w/ Kim Chee & Harvey Wippleman)
This tape just keeps going on and on like Jerry Lewis' telethon. Excuse me if I slack a bit, but rating one Kamala match was enough in my life time, and no matter how good a worker Bret Hart is, NO ONE can carry Kamala to a good wrestling match. Kamala does some dancing as the match takes forever to begin. Lockup and Hart tries a go behind, but Kamala squashes him in the corner. Irish whip to the corner and Kamala misses a charge. Hart with a wristlock and a series of rights to the shoulder. Kamala misses some more moves and another wristlock. Kamala with a scoop slam but he misses a series of chops and Hart with a dropkick followed by another wristlock. Hart works the arm some more and Kamala uses his strength. Bear hug by Kamala and a whole lot of nothing happens. Kamala does some nerve pinching to the chest for about eight hours. Hart makes a brief comeback with the Russian leg sweep, a monkey flip and second rope elbow. Kim Chee prevents the Sharpshooter for the DQ at 10:05, and a triple teaming on Hart occurs, but he's able to fight back. -* Horrible, horrible, horrible match. Hart celebrates wearing Kim Chee's hat...still doesn't save the match from sucking.

- "El Matador" Tito Santana vs. Razor Ramon:
From an episode of Primetime Wrestling. Ramon hits on Mike McGuirk, who's wearing a REALLY ugly blue outfit. Santana joins about 5 or 6 other people doing double duty on this tape. Santana hammers on Ramon to start and connects with the Flying Jalapeno in the opening moments, but Ramon lands out of the ring. Go-behind wristlock reversals and Santana snaps Ramon over. Santana with a wristlock and he turns it into an arm bar. Irish whip and Santana with a standing dropkick followed by an arm drag into the arm bar. Ramon fights his way free and slams Santana, but misses a series of elbow drops. Santana goes back to working the arm. Ramon fights back and hot shots Santana across the top rope. Ramon works the back and applies an abdominal stretch. Santana reverses, so Ramon hip tosses out of it. Irish whip and Ramon applies a bear hug. Santana rolls over with a sunset flip for two. Santana with a series of rights and rams Ramon to the buckle a few times. Irish whip to the corner and Ramon blocks a monkey flip. Razor's Edge finishes Santana at 4:45. *1/2 If it was given more time it could've been a very good match. Oh well, the next match is what I want to see.

- Loser Leaves the WWF Match
Mr. Perfect vs. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair
Yes, it's the REAL one from Monday Night Raw the night after the Royal Rumble, unlike Invasion of the Bodyslammers where they stuck in a House Show match and advertised it as the Retirement match. Feeling out process to begin the match and they lockup into the corner. Flair with a shove so Perfect slaps, and repeat a few times. Lockup again and Flair with a standing side headlock and a shoulder block. Crisscross and Perfect with a drop toe hold and some slaps to the head, sending Flair rolling out of the ring. Heenan grabs the ring bell hammer and has a little chat with Flair. Lockup and Flair with a headlock into a hammerlock. Perfect reverses and Flair with a drop toe hold into a front face lock. Perfect reverses and applies a hammerlock. Flair takes Perfect to the corner and catches him with a series of chops. Perfect gives it back with some nasty ones and Flair flops onto his face. Lockup and Flair with a headlock takeover. Perfect reverses with a head scissors and both men are back up in a neutral position. Perfect pulls down the strap and they lockup. Flair with a knee lift and chops in the corner. Perfect gives it back and puts Flair down with a series of jabs. Flair with a poke to the eye and he tosses Perfect over the top rope and grabs a chair, but the referee stops him. Commercial break and back inside Flair whips Perfect across the ring and Perfect spills nastily over the top rope, and we can see him kinda do a blade job. Yep, he's busted, but not very badly, but in these days there were very little if any blade jobs in WWF. Back inside and Flair hammers away in the corner. Irish whip to the corner and Perfect with the oversell. Flair with a modified chicken wing pin for a series of two counts. Flair chokes Perfect with his shin while arguing with the referee. Perfect comes off the ropes with a slap and the two exchange blows. Irish whip to the corner is reversed and Perfect with a big forearm and roll up for two. Flair with a punch to the midsection. Irish whip and Perfect blocks a hip toss with a back slide for two. Irish whip is reversed to the corner and Perfect with a ba-a-a-ack body drop. Flair does some begging and Perfect pulls Flair back into the center of the ring. Perfect with mounted punches in the corner so Flair retaliates with an inverted atomic drop followed by a school boy roll up for two. Flair takes a breather outside the ring so Perfect chops him on the apron and suplexes him back into the ring for a two count. Flair with a boot to the midsection and an Irish whip, applying a sleeper hold. Perfect battles back to his feet and rams Flair's head into the buckle. Irish whip is reversed and Perfect with a sloppy sleeper hold clothesline for two, and he applies a sleeper hold now. Flair fights back now and breaks the hold with a back suplex, and now both men are down. Flair goes to school and applies the figure four leg lock, and uses the ropes for leverage. Flair works over the knee of Perfect in the corner and snap mares him into the center of the ring. Flair goes to the top rope...and obviously gets slammed off. Commercial and Perfect has Flair on his knees. Flair gets a fake pair of brass knuckles and cleans Perfects clock with them. Flair takes forever to make the cover and drops an elbow for two, as Perfect has his foot on the bottom rope. Heenan has a big smile on his face while Flair hammers away at the cut of Perfect. Flair with a nasty chop, but Perfect no sells. Perfect hobbles after a begging Flair and hammers him in the corner with chops. Irish whip to the corner and a back body drop. Irish whip to the corner and Flair flips over, runs up the ropes and comes off into a clothesline of Perfect for two as Heenan has a heart attack. Flair with a double leg trip and covers for two with his feet on the ropes several times. Perfect turns it over into a pinning combination for two. Irish whip and Perfect catches Flair with the Perfect-Plex at 17:32! ****1/2 Awesome Match with some great action and good psychology worked into the match with both men being hesitant in the opening. Heenan says something that gets bleeped and Perfect celebrates in the ring.

- Finally back to Heenan and Okerlund who are trying to hitch a ride. Okerlund gets a ride and leaves Heenan by himself carrying all the luggage and stuff. That makes zero sense since Heenan has all the stuff. I guess it's all his things.

Final Thoughts: A very long tape here for Coliseum Video (around 2 1/2 hours) and featuring TWELVE MATCHES. One great match and a series of good/entertaining matches makes this tape enjoyable. Only a few bad matches, and they are few and far apart. Mild Thumbs Up Recommendation for this one though, but a Strong recommendation to see the real Retirement Match.

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