April 28, 2011
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MONDAY NIGHT WAR CLASSICS – Week 6: A War Declared a Draw II (10/09/95)


Ratings War
Another tie in the Monday Night War ratings battle this week (October 9, 1995) as Raw and Nitro increased their numbers to 2.6. There was a big increase in ratings since last week. WWE Raw featured a huge six-man tag team match featuring Diesel, Shawn Michaels, and The Undertaker vs. British Bulldog, Owen Hart, and Yokozuna. All that star power in one match was not enough to put the WWE in front. On Nitro, Hulk Hogan came out without his trademark mustache and fans heavily booed him. Fans are now getting tired of his old act and it will be interesting to how things develop as far as his character is concerned.


Monday Night Raw Highlight of the Night
British Bulldog, Owen Hart, and Yokozuna defeated Diesel, Shawn Michaels, and The Undertaker in a six-man tag team match, when Bulldog pinned Diesel. There were a lot of storylines in this feud as they developed. Bulldog pinned Diesel in the middle of the ring, which was quite shocking because Diesel has not been pinned in quite some time. Bulldog pinning Diesel two weeks before their WWE Title match adds credibility, but a smart fan would know that Diesel might be retaining the title. Michaels was not feuding with Owen or Yokozuna, but Dean Douglas came in to attack him. King Mabel joined the heels to attack The Undertaker. It was chaos in the main event as the heels prevailed big time. The Bulldog was proud of his accomplishment in the main event.

Not exactly a highlight here, but they showed footage of last week’s match between Bret Hart and Jean Pierre Lafitte. Then, they showed Bret Hart vs. Isaac Yankem DDS from SummerSlam ’95. It looks like Bret will face Yankem on Raw next week in a steel cage.


Monday Nitro Highlight of the Night
The Hulkamania character has been so stale ever since Hulk Hogan left the WWE back in 1993. In 1995, Hogan’s character as a babyface has run its course. Fans in WCW are getting tired of his old act and now is time for a new look. The feud with The Giant is a weird one and it doesn’t resemble his old days against Andre the Giant (even though WCW claims that The Giant is Andre’s son). Last week on Nitro, The Dungeon of Doom got the best of Hogan and they shaved off his mustache. That was enough for Hogan to come out this week with a new look. Wearing a neckbrace, thanks to The Giant’s chokeslam, Hogan came out wearing all black and acting heelish. Hogan acknowledged beating Andre at the Pontiac Silverdome. The Giant was quickly getting over by attacking and getting the best of Hogan and also because he was recognized as Andre’s son.

The hottest storyline on Nitro still revolves around Lex Luger’s role and his feud with Randy Savage. Sting is now being inserted into the mix by clearing some air between the two. Sting told both men that if Savage beats Kamala and Luger beats Meng at Halloween Havoc, a rematch will take place between the two. It seems like Sting doesn’t like both Luger and Savage fighting. All in all, all three men are here for one thing and one thing only: To win the WCW World title, owned by Hogan.

Chris Benoit is finally in the place where the “big boys play” as he arrived in a limousine. His first match is next week on Nitro against best friend in real life, Eddy Guerrero.


This Week in Monday Night War History (April 24-30, 2011)

April 29, 1996 – The British Bulldog’s wife Diana Smith accused Shawn Michaels of hitting on her. That started a feud between Bulldog and Michaels that would last for the next few months. In fact, Michaels started his feud with Camp Cornette, a stable led by Jim Cornette that featured Owen Hart, British Bulldog, and Vader.

April 27, 1998 – The WWE recognized they finally won the ratings battle over WCW. Coincidentally, WWE and WCW ran their Monday night shows in the same state of Virginia. To show bragging rights, the WWE sent Degeneration X (Triple H, X-Pac, and New Age Outlaws) to Norfolk at The Scope where Nitro was going to take place. Degeneration X raged war at WCW by bringing their army.

April 24, 2000 – “Diamond” Dallas Page captured the WCW World Title by defeating Jeff Jarrett.


Monday Night War Key Players
The following wrestlers wrestled on WWE Monday Night Raw and WCW Monday Nitro this particular week (October 9, 1995). Somehow, these wrestlers made an impact on the Monday Night Wars: (They signed with the rival company during this era)

Where do I start with Diesel? Diesel’s departure from the WWE in 1996 really hurt Vince McMahon because he obviously jumped to WCW for more money. Nash’s best friend Scott Hall left first and two weeks later, Nash appeared on Nitro in one of the most newsworthy events in WCW history. You will read that in detail in months to come when I post the May 27, 1996 edition of Monday Night War Classics. When Nash went to WCW, he was quickly pushed (or overpushed) and captured tag team gold with Hall. He won the WCW World Title on numerous occasions. He also ended Bill Goldberg’s long winning streak at Starrcade ’98. Nash was very close to Eric Bischoff and that was important in Nash’s role as a booker. When he started booking, he would push his friends while burying other deserving wrestlers. Nash was also responsible for taking off Rey Mysterio’s mask. Nash took Rey’s mask in one of the most underrated moments in WCW. Nash was off and on during the dying days of WCW.

John Tenta (who used many names and gimmicks in WCW) played a big role in the WWE during his first stint when he came in 1989. He wrestled for the WWE for almost five years and then left to WCW. In WCW, he was not used properly as he was part of The Dungeon of Doom heel stable. He returned to the WWE for a final run in his career as Golga with a stable called The Oddities. Tenta retired from wrestling in 2000. Sadly, he lost his battle with bladder cancer. In 2006, he passed away at age 42.

Mr. JL wrestled under a mask in WCW. He’s actually Jerry Lynn, best known for his ECW days. He also wrestled briefly for the WWE in 1998, but never got his proper push. One of the forgotten gems in the Monday Night Wars era.

Road Warrior Hawk also wrestled for both WWE and WCW during this era. The Road Warriors did not make a huge impact the second time around in WCW. They came back to the WWE in 1998 with a repackaged gimmick called LOD 2000 with a new look. The tag team didn’t exceed expectations as they added a third member to their team (Darren Drozdov). During their last run, Hawk played an angle similar to his real life. He would usually come out to wrestling matches drunk and he would lose due to his drinking problems. One time, Hawk played a controversial suicide angle when he fell off the Titan Tron. Hawk and Animal realized their time was over as the most popular tag team ever. Hawk had a heart attack and passed away in 2003.


Monday Night War Scoreboard
WCW Monday Nitro 1, WWE Monday Night Raw 2 (2 ties)


Thank you for reading this week’s edition of Monday Night War Classics. Just in case you missed the previous five editions, the links to the first five weeks of the Monday Night Wars are below. E-mail me your feedback on this week or anything related to the Monday Night War to ofierros@sbcglobal.net – See you next week for Monday Night War Classics – Week 7: Change of Plans.


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